CD: VibraChant - Chants using the Solfeggio Tones

VibraChant CD by Lyndsey Watson

Lyndsey Watson, a very talented musician, created a wonderful CD of chants using the Solfeggio Frequencies.

Lyndsey’s Journey: I was first introduced to the SomaEnergetics Tuning Forks in September 2002 when I attended the Phase 1 Sound Therapy Course by David Hulse, the original developer of the powerful SomaEnergetics Energy Scanning Techniques. I have always been drawn to sound therapy, and have used sacred "spirit" singing for many years as the main tool for my own inner work. When I started using the forks in my practice, a whole new dimension began to open to me.

One particular day, my dear friend and fellow musician, Cheryl Melody, was teaching me a new song she had written (Compassion, on Track #2). We were singing unaccompanied and I felt an urge to add some kind of instrument. I tried many things (drum, chimes, rattle) but none of them added anything to the song. Suddenly I thought of my new tuning forks. The Ut and Mi frequencies fit the song beautifully.

A few months later, I hosted a Level I SomaEnergetics training course here in my home facilitated by Dr. Hulse. I sang Cheryl Melody’s chant for the group passing the forks by their ears as we sang. They were quite moved. Later Dr. Hulse asked if I could compose more chants using different intervals of the Solfeggio Scale. Dr. Hulse’s request has resulted in this recording, VibraChant.

My intention in offering this recording is to encourage people to sing along with the chants, thus assisting in the healing process by creating the vibration of the interval not only from the outside (from the vibration of the forks going into your ears) but from the inside through the vibration of your own voice. Sing even if you think you don’t know how. The chants are simple for that reason. Allow them to wash over and through you., and see what happens!

Lyndsey is no longer with us on this physical plane, but her spirit lives on in this selection of chants recorded with her sister.

Hear Samples: (Tracks 1, 4, and 7 are .mp3 samples)

  1. Remembering (Ut-Re - Vib. 3)
  2. Compassion (Ut-Mi - Vib. 6)
  3. Roots Go Down (Ut-Fa - Vib. 9)
  4. Complete & Gentle Healing (Re-Mi - Vib. 3)
  5. River of Love (Re-Fa - Vib. 6)
  6. My Vow (re-Sol - Vib. 9)
  7. Hear My Prayer (Mi-Fa - Vib. 3)
  8. Shining (Mi-Sol - Vib. 6)
  9. Opening My Power (Mi-La - Vib. 9)

Great for meditation or to sing along in groups with the Solfeggio Tuning Forks.

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