Integrating SomaEnergetics with your current Natural Therapies Practice

Welcome Natural Therapist,

Natural Therapists who have an established practice with a client base have amazing success with adding SomaEnergetics to their client offerings.  You are our perfect co-creator to help us share the power of SomaEnergetics with your clients and the world - raising everyone's energetic vibration from 3rd to 5th dimension!  (See We are Awakeners for more information.)

We consider SomaEnergetics 5th Dimensional Techniques to be integrative and complementary, not alternative. The techniques have been developed over several decades through David Hulse with feedback from practitioners who have been using this new vibrational sound modality.  The techniques are constantly evolving, as energy is not static.   As founder David Hulse shares:  

“This training is ‘an open system.’ Everyone should realize that energy shifts and rebalances all of the time.  We are creating and teaching a new paradigm…a new modality in times of transition and change, so how can we possibly teach a closed system?”

The techniques are to be used as a general foundation to get you started in working with these powerful Solfeggio frequencies. After mastering the basics, you are encouraged to “play.”  Get out of the way as to what you think “should” happen, and just get in touch with the energy being created between you, Source, and the client.  As you allow the energy to move in a natural, easy flow, amazing things will begin to happen.  A SomaEnergetics mantra: Intuition trumps technique! (After you master technique!)

Whether you are a Licensed Massage Therapist, certified in other natural therapies, or consider yourself a self-aware spiritual healer, it's easy to integrate SomaEnergetics into your current practice.

  • You can start as basic as getting a couple of OM tuners to use on your clients before sessions for stress relief and relaxation, and as an introduction to vibrational therapy.
  • Or begin with a Natural Therapist Starter Kit which gives you several tools to use for relaxation, clearing space, and energizing your client.
  • If you really want to jump in, begin with one of our affordable training combo kits that will include quality custom forks and comprehensive training via Online Self-Study CoursesLive courses may also be available in your area through Certified Teachers.

What are the effects of integrating Soma Techniques?

Massage Therapists and other practitioners have shared with us that offering the Energy Vitality Technique (EVT) prior to their work assists in making their other modalities more effective quicker and hold longer!  The idea behind this is that the the EVT opens the energetic system and strengthens the connection to 5th dimensional energy allowing your other work to be more effective!

During our annual online SomaShare conference, we usually have several presentations on how to incorporate Soma with other modalities.  It is always exciting to explore the creativity of our Soma Practitioners.

Benefits of the Incorporating Phase 1 Technique in your Natural Therapies Practice:

Our thanks to Certified Master Teachers Lori Fraley and Rosemary Levesque for this list. Both have thriving natural therapies practices to which they have successfully integrated SomaEnergetics.

  • Effortlessly integrate sound with Reiki, massage, hypnosis, etc.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of other healing modalities
  • Use as a stand-alone healing modality with superior effectiveness and client results
  • Increases uniqueness in your field
  • Helps raise your personal vibrational levels
  • Helps healing in your own etheric field
  • Helps create a sacred space
  • Supports energetic hygiene
  • Helps balance your inner vortex
  • Releases unseen blocks in the body
  • Heightens intuitive awareness and psychic abilities
  • Experience minimal to no strain on the physical body
  • Easy to learn with effective results
  • Creates a nice sound bath
  • Attunes you to go beyond the physical and energetic limitations of other modalities
  • Helps you work as a shepherd for transformation
  • Offers a unique method for targeted healing work
  • Optimizes wholeness on the physical, emotional and spiritual plains
  • Assists you in working with ease and grace
  • Effortlessly tap into higher realms of consciousness

Integration experiences from some more of our Teachers (From David's Blog Article):

Describe your Natural Therapies path and how SomaEnergetics fits in to the tapestry of modalities you offer your clients and students:

  • I’ve been offering Quantum Touch, Body Talk and Integrative Healing. All of them are non-invasive and utilize quantum field and spiritual perspective. My main purpose for my work is to shift the consciousness of the collective, so SomaEnergetics works perfectly with those other modalities. KM
  • After an injury, I required a cervical fusion. Allopathic medicine was not helpful in the aftermath of pain left in my body. Through Yoga and Ayurveda, I learned subtle body energy and the concept of seeing how thoughts and emotions directly impact physical health. Moving into energetic therapies brought my whole being forward and a fuller potential to my life. This is why I brought SomaEnergetics into my work and personal life. My direct experience is why I enjoy sharing it with clients and now students. We are all here to remember the potential that lives within us. HL
  • My practice is massage with other modalities, but sound changed my practice to a higher level of awareness to myself and clients. I began to see huge changes with my regular clients and their healing process. LF
  • Essential oils, reiki, shamanism, detox, intuitive reading/assessment, crystals … so of course, I use them all with the forks. RL
  •

To Certify or Not to Certify?

Certification as a Vibrational Sound Practitioner, or Coach is recommended but not required.  If you are a licensed Massage Therapist and the use of vibrational tools are within your scope of practice, then you may be able to integrate SomaEnergetics into your practice without pursuing our certification.  If you want to become a teacher (awakener) of our courses, then certification is required.

Anyone can offer to family and friends any modalities that are not state regulated without certification.  It is when you "hang out a shingle" and begin offering modalities to the public that certification and Spiritual Healer Licensing becomes a consideration. 

SomaEnergetics Concept of a “Healer”

As practitioners working in a healing modality, it is imperative to remember that we are not the “healer” operating from ego, trying to “fix” our clients. Our intent is to be in a state of grace, a state of unconditional love where we recognize the perfection of each person. We are, each of us, created as whole and perfect beings. Through our vision and faith, our intent should be to ask our clients how we can help them undowhatever has become manifest in the present, from the past, through the modality of the Solfeggio frequencies. As we build trust and allow people space, we assist them in facilitating their own healing process. By remaining neutral, we are helping their wholeness manifest in the perfection of who they are in this day.

An understanding of your healing philosophy is helpful in setting your intention:

1) Does Divine Energy flow through you to the client?
2) Do you assist in awakening the divine healer within them?
) As a spiritual healer do you want to work with what is breaking down or what is breaking through?

Are you ready to join the countless other natural therapists that have made their practice stand out by adding SomaEnergetics Vibrational Tools and Techniques to their client offerings? 

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What is Our Promise to You?

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Thank you for interest in integrating SomaEnergetics with your Natural Therapies Practice.