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SomaEnergetics Premiere Custom Vibrational Tools

SomaEnergetics Premiere Custom Vibrational Tools

SomaEnergetics works closely with one of the top tuning fork manufacturers in the US with decades of experience milling (not molding) high quality tuning forks to our exact specifications.

Our premier custom line is anchored by the Solfeggio Color Energy Tuners and Body Tuners.  Then comes the custom DNA/RNA set. We have also added our branding to OM Tuners, LOVE 528 Forks and created a Starter Kit.

In addition we offer the highest quality Solfeggio Wind Chimes and Solfeggio based CD's.  Our comprehensive training products complete the premiere custom line of products designed to enhance your journey into Vibrational Sound Therapy.

To make it as easy and affordable as possible to start your Soma journey, we have developed Combo Training Kits for you to explore.


Solfeggio Energy Tuners - Etheric Color Tuning Forks!

Available exclusively from SomaEnergetics! These amazing and powerful set of six color tuning forks are tuned to the six missing frequencies of the Ancient Solfeggio. The Solfeggio Energy Tuners Kit includes: Set of six tuning forks tuned to the ancient tones. Available only in COLOR - Exclusively from SomaEnergetics! Red...

On Sale $ 222.00
Regular price$ 299.00

Solfeggio Inspired Body Tuners - Tuning Forks for Acupressure Points and Relaxation

Another Transformational Tool Exclusively from SomaEnergetics! Experience the Power of the Solfeggio on Physical Energy Pathways! Use on Acupressure Points, Muscle Tension Release, Meridian Pathways, and for Relaxation.  The Solfeggio Body Tuner Kit Includes: * Six Custom-made Solfeggio Body Tuners * Custom-made Practitioner Display * Acupressure’s Potent Points Book *...

On Sale $ 333.00
Regular price$ 399.00

DNA/RNA Tuning Fork Set with Personal Technique DVD

DNA/RNA - Pineal Gland Set of 7 Tuning Forks with Beginners Instructional DVD.  Exclusive to SomaEnergetics, this set of 7 tuning forks includes: 4 DNA Nucleotide forks, 2 RNA tuning forks and 1 tuning fork for the Pineal Gland. Until now this exclusive fork set has only been available by attending the...

On Sale $ 333.00
Regular price$ 399.00

OM Tuner ~ Relaxation ~ Stress Relief ~ Meditation

USE DISCOUNT CODE "RELAXME" to save an additional 10% off OM Tuners ~ This special discount ends soon! Are you stressed?  Need to Relax?  Have tight muscles or stuffed sinuses?  SOLUTIONS: A SomaEnergetics Long Stem OM Tuner can: Deepen your Meditation and Relaxation and used for Stress Relief. Get 2...

On Sale from $ 47.00
Regular price$ 50.00

Personal and Massage Therapists Vibrational Sound Starter Kit

Use for Stress Relief, Clearing Space, Working with Angels or Guides, Energizing Water Based Foods and Meditation Individual Retail Value: $175 - SAVE 15% Kit Includes: (Click on each item for more detailed description) 528 Hz LOVE Fork  (Link goes to LOVE 528 Kit which includes a crystal heart not included...

On Sale $ 149.00
Regular price$ 175.00

528 LOVE Tuning Fork KIT - A SomaEnergetics Exclusive!

LOVE 528 Tuning Fork Kit The Love 528 Hz is the one tuning fork everyone should own. Exclusively from SomaEnergetics: The Love 528 Kit! The New LOVE 528 Kit Includes: The LOVE 528 Hz Tuning Forks anodized in lime green Quartz Crystal Heart in gold organza bag Blue Pouch and O-Ring...

$ 69.00

The Pineal Gland Tuning Fork ~ Clear ~ Decalcify ~ Connect ~ SomaEnergetics Exclusive Product

The Pineal Gland serves an important role in Spiritual Development as it connects with the edge of higher dimensions penetrating into our lower dimension. The Pineal Gland has been called: The God Detector The Interface between Spiritual and Material Dimensions A Doorway or Gateway to the Divine Source There are some...

$ 39.00

Solfeggio Wind Chimes - Custom Made Exclusively for SomaEnergetics!

Beautiful ~ Melodic ~ High Quality Chimes are often used to lighten dense energy patterns and to repair damage to the body's energy fields.  Chimes are also used by practitioners to denote the beginning and the end of a healing session. Our massage therapist has a set of chimes hanging in his...

On Sale from $ 374.00
Regular price$ 399.00

Phase 1 DVD Training CE Course: Energy Vitality Technique

Phase 1 Home Study CE Course - assumes you already have our Solfeggio EnergyTuners Master Vibrational Sound Techniques through this Self-Study Course utilizing the Power of the Solfeggio Frequencies and the Energy Vitality Technique! This ground breaking course includes Ancient Solfeggio History, the latest in the field of Vibrational Sound and...

$ 299.00

Phase 2 DVD Self Study CE Training Course

Price: $299  4.5 hours of Training with 60 page manual! The next step on your SomaEnergetics Training journey is the Phase 2 course - highlights are listed below.  This course is a Premium Advance Training Item.  It is available only if you have completed Phase 1 LIVE or purchased the Phase...

$ 299.00
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CD: SOLFA I - Solfeggio Frequencies Music

"Sound of Life Frequency Attunement" The Music for this CD has been specially created with the Original Solfeggio sound frequencies. When these frequencies are combined with the intent inherent within the ancient Solfeggio scale, a powerful force for higher consciousness and bioenergetic balance is possible. The first seven tracks are...

$ 20.00

CD: SOLFA II - Featuring the upper Solfeggio Frequencies

S.O.L.F.A. Sound Frequency Attunement CD II "Extension for Ascension" This is the second CD specially created with the S.O.L.F.A. Sound frequencies. By extending the numerical pattern discovered in the Bible, higher frequencies have been calculated and applied to the 8th through 12th chakras. These chakras encompass Divine Love, Soul Blueprint,...

$ 20.00

CD: Dimensional Pathways - Pure Solfeggio Sounds by Susan Maule

Dimensional Pathways CD by Susan Maule “The ancient Solfeggio frequencies are part of a process that can assist us in creating lives filled with joy and happiness. Solfeggio frequencies can clear, cleanse, balance, and focus all aspects of our lives. Enjoy! “ - David Hulse, CVSMT, Developer of SomaEnergetics Dimensional...

$ 20.00

CD: 528 Hz Miracle Music - Piano Originals by Carla Reed

NEWEST 528 Hz RELEASE A Note from Carla: Do you believe in Miracles?  Do you need a Miracle?  Over the past weeks as I've played and recorded this music, I have thought about & prayed for so many people desperate for changes in their lives.  It will take a miracle,...

$ 20.00

CD: Piano Keys for Healing - Tuned to the 528 Hz!

Piano Keys for Healing CD by Carla Reed THIS IS IT ~ The piano keys are a picture from my own beautiful grand piano, beginning at the left with the 528hz tuned key. So what you see are the “Piano Keys for Healing,” that I was playing on as I...

$ 20.00
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