OttoGlider™ Massage Tuners Course

Newly Developed Course for Massage Therapists CE Credits!

This live course has been approved by NCBTMB for 12 CE Hours for Massage Therapists.  

Course Overview:

This SomaEnergetics OttoGlider™ Massage Tuner Course builds upon a strong anatomical and therapeutic foundation for the use of vibration in a therapeutic setting. Participants in this course will learn and be able to demonstrate a set of protocols for using Osteophonic Tuning Forks as a stand-alone modality, or in addition to massage, bodywork, and other forms of manipulation.

Osteophonic tuning forks are specially designed with weights placed on the prongs. The weights create a stronger vibration which is transferred through the tuning fork stem directly into tissue. The word Otto is short for Osteophonic which means to vibrate bones. One can feel bones and tissue vibrate in resonance with an Otto tuning fork when the stem is held to a point on the body.
Students will explore the science and experience the use of vibration on spinous processes, acupressure points, and meridian pathways. The use of vibration induces responses within the nervous and meridian systems resulting in an increased potential for a return to homeostasis.

Students will come away with a basic understanding of each of the 14 meridians, their pathways, major acupoints, their beginning and end points on the body. Students will learn how to assist the body in restoring optimum energy flow through these meridians.

They will also learn additional points where osteophonic tuners can be applied to the body such as trigger points, local points, spinous processes, and hand and foot reflex points.

This course will include a review of the empirical work of Dr. John Beaulieu, regarding the use of osteophonic tuning forks and nitric oxide: Dr. Beaulieu’s research (made possible through a 12 Million dollar grant from the National Institutes of Health) demonstrates that when tuning forks are placed on bone or connective tissue they resonate throughout our whole body in wave like patterns causing the cells to spike nitric oxide.

The information is presented through lecture, PowerPoint presentations, demonstrations and hand-on practicums. A 50+ page course manual is provided with illustrations. The class consists of 25% lecture, 25% demonstration and 50% hands on experience.

An OttoGlider™ Kit (optional $199) comprise the tools for the course: 2 – 128 Hz Otto Tuners with SomaGliders™ (Stainless Steel Tuning Fork Foot Attachments that create wider and smoother contact with the body vs just a tuning fork stem) and a fork activator. The OttoGlider™ Kit will be provided for students to use during the class free of charge and will be available for optional purchase. The kit is not included in the course fee of $299.

Techniques use the 128 Hz Otto Tuner(s) by activating the fork, then placing the stem with the SomaGlider in contact with the body so the vibration can be felt on the body. 

  • Praise for the our LIVE Courses:

    Comments by participants of our courses:

    • “Can’t improve on perfection!” - AB
    • “Instructors very personable; good one-on-one.” - MS
    • “Excellent instructors. Enjoyed the entire workshop. Leaves me wanting more.” - SM
    • “Enjoyed the class immensely! David brings his knowledge of life experiences, spirituality, and knowledge of Science together to create a well-rounded awesome class. What an awesome class and great asset to my massage business
    • “Great workshop – This was beyond my expectations.” – BC
  • OttoGlider Massage Tuner Course Objectives:
    • Section 1: Objectives and Using Tuning Forks on the Body

      1. Define an Osteophonic Tuning Fork
      2. Explain the relationship between an Osteophonic Tuning Fork and Nitric Oxide according to John Beaulieu’s Study (See support Material)
      3. Demonstrate how to Hold, Tap, Listen and Place on the body the 128Hz Otto Tuner

      Section 2: Using OttoGliders™ on Acupressure Points

      1. Explain how Acupressure Works
      2. Describe the difference between a Local Point, Trigger Point and Meridian.
      3. Perform using an OttoGlider™ on a set of acupressure points that address a specific issue.

      Section 3: Using OttoGliders™ on Meridian Pathways

      1. Define a Meridian
      2. Perform a Meridian Massage
      3. Identify the Start and End points of each Meridian
      4. Perform Using OttoGliders™ on Meridian Pathways

      Section 4:Using OttoGliders on Spinous Processes

      1. Explain the concept of the “Lovett” Brother Relationship regarding Spinous Processes
      2. Identify Body Landmarks to Assist in Locating Spinous Processes
      3. Perform using OttoGliders™ on Spinous Processes

      Section 5: Using OttoGliders on Additional Areas

      1. List additional Body Areas where OttoGliders™ can be used
      2. Explain the connection between points on the hands and feet and the major organs and glands of the body
      3. Perform using OttoGliders™ on Hand and Feet Points

      Section 6: Forms and Support Material

      1. Perform an OttoGlider™ Massage Session using the techniques taught
      2. Explain the use of an Informed Consent Form
      3. State why it is important to have a Conversational Intake with a client

      Learning Outcomes:

      Students will demonstrate proficiency in locating a set of acupressure points by using a set of OttoGliders™ on a set of mirror points.

      Students will demonstrate knowledge of meridian pathways through performance of a meridian massage.

      Students will demonstrate proficiency of stimulating meridian pathways using OttoGliders™

      Students will demonstrate locating landmarks in the spinous processes.

  • Technical Course Description:

    SomaEnergetics Continuing Education Program overall educational objectives are:

    1. To provide courses that cover the foundational anatomy and physiology of the human body related to use of vibration, so that therapists can better understand, explain, discuss and apply therapeutic vibration techniques, AND
    2. To provide hands-on techniques using vibration with Osteophonic Tuners and the SomaEnergetics protocols that massage therapists and body workers can perform on clients immediately after conclusion of this course.

    Teaching Methodology:

    • Teaching methods include live instruction via lectures and demonstrations.
    • A PowerPoint Presentation based on the 50 page manual is used.
    • Additional method: hands-on experience. There will be 1 massage table for every 2 students. 
    • Course averages 8-12 students so each student receives personal attention from the instructor(s).
    • The course is taught within the standard break requirements for continuing education.

    In addition to lecture, this 12 hour course provides an instructor-supervised practicum opportunity for hands-on training and discussion, to enable each student to practice and demonstrate proficiency with the Osteophonic Tuners on acupressure points, meridian pathways, and the spinous processes. Successful completion of course requirements includes attendance during the 12 hours of course instruction and submission of a completed course evaluation form. Students participating in this course will be able to use these protocols immediately within their massage or bodywork practice.