2023 Training Series in Charlotte NC Announced!

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Interviews with David

Solfeggio Tones: Are they the keys to unlock our ascension? JC Kay and David Together Again!
Elena Danaan Interviews SomaEnergetics Founder, David Hulse: THE POWER OF SOLFEGGIO!
Elena Danaan interviews SOMAENERGETICS Founder, David Hulse: Tools for the Awakening of Humanity! - Jan 29, 2022
How To Tune Your Frequency to 5D - David Hulse with Mark Attwood
The Magic of Sound Frequency Healing SOMA ENERGETICS and SOLFEGGIO TUNING FORKS David Hulse & JC Kay
LIVE DEMO How To Raise Consciousness & Tune Your Etheric Blueprint with Solfeggio Frequencies with Mark Attwood and David Hulse