Raising Your Vibration is a Great Offence for the Stresses of Life!
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Scott J.
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I love this product. I utilize it every day. I live on 3.75 acres and there are chickens, horses, cats and dogs. Also 6 other people in the two other houses. I make a point to walk the grounds and let the frequency expand out to all who can feel and hear it. I feel I am contributing to the overall success of the whole planet, not just my immediate surroundings.

Jason A.
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Use the OM fork daily. Kind of my go to fork. Then I go to the Pineal fork as a tune up during the day. Really helps me to relax when I get uptight during the day. The OM fork helps me relax during online meetings :)

Viola C.
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I have been using this fork as part of a self-care routine every night before going to sleep. I've used it to clear the energy around an old appendix scar, which led to physical changes in my right hip, and the softening of the tissue around the scar itself. In addition to the physical changes, I wake up feeling better - refreshed and alert. I also read positive affirmations aloud to myself during this self-care time.

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Stay Tuned Blog with David Hulse

Whatever you did with those forks last time, do it again! I feel GREAT!

Mary, a natural therapist, is greeting her long term client, Dave, for their next session:

Mary: Hi Dave, How are you doing?

Dave:  I felt GREAT!   Whatever you did with those forks last time, do it again! 

Mary: That's wonderful.  I used the new SomaEnergetics Techniques that I just learned with Solfeggio Tuning forks.

Dave: I left here last time very relaxed.

Mary: Great - Tell me more...

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Teachers Share Their Journey to SomaEnergetics

How did you first hear about and get involve with SomaEnergetics?

  • A few years ago, I became aware of tuning forks as modalities that would support my clients and practice. My search included Biosonics and Acutonics, but Biosonics had no training program and Acutonics was designed for acupuncturist or professionals with that knowledge base. SomaEnergetics seemed to fit the best and offered a curriculum/technique by which using the forks...

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5th Dimension: Spiraling into Vertical Time with Solfeggio Frequencies!

In the mid 1990’s someone introduced me to a documentary by Barbara Marx Hubbard in which she was talking about breakdown and breakthrough: old systems are breaking down due to what is breaking through. So, the more I thought about and meditated on this idea I was presented with a choice, a question: Do you want to continue to walk your path toward trying to fix what's breaking down or do you want to follow the path of trying to assist what’s breaking through?

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Cause and Effect: Etheric and Physical: Energy Tuners and Body Tuners

The majority of diseases and illnesses that enter the physical body begin in the ethereal template as much as nine months to a year before it ever became physical. Now that changes everything to me; to realize that a mis-patterning is in the etheric body months before it becomes physical, leads me more into what I believe we need, and that is preventive work. Now that's a harder one to sell...

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