Meet Our SomaEnergetics Certified Master Teachers

SomaEnergetics Certified Master Teachers
Our AMAZING Certified Master Teachers are highly trained and waiting to share their passion for SomaEnergetics!  They come from diverse backgrounds with a rich mix of modalities and experiences.  

To learn how you can join this group of LightWorkers sharing the Power of SomaEnergetics to your part of the world, call Director of Education, Tim Leach @ 704-469-SOMA (7662). or you can email support@somaenergetics.com 

Notes: To view the profiles, click their name (listed by State and then City) to open, click again to close.  Not all Master Teachers have chosen to participate. Our sincere gratitude to Gail Robbins for compiling the profiles. 

ARIZONA, Sedona ~ Raven’s Call Healing Center ~ Lori Lanẻ

Lori Lane CVSMT Sedona AZLoriLan has always been interested in health and wellness and fifteen years ago, she set her sights on becoming a healer to improve the lives of others. As a Vibrational Sound Master Teacher, Lori knows the powerful effect sound can have on the human body and how it can change our perspective about the world around us.

Lori says, Our bodies and minds react and awaken to the vibrational energy of the Solfeggio tuning forks, and I want my clients to experience that physical and emotional health and well-being.

Lori releases blocks and stuck energy trapped in her client’s cells using the Solfeggio tuning forks. She aims these vibrational tones at certain parts of the body to assist her clients with improving their ailments, releasing what is no longer serving them and achieving a balanced state of mind.

She has helped to facilitate healing in people suffering from tinnitus, vertigo, addictions and the list goes on.

Vibrational Sound also provides peace of mind, spiritual awakening and stress reduction that anyone may benefit from.

Loris Goal

Lori aspires to give her clients the education and tools to find the core issues that cause their illnesses so they may heal their self.Besides giving them the proper tools, she also provides a safe