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UK Low Value Orders

To UK Customers:

UK requires sellers in the US to collect 20% VAT on all orders to the UK under £135 and then use software and expensive wire transfers to pay HMRC each quarter.

The burden of paying for the software and the wire fees to pay the VAT for low value orders is not cost effective for the few orders we receive from UK that have a value below the £135 threshold (Approx. $150 to $180 USD depending on exchange rate).

Therefore, unfortunately, we do not offer any shipping options to the UK for orders under the £135 value.

You have several choices to still order from us:

1) Raise your order value above the £135 threshold and shipping options will appear.

2) Have us ship the item to a friend in US or EU that can then ship it to you.

3) Combine your order with a friend to raise the value above the £135 threshold  to see shipping options.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, but we are a small business in the US that is not in a position to assume this additional burden placed on us by the UK Government.

Thanks for you understanding,

SomaEnergetics Staff.