SomaEnergetics Annual SomaShare RECORDINGS - Earn 10 CE credits!

This online event took place on August 26-27, 2016.

You can earn 10 CE Hours toward NTCB and Spiritual Licensing Renewals OR 100 Intern Hours toward Coach Certification.


SomaEnergetics Interns, Practitioners, Coaches & Teachers: Experience the Online SomaShare Conference through the Recordings of the event!

A Message from David:

What an exciting time to have had this opportunity to come together and share with each other our love of sound and the amazing results you are getting with the SomaEnergetics tools and techniques. As was discussed during the Soma Share, it is time to step up and take our place as light workers assisting humanity to the next level of higher consciousness through our work with sound and vibration. This event was a time to come together and share our experiences, reaffirm our commitment and renew our passion for the transforming power of SomaEnergetics.

This is must watch event for any serious practitioner or teacher! New insights will be gained as we meet in our common goal of being better practitioners for our clients and more effective teachers to our students.

I encourage you to seriously consider participating in this on-line event by watching recordings of the live web-cast. They will inspire you in your Sound Therapy Practice.


How to Earn CE Hours:

This event can count for 10 CEU's toward your bi-annual renewal requirement for NTCB and/or Spiritual Healer Licensing. It can also count for 100 hours toward your 300 hour internship required for the Sound Therapy Coach Certification!

To receive the hours:

  • Send a paragraph overview of each presentation in one document to show that you watched the recordings and we will award the CE hours.
  • Send the completed overview document to and request the hours.

Important Notes: There are no refunds. Please follow the steps below to make sure you have the most updated software (Adobe Flash) prior to paying the access fee. No refunds will be given if you are unable to install and configure adobe flash. A broadband wired connection is strongly suggested.

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  • Comments from attendees during and after previous events:

    • Wonderful on-line event! I loved it! All of the presenters were great! Looking forward to the next event!
    • Very grateful and thankful for a wonderful SomaShare! Inspiring information . . .beautiful connections!
    • Very helpful information on promotional materials. Thank you for your generosity.
    • Excellent 'tips' I'd never thought of...... THANKS!!!
    • Fantastic information.... Wow, where did the time go?? Great day!!
    • This has been an awesome weekend! Thanks to David, Tim and Randall and all the presenters!
    • Excellent 'connecting of the dots' for all of us!

    You don't want to miss this amazing opportunity to explore how others are using sound in their practice!

    Results from previous Survey of Participants:

    • 93% said they would most likely or definitely attend another SomaShare
    • 87% said they would most likely or definitely recommend the event to a friend
    • 97% indicated the on-line watchitoo interface was easy to use
    • 86% felt the event was a great or excellent value
    • 91% felt the recordings are a great or excellent value
  • Presentation Overviews - Supporting Documents

    • Times are approximate
    • Friday, August 26

    • SS16-01: (15 Min) Welcome from Tim Leach, SomaShare Host 
               Overview of the SomaShare

      • How the SomaShare works
      • How do you get CEU’s
      • If you need to miss part or all of the LIVE event
      • What to do if your screen freezes
      • How to use the Chat Feature
    • SS16-02: (35 Min) David Hulse, President, SomaEnergetics
           The Pain Body and Body Mapping

      • David shared an overview of a new workshop we are creating based on a series he offered at the Unity of Charlotte School of Spirituality on the Pain Body. The 4 hour workshop – which will incorporate tuning forks – will be offered for the first time in Indianapolis, IN on November 13, 2016.
    • SS16-03: (50 Min) – Randall Loop, LMT, MLC, LSH
          The Importance of Certification, Licensing & Continuing Education

      • Randall shared why Training, Certification, Licensing and Continued Education are so important in the Natural and Spiritual Healer industry and that process within the SomaEnergetics Pathway. Powerpoint Slides - Certification Path
      • Randall has over 25 years in service to individuals, communities and organizations. He founded the Spiritual Healer Professional Learning Institute: in 2010. He has partnered with SomaEnergetics for over 10 years in Program Development, the Certification or Licensing Process and Continuing Education Requirements. He is endorsed by The Federation of Spiritual Healer License Boards, Natural Therapies Certification Board, Integrative Medicine of Kentucky, Center for Aromatherapy Research & Education, AromaSounds Raindrop Harmonics, Bliss-Point Education Association, Simply Living Sustainable University and others.
    • SS16-04 – (50 Min) – Lee Ann Cornell
           - Planetary Tuning Forks & Major Tarot Card Correlations

      • Using 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards, Lee Ann  explored the correlations between the cards, Spinal Vertebra and Planetary Tuners and offer a chart for you to create your own custom readings incorporating tuning forks and tarot cards!  PDF Powerpoint Slides

      9:00 PM – End of Day 1
      Saturday, August 27

    • SS16-05 - (50 Min) – Randall Loop, LMT, MLC, LSH
           - SomaEnergetics Client or Student Creation Scale

