Passing the Torch!

Passing the Torch!

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Phase 3: LIVE Vibrational Sound Coach Course - DNA/RNA

We invite all practitioners that have completed Phase I and Phase 2 to expand their Vibrational Sound Technique skills with the Phase 3 Course featuring the use of our exclusive custom-designed DNA/RNA Tuning Forks!

Overview and welcome from David

This course has been a collaborative effort between myself and Sound Therapy Pioneer, Hannah Simmons, Naturopath, who has taken the time to work with the tuning forks with her clients over the course of several years and co-develop many of these techniques. My sincere appreciation goes to Hannah for her commitment to SomaEnergetics and her dedication to her clients.

Heather Lorah has been of great assistance on the 2017 re-working of the manual by providing some of the more contemporary research found within. Heather’s breadth of experience, knowledge and training is a great contribution to SomaEnergetics and I appreciate her willingness to offer her support to various projects.

Although the coursel explores the scientific nature of DNA/RNA to give you a basic understanding, it should be noted that we are not claiming to literally affect physical DNA. We are working in the etheric field from which the physical is manifested. Since you have already completed our Phase 1 and 2 workshops, we assume you already have a good understanding of how sound therapy interacts with this etheric/physical interface.

As with all of our workshops, this is a work in progress. Most disciplines are ever evolving as new information becomes available or new techniques are discovered – SomaEnergetics is no exception. It is our desire to become a contributor to the new field of sound therapy and energy medicine, fusing spirituality and science.

As we learn and work with clients, we must always return to the foundation of our work as Spiritual Healers. With intention, the Divine works through us to assist the client to return to homeostasis or balance allowing the body to make the corrections necessary to heal itself. We do not heal anyone. All of the techniques are designed around the principle of Divine Healing through intention to bring balance. The tuning forks are a tool used to direct this 5th dimensional divine healing energy.

Thank you for making the choice to continue your training in Sound Therapy with SomaEnergetics. We value your participation and your contribution to the process as we continue developing this new modality that is taking sound therapy to a whole new level.

David Hulse, CVSMT
SomaEnergetics Developer

The Ancestral Energy Release Technique:

Coming from the premises established in the course: The epigenome (how genes are expressed) could be affected by working in the etheric template, and that heritable changes in the gene function can potentially be changed through intention directed by the subtle frequencies tuning forks, the Ancestral Energy Release Technique (AER) was developed.

Through this 5th dimensional energy technique, the following may be addressed:

  • Unwinding ancestral predispositions and reprogramming with correct genetic expressions
  • The number of generations to address
  • Maternal or Paternal side of the family
  • Planetary, Inherited or Acquired Miasms
  • Issues from past lives
  • Issues related to fulfilling life contracts

This technique is designed to be inserted into the Phase 1 Energy Vitality Technique.  Indicators for inserting the Phase 3 technique include a chakra that will not balance or feels heavy.

A few quotes from the course:

  • “One of the best ways to alter dysfunctional patterns in the subtle bodies is to administer therapeutic doses of frequency specific subtle energy in the form of vibration.”
    • ~ Richard Gerber, M.D. Vibrational Medicine
  • “It is taking a bold new generation to ask new experimental questions. We’re just starting to find out what happens to genes when the environment changes, how DNA responds to psycho-spiritual experiences, how our emotions affect our health, why energy medicine works, and how we can stimulate the body’s internal pharmacy to write prescriptions for healing.”
    • ~ Dawson Church, The Genie in Your Genes
  • “A tiny signal at just the right frequency is capable of triggering cell membrane protein to create an amplified response inside a cell of its DNA genetic material. It is thus not surprising that subtle energetic emanations from a tuning fork at a specific frequency could have an unforeseen healing effect on the body.”
    • ~ Karl H. Maret. M.D. in Forward to Tuning the Human BioField by Elieen McKusick

    • Learn and experience the following techniques:

      • DNA Ancestral Energy Release Technique
      • Integration with Phase 1 and 2
      • Comments by participants of the course:
      • The information provided and the healing(s) experienced are worth the cost of the workshop alone!  It just keeps getting better.
      • The workshop was amazing!  I look forward to seeing the depth of healing possible.  This course in necessary for anyone who is truly serious about spirituality, healing, learning and growth.
      • It was a phenomenal learning experience.  
    • Workshop will also cover the following topics:

      • Intent and DNA Work
      • A Few Facts about DNA
      • Using Frequency and Vibration to Affect DNA
      • DNA Is Not Destiny
      • Russian Research on DNA
      • Song of Myself: DNA Ditties
      • DNA and Tuning Forks
      • Using the DNA Forks
      • DNA, RNA, Torsion Energy: LIFE
      • DNA and Amino Acids
      • RNA and Amino Acids
      • DNA/RNA Working Together
      • Mineral Makeup of DNA
      • Minerals and RNA
      • DNA/RNA and The Archangels
      • DNA/ RNA –Amino Acids, Minerals, Archangels
      • DNA, Vibration and Light
      • Torsion Energy
      • Pineal Gland
      • Client Experiences
    • Workshop Prerequisites

      • Completion of Phase 1 and Phase 2 (See note 2 below)
      • Certified as a Vibrational Sound Practitioner or working toward the certification.

      This Workshop is required to be certified as Vibrational Sound Coach.  Completion of this workshop along with the other requirements makes you eligible for our Teacher Certification Program. 

      Workshop Fees:

      Workshop: $333  (+ Can be more depending on travel expenses)

      Set of 7 Forks: $333  (ONLY with Course - See Note 1 Below)

      The set includes 4 DNA, 2 RNA & 1 Pineal Gland fork.  All come with long stems and color coded o-rings for easy identification. 

      Total: $666.00 (+)

      Notes:  Course currently available live or Self-Study Online Course 

      1) DNA/RNA Fork Set is available separately with an introduction technique online course for $399 (Not the same technique taught in Phase 3). 

      2) * If you have completed Phase 1 and have not yet had an opportunity to take Phase 2 due to scheduling conflicts, you can go ahead and take Phase 3 first if that works better for your schedule. You will still need to complete Phase 2 prior to any certification.

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