Passing the Torch!

Passing the Torch!

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Professional Vibrational Tools for Personal Enhancement

Personal and Massage Therapist Starter Kit Relaxing OM Tuners

Our Vibrational Sound Tools for Personal Enhancement are designed for individual and professional use: 

  • Individuals can incorporate Vibrational Sound into their lives to clear space, relieve stress, meditate, work with the angelic realm or aspects of planets, and create portals to alternate dimensions.
  • These tools can also be used to add to the tool kits of professionals using our Exclusive Solfeggio Products and techniques.
  • In our SomaSonicSeries we offer experiential mini-courses on the Moon/Sun Tuners, Fibonacci Tuners, DNA/RNA Tuning Fork Set and Personal Kit Products.
  • Need help deciding?  Here is a Selection Chart you might find helpful.