Vibrational Sound Certification through the Natural Therapies Certification Board

The mission of the Natural Therapies Certification Board is to certify and verify credentials of qualified professionals within the natural therapies field in accordance to strict industry standards, blueprints, and in compliance with professional and ethical codes of conduct. NTCB develops and monitors the educational blueprint that allows trained individuals to obtain certification in Vibrational Sound.

As an accredited board, each course has been assigned a specific number of Continuing Education Credits, all of which must be completed in order to grant certification.  The pathway for Vibrational Sound Practitioner and Coach Certification includes three courses in Vibrational Sound: SomaEnergetics Phase 1, 2 and 3 ~ All of which you complete through SomaEnergetics - LIVE or via Online Self-Study Courses. - See Course Descriptions

Additional courses required for certification (non sound courses) are offered in collaboration with the Spiritual Healer Professional Learning Institute These courses include: 

  • A series of correspondence courses (Professional Practices, Professional Ethics and developing an Informed Consent Form)
  • Spiritual Coaching Skills Course that enables certified practitioners learn how to teach, train, educate and coach their clients to make appropriate decisions
  • A basic Anatomy and Physiology Coursegiving you a basic understanding of the physical body parts.

Because certification and licensing involves a number of accredited boards, requirements have been streamlined into one seamless curriculum.  Once all certification requirements have been met, practitioners may apply for Vibrational Sound Practitioner and Coach Certification. Once certified as a Coach, this certification is renewable every year and requires 20 CE credits to maintain current credentials.  You also have the option get additional certification as a SomaEnergetics Teacher.  Either way, earning your CE credits is easy through our annual SomaShare Online Event.

An additional benefit of being actively certified is being listed on the SomaEnergetics website as a Premier Practitioner, Coach or Teacher.

It is highly recommended that you review the certification site. This is the site you will go to apply for certification once all requirements have been completed.  Please see the NCTB Site to apply (Scroll down to Sound Certification). If you have questions you may write to them at ntcb.info@gmail.com or call 800-710-1539, ext.1.

More information links:

Where to start:

  • Check out the LIVE courses available on our Event Calendar (Not all teachers post all their courses)
  • Check out the list of certified teachers to find one near you to contact for any upcoming courses
  • Explore our Training Combo Kits for the most economical way to begin your journey via Self-Study courses. 

What's The Difference Between LIVE and Self-Study Courses?

The benefit of live courses is the feedback of the instructor and the ability to offer technique and receive technique with another person. The advantage of the Self-Study Course is the ability to go over the information at your pace and have it as a reference. Both ways offer CE Credits toward certification and/or massage therapy CE Hours.

Our experience is that the best students are those that complete the Self-Study Course first and then attend a live class. They come to the live class with a great understanding of the material and techniques then get the added benefit of the live class interaction to complete their training.

The Self-Study or Live Class alone are acceptable for training and certification.

The cool part about our system are the half-price options.

  • If you take the live class, you will be offered the Self-Study Course at 50% off so you can review the material as desired.
  • If you complete the Self-Study course (Pass online test and turn in 10 sessions of that technique) then you can take the live course for 50% off.

Works both ways.  We also have an option for you to share the Self-Study course with a co-worker or friend and the 2nd person can received a certificate of completion for just $99 per course.

For more on our Self-Study Courses, visit our training collection section.

A few comments from Teachers (From David's Blog Article)

  • With the Self-Study training, I was able to begin using the forks immediately. Travel was a big expense for me. However, the initial investment got me started with support materials that I could follow on my own time; integrating slowly to fit my busy life. Also, David encourages us to utilize and integrate the tools and techniques as we are guided to … not limited. RL
  • SomaEnergetics gave me a tangible product/process to offer to clients to bridge their understanding of how subtle energies can work and have impact in the physical form – cause and effect of direct experience of physical well-being, thoughts and emotions of how they are stored vs. processed and released. HL
  •

And finally, if you desire further clarification, you can always email us through the contact form at the top right or call 704-469-SOMA (7662).  

Thank you for your interest in Vibrational Sound Certification with SomaEnergetics through the Natural Therapies Certification Board.