Spiritual Healer Licensing for Natural Therapists

SomaEnergetics has been offering high quality education, training and materials utilizing the energy healing techniques developed by SomaEnergetics Founder, David Hulse, since 1999 to help you on start down your spiritual path. We have had thousands of individuals complete our courses worldwide to start their spiritual practice and healing journey. Our Phase 1 energy therapy course has been translated into Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and French! As we enter another decade, we see a need to offer optional licensing and certifications to our practitioners to enable them to be of better service to their clients and to keep them in compliance with emerging laws including Codex Alimentarius.<-- We encourage you to Google the term Codex Alimentarius and Natural Therapies.

You may want to consider the following questions to see if certification or licensing applies to you:

  • Do you have a Natural Therapies practice?
  • Do you offer spiritual healing techniques to your clients?
  • Are you certified in these techniques by a national board, such as in traditional medicine?
  • Do you belong to an association that provides you with insurance and other support for your practice?
  • Do you have questions about your rights and limits … or need information about how best to run your Natural Therapies business?
  • Do you use a “disclaimer” form instead of the new “Informed Consent Form”?
  • Are you aware there are words you cannot use and statements, although true, you cannot safely say to clients?

We invite you to take a look at what we offer and decide for yourself what works for your life, your clients and your goals.

Difference Between Licensing and Certification

What is a License?

A license indicates that you have completed the requirements set by a board and that you can practice your healing work within the “scope of practice” defined by the license. If the state licenses the technique you offer, you must get and maintain the state license. If the state does NOT license the technique you offer, then you can be licensed as a Spiritual Healer if:

1) You believe that divine healing either comes through you to your client or you are assisting the client in activating the divine healing within them.

2) The spiritual healing skills and technique(s) you offer are listed on FSHLB

3) You are certified in your healing techniques (if certification is offered)

In some cases, a person may hold more than one license: one from the state (as a nurse for example) and another one as a Spiritual Healer for the techniques that are not within the licensed nurse “scope of practice.” As a Licensed Spiritual Healer, you can offer your healing techniques to assist your clients to activate the inherent healer within them.

If the state licenses or certifies the healing session technique you offer, then you must get the state license, completing any spiritual healing courses that they require. If the state does not issue a license for your healing technique, then independent boards may be formed to certify individuals in those techniques. A certification board such as the Natural Therapies Certification Board (www.ntcbcertifications.org) issues certifications based on the Department of Education blueprints and other guidelines set by their insurance company. If certification is available in a healing technique – it is advisable to get that certification. Through NTCB, SomaEnergetics offers the training necessary toward certification as a Sound Therapy Practitioner, Coach, Teacher and Master Teacher. Click here for an overview of the blueprints.

As you travel through the SomaEnergetics Certification Pathway you will complete all courses necessary to be licensed as a Spiritual Healer if you choose.

Think of it this way: Your license sits on top and under the license you practice the healing techniques in which you are certified that fit within the “scope of practice” for that license.

For more on Spiritual Healer Licensing, visit FSHLB