      • We have come to realize that there seems to be a “typical” path in Creating Clients or Students successfully. This Scale and the suggestions are our best attempt to express the process we have come to realize.
      • The Scale begins with assuming that you are having a “first contact” with a person who has never heard of SomaEnergetics or you. This is Level 1 on the Scale labeled Potential. We at SomaEnergetics prefer to view people who are attracted to us as Potentials and not “prospects”.
      • Then the Scale presents a Doing-ness suggestion. This is an action that you can take to interact with a person who may be a Potential Client or Student. This Scale then explains the Intention or expected result of “doing” the suggestion offered.
      • As you travel through the Scale it will assist you in taking a person/Potential all the way to having become a Client or Student successfully. An interesting phenomenon is that a Potential may move along the Scale from Level 1 to any other Level within moments or a few minutes. Or, that a Potential may take a bit more time to explore his/her decision about SomaEnergetics. But, one thing is sure. Attention to the Potential and Doing-ness with Intention will achieve the expected results of Creating a Client or Student successfully.
      • Student Client Creation Scale Explained PDF  Client Student Creation Scale PDF  Sample Client Tracking PDF
    • SS16-06 - (50 Min) – David Hulse, C.V.S.M.T.
           - Pre-session Vibrational Sound Coaching

      • David begins each session with a new client by coaching them on the principles of SomaEnergetics and what to expect during the session. This is a 45 minute pre-recorded coaching session with a new client and David was online to answer questions after the recording.  Pre-Session Coaching Form
    • SS16-07 - (25 Min) Carol Gailey, C.V.S.M.T.
           - Prerecorded: Playing with Solfeggio Pairs

      • Binaural listening (in both ears together) with different frequencies creates a third frequency in the brain. We explored the value of various pairings of energy tuners and body tuners, consider the emotional support from differing frequencies, and address how these pairings might be used with clients.  Solfeggio Pairs PDF  Solfeggio Emotions Chart PDF
    • SS16-08 - (25 Min) Joellen Powley
            - Angel Card Readings with Vibrational Sound Therapy

      • JoEllen demonstrated how she incorporates both the solfeggio Forks and the DNA/ RNA tuning Forks with Angel cards. This technique will show you ways to assist your clients to provide them with mini tunings, while receiving Angelic messages for life guidance , challenges and to assist  clients with various issues that may be deep within themselves.
    • 1 PM – Lunch

    • SS16-09 - (50 Min) – Heather Lorah
           - Unweaving Discord

      • Heather explored using Otto forks to ground and build Prana using the marma points, balancing the chakras, then bringing in the DNA forks along with apophyllite to create the changes into the physical and moving outward with the Fibonacci forks to move energy in and out, from a place that the discord never existed.  Powerpoint PDF
      • SS16-10 - (25 Min) Lori Lane Fraley
        - SomaEnergetics’ Personal Kit

        • Lori shared how she found the ‘SomaEnergetics’ Personal Kit to be useful for her clients; and how it also has proven to be a powerful tool in educating them how beneficial it is in grounding one’s own energy as well as manifesting vibrations to achieve personal goals. Powerpoint PDF
      • SS16-11 - (25 Min) Rosemary Levesque
             - Integrative Vibrational Healing

        • Rosemary focused on the aspect of grounding using integrative therapies with the tuning forks, essential oils, Reiki, etc. She has many clients who experience a lack of feeling grounded - to such a strong degree - that I find the forks very helpful in not only discovering the imbalance, but also helping to resolve it.  Powerpoint PDF
      • SS16-12 - (25 Min) Arlene Smith, C.V.S.M.T.
        - Activating the Soma Chakra

        • This presentation demonstrated the how to use our SomaEnergetics Solfeggio Energy Tuners, Body Tuners, Pineal Gland Tuner and at least five of the Planetary Tuners to activate the Soma Chakra. The Soma Chakra may be activated when the Ida and Pingala unite at the Brow chakra.  The Soma Chakra absorbs the "energies" that are released.  This creates an "elixir of life" to reach the Crown Chakra.  Then the elixir follows it natural course downward through the chakras.
        • Arlene inserts the Soma Chakra Activation protocol into the Energy Vitality Technique and presents it as an option that may be included in the Energy Vitality Technique.
        • The protocol will demonstrate the necessity of the energy tuners, body tuners, pineal gland tuner and planetary tuners.
        • Powerpoint PDF   Soma Chakra Symbol and Bibliography
      • SS16-13 - (25 Min) Patricia Krause, C.V.S.M.T.
             - Pre-recorded: Massage, Bodywork and Tuning Forks. It’s all about Energy!

        • By having a conversational intake with the client, using your active listening skills and utilizing your intuition, you can determine what treatment would be best for the client. Pat shared some of my amazing client experiences while using the tuning forks in her massage and energy work treatments.
        1. Massage - using the Body Tuners to release blocked physical energy, relax muscles and relieve pain.
        2. Energy Work - performing the Energy Vitality Technique using the Energy Tuners and RNA/DNA/Pineal Tuners to balance the etheric energy by removing energy blockages and opening and clearing the energy Chakras for an improved sense of wellbeing.
        3. Brain Tuning - to help balance brain wave function and polarity to provide a calmer and more joyous emotional energy state enabling the client to change their behavioral response patterns to triggering situations and relationships.
        4. Powerpoint PDF
      • SS16-14 –  (15 Min) – Special Offers for those that attend the SomaShare

        • Tim went over this years special offers for those that attend the event live - This will be your opportunity to get that special set of forks you desire at a great discount! 
        • Special offers PDF
      • SS16-15 - (30 Min) - Open Discussion – Lead by Tim/David

      • 6:00 PM – SomaShare 2016 Ends

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