Passing the Torch!

Passing the Torch!

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Practitioner - Additional Support Area

The Practitioner Area contains helpful resources to support you in your SomaEnergetics Natural Therapies Practice.

Practitioner Support Area

Forms for you to use in your Sound Therapy Practice:

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Technique Aids

Important Links

Practitioners/Teachers in the News

Working with Randall Loop of the Spiritual Healers Professional Learning Institute, we have developed several projects to assist you in developing your Sound Therapy Practice:

  • These links go to courses offered by Randall at a discount for SomaEnergetics Students.
  • Client/Student Creation Scale: 9 step process to take a person that knows nothing about SomaEnergetics to becoming a valued client or student.
  • Awareness of Being Scale: Find where you are toward a project or situation - from Confusion to Enlightenment - and how do you move up the scale and stop being stuck or frustrated. 

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