Phase 2 LIVE Course: Energy & Body Tuners Techniques

Phase 2 LIVE Course - Assumes you have completed Phase 1


This ground breaking 12 Hour CE Course includes:

Introducing using SomaEnergetics Solfeggio Body Tuners:

  1. Chakra Stone Relaxation Technique - Start each session by taking away the stress of the day!
  2. On Acupressure Points to enhance energy flow through meridian pathways
Combining Energy and Body Tuners in the following techniques:
  1. Opening the Eye of Enlightenment to see through illusion
  2. Opening the Heart Chakra - Assist in coming more from the heart
  3. SomaEnergetics Energy Scanning Technique:
    • Detects disturbances in the etheric field
    • Clears & releases what the client ready to release
    • Replaces cleared disturbances with Positive Affirmations
  • These five techniques can be integrated into the Phase 1 Energy Vitality Technique.
  • Phase 2 Training Manual - 57 pages

Also available as an online Self-Study Course

Let's take a look at an overview of LIVE Phase 2 Course through a YouTube video highlighting the Phase 2 Online Course.  

  • Praise for the our LIVE Courses:

    Comments by participants of our courses:

    • “Can’t improve on perfection!” - AB
    • “Instructors very personable; good one-on-one.” - MS
    • “Excellent instructors. Enjoyed the entire workshop. Leaves me wanting more.” - SM
    • “Enjoyed the class immensely! David brings his knowledge of life experiences, spirituality, and knowledge of Science together to create a well-rounded awesome class. What an awesome class and great asset to my massage business
    • “Great workshop – This was beyond my expectations.” – BC
    David Hulse, C.M.S.T.T. combines his over 50 years of experience as a motivational speaker with years of research in metaphysics, science, sound and spirituality to bring you a unique and empowering experience. Participants in David’s workshops invariably comment that they had no idea how powerful the experience was going to be. David’s ability to gather all the fragments of truth from many different disciplines helps bring all of your experiences up to now into focus. Participants tell us that things in their life that seemed separate and fragmented suddenly come together after spending the weekend with David.We invite you to come and experience an empowering and inspiring weekend with David Hulse and experience the power of SomaEnergetics!
  • Phase 2 Live Course Details:
    • Hands-on Experience with the five techniques taught.
    • Color Solfeggio Body Tuning Forks – a SomaEnergetics Exclusive
    • 12 Hours of Training, PowerPoint & 57 Page Manual
    • Workshop Costs:   Course Fee: $333* - $399
    • Optional Course Material: Body Tuner Kit: $333** - $349
    • Certified Sound Practitioner Program Available

    * = Workshop fee assumes early bird registration.  This is the minimum fee. 
    ** Body Tuners Kit – this is the minimum charge for the kit when purchased WITH the workshop.  
    Teachers may charge more depending on number of students, locations costs and workshop costs.

  • Technical Course Description:

    The student will expand upon their knowledge and level of expertise in the use of the energy vitality technique protocols learned in Level 1 and gain new skills in combining it with the energy balancing technique for the maximum benefit to the client. Students taking this course will learn what body mapping is and how to perform it with the Solfeggio frequencies. Students will learn how to use body mapping and assessment to inform a client’s short- and long-term therapeutic and health goals. This course includes a review of the bodily energy channels and their relationship to frequency attunement.

    Lecture material includes a review of the human energetic profile and learning how each location on a body map can be associated with verbal affirmation to support a client’s therapeutic goals. In addition to lecture, this three-day course provides an instructor-supervised practicum opportunity for hands-on training, to enable each student to practice and demonstrate proficiency with the energy balancing technique and with body mapping and assessment using the Solfeggio frequencies. Successful completion of course requirements includes attendance of all three days of course instruction and submission of a completed course evaluation form. Students participating in this course will be able to use these protocols immediately within their massage or bodywork practice, or in conjunction with the energy vitality technique protocols. Course includes a 57 page manual.

    Prerequisite: SomaEnergetics Phase 1 Training Course. 

    Phase 2 Course Objectives:

    1. The participant will be able to perform body mapping using the Solfeggio frequencies with the client’s bodily energy channels.

    2. The participant will be able to discuss a client’s therapeutic assessment in terms of body mapping.

    3. The participant will be able to describe the three protocols that comprise the energy balancing technique.

    4. The participant will be able to perform the energy balancing technique with the energy vitality technique protocols.