Statement of our Tuning Fork Quality - Made in the US!

SomaEnergetics is excited to offer the highest quality tuning forks available!

Our Tuning Forks are manufactured in the USA with material from the USA by a company with decades of experience.

Compare to others and see why thousands of consumers across the globe continue to purchase from us!

Our goal is not to make the cheapest tuning forks
- our goal is to offer the best quality tuning forks!

Tuning Fork Manufacturing Standards

We realize there are cheaper Tuning forks available on the internet(especially from India and China) and we encourage you to read below before purchasing a cheaper set.

Why Invest in SomaEnergetics Tuning Forks?

SomaEnergetics Forks made in the USA!

  • Individually hand tuned & re-tested 2 times
  • Guaranteed frequency accuracy tuned within +/-.25% (For non-color forks)
  • US product made by Medivibe
  • Highest quality durable aluminum alloy material with lower levels of impurities
  • Made from highest quality BARS; NEVER made from molds
  • Precise temperature controlled
  • Mathematical precision calibrated to the Solfeggio scale
  • Guaranteeing equal or better sustained ring (tone & time)
  • Louder with purer Solfeggio sound quality
  • Longer handles for ease of use

 The Other Guys

  • Foreign product
  • Lower quality and softer alum-alloy prone to corrosion
  • Forks are mass produced by aluminum poured into MOLDS
  • Higher levels of impurities
  • Frequency precision may be inaccurate, often not in specifications
  • Lower sound quality
  • Shorter ring time
  • Inferior tonal quality
  • Short handle is difficult to handle

 What do I personally get?

  • Confidence Im working with precision tools:  SomaForks are not mass produced using a mold with low quality alum-alloys.
  • Trust from family, friends, or clientsthat I’m using the BEST Toolsto work responsibly with their energy.  SomaForks are hand-tuned and hand-tested,and calibrated to the proper frequency within industry standards.
  • A solid lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects.

The tuning forks sold by SomaEnergetics are manufactured in the United States with Aluminum from the United States. The manufacturer has decades of experience making the highest quality tuning forks. They are precisely tuned within 0.25% of the indicated frequency at 72 degrees for non-color forks.  Due to the anodizing process, the accuracy guarantee for color forks is .5% of the indicated frequency at 72 degrees. All tuning forks are subjected to inspection processes to guarantee quality. The specially designed aluminum alloy makes them harder, more durable, and impact resistant with decreased frequency changes due to temperature variations. This results in a longer ring tone, purer tonal quality when tapped individually, and a complete range of overtones when tapped together. Excessive wear or misuse will void any frequency warranty. Dings: yes - Dents: No!

Aluminum tuning forks tested from other companies are softer, have higher levels of impurities, and are more susceptible to corrosion and frequency changes due to temperature variations. They have a rougher appearance, the ring time is 20+% less, and tonal quality, which is important in the healing process, can vary by 2+%. Due to the softness of the aluminum many overtones, which are essential in neural transmission as part of stress reduction are dropped and cannot be relied upon with any consistency. The companies supplying the softer impure aluminum tuning forks tend to have weak environment records and questionable labor practices.