SomaEnergetics Promise: Quality, Caring and Integrity

First thing that I promise is that we truly care about the people who come to us. We are not a fly-by-night, come in and do a workshop and leave, company. We take our students and our clients very seriously, and offer ways in which they can grow and develop themselves as far as they want to go in the SomaEnergetics training system. 

I think we come from integrity, we just care, and we make ourselves available. One thing that our customers appreciate is that you can actually talk to us when you call. With many companies you get an answering machine or voice mail. You can reach SomaEnergetics most of the time and I think people appreciate that we are there for people all over the world.

We also offer people a way of changing the way we see ourselves, each other and the world. It's a different philosophy that begins with the premise that we’re not broken humans, but we are whole divine created beings. And often times we don't feel that way or see it that way, because our five senses give us a very limited perspective. Therefore, it takes faith to look beyond what our five senses perceive and to see things as they have been created to be.  

If I see myself as a broken human being who needs to be healed and made perfect, that's one way of looking at it, but SomaEnergetics looks at it as we are created whole and we just need to work with removing energetic blockages. Because of these blockages, that wholeness is not able to manifest down to where we live. What we want to help people to do is open up these vibrational pathways for two reasons. First, to let in new fresh energy that's coming in to our planet at this time. I call it fifth dimension energy, some call it fourth dimension energy, it doesn't matter what number you give it, they all refer to this powerful new energy that's coming in to our planet. That energy can be a two edge sword: on one hand it can be energetic and enlightening, but at the same time, it can release a lot of unresolved issues from the past. It's kind of like putting more water into muddy water until the mud finally is out and the water becomes pure. It does the deeper work, it does the work of the unconscious, the subconscious, and even the collective unconscious part of ourselves.

And secondly, sometimes we don't understand that some of the things we deal with may not be our stuff at all, but maybe it’s from ancestors, generations back. So we kind of show people how to discern what we’re dealing with. We shouldn’t just take someone and say; I've got something and I'm going to heal you. We should take time to discern each person individually, uniquely, and determine what direction we want to go to work with cause. Were blinded by the effects so many times, that we think we want to work with an effect, but really we want to work with cause. And you can do that so much easier by working with energy in the form of vibration and sound because vibration goes right through all the layers of our defense mechanism of our ego mind. Everything we believe, everything we think, it goes as deeply as you can possibly go - even to the molecular level.  Vibration can penetrate all the way into the very depths of our personal Akashic Records of our soul, where we have stuff that we didn't even know that we had; unresolved past experiences.

And finally, we promise the best quality of tuning forks that we can offer. I know there's a lot of good tuning forks out there, and there's a lot of tuning forks coming from other countries that are not as good. So everybody needs to know that all tuning forks are not created equal. You want to the right amount of alloy and aluminum to make it the best tuning fork that you can, and we feel like that we offer that.

So that's what we promise, we promise each person is treated as an individual, each experience in the class, or as a practitioner, or as a client is individualized and customized to fit your situation. So, other than that, most of the rest of it is up to the person. We don't believe we are healers, we believe we are facilitators that help people activate their own innate inherent ability to heal and to go as far as they choose.  Are you ready to go back home to where you never really left?