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Self-Care & Massage Therapists Vibrational Sound Starter Kit

Currently on back-order until Mid July You can order now to get in line when they come in stock or come back then to order. Manufacturer is trying to keep up with the incredible demand of our customers for vibrational products.  Thanks for understanding.

The Personal Kit uses sound and vibration in the form of quality-calibrated, US manufactured tuning forks & tools to assist you in caring for yourself and your family. 

A few customer reviews share how easy-to-use and effective the tools in the kit can be:
"I have been amazed to see how it has calmed my daughter down when she is having a meltdown, quite a transformation and she can use it to self regulate."

"I have used the Om tuners just before bed with self Reiki and I feel so much better when I sleep and awaken the next morning. I definitely will buy again."
Use this kit for Stress Relief, Clearing Space, Working with Angelsor Guides, Energizing Water Based Foods and Meditation

Individual Retail Value: $175 

Kit Includes: (Click on each item for more detailed description)

"The Personal Kit arrived Saturday and I've been using them and the CD for just two days.  I've forgotten how wonderful tuning forks are, and yours are simply amazing! I've used them all and have really felt an uplifting of spirit with the Angel and MI DNA repair ... the world somehow seems brighter and clearer.  I love putting the MI in my ear and hearing the resonance in my skull.  The OM Earth one is also quite something.  Provides a grounding and comforting resonance of a 'be here now and present' ... quite relaxing.  I am sure I will be having even more healing and experiences as I discover how to better utilize them.  Thank you, thank you for this exquisite gift from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you too for your healing mission."

– J. O. from MI

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