Custom Tuning Fork Stands

Custom Tuning Fork Stands

Neal Gabriel, a SomaEnergetics customer shared with us a custom stand that his son made for him.  He works with live edge wood, he has his own sawmill and when trees fall down naturally or have to be removed because of some type of hazard, he repurposes the tree versus going out and buying lumber from a lumberyard.

Each piece is custom made and no two pieces are exactly alike.  To explore your options for a custom stand, please contact:

Neal Gabriel

Premium Stands

This particular piece is made out of Black Cherry it took approximately four hours to make. Similar pieces range from $350 -$450


Solfeggio Tuning Fork Stands

Prototype One: This is prototype is made of cedar and other soft woods. It’s approximately 20” X 5 1/2” X 1 1/2”

It is considered live edge everything on here was handmade and hand carved finish with mineral oil and beeswax mix which is homemade applied by hand.

This is designed to hold the Soma Energy and the Soma Body tuners with the Soma OM fork with a stand up Soma energy activating puck.

Approximate Cost $150-$175


Prototype Two: This prototype is made with black walnut and other hardwoods, and measures approximately 20“ x 6 1/2“ X 1 1/2”.  Approximate Cost: $195-$225

Basic Tuning Fork Stand

Approximate Cost under $100

Over the years we have received lots of requests for custom tuning fork stands, SomaEnergetics is excited to finally have a quality option to share.  Any custom stand purchases, payments, or customer service is between you and the seller.  

For customer service and purchase inquiries regarding these custom stands, please contact:

Neal Gabriel