Passing the Torch!

Passing the Torch!

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SolfaScents - Where Scent Meets Sound

It all began with a simple question:  

Is there a correlation between essential oils and the frequency of sound?

    The short answer is YES!  

  At Solfa Scents, we discovered that essential oils share certain frequency hertz with those of sound vibration.

The unique blends at Solfa Scents are the first of their kind to match essential oils with the vibration of sound.  We used a scientific method of testing with SomaEnergetics Solfeggio Tuning Forks to create amazing Essential Oil aromatherapy blends!  The result is a special blend of uplifting aromas that are directly attuned with the body's own energy centers that can assist in raising the frequency vibration of  the body's own natural energy field.

   Each handcrafted essential oil blend is specifically targeted in just the right amounts to bring a delicate balance of scents and aromas that you can breathe and visualize yourself fully aligned and in balance with yourself and in harmony with nature.

Solfa Scents ~ "Where Scent Meets Sound"

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David and Tim of SomaEnergetics encouraged LeAnne to pursue her passion of using essential oils with Solfeggio Frequencies.  SomaEnergetics is an affiliate of SolfaScents and hope they enhance your quality of life if you are led to incorporate them with SomaEnergetics tools and techniques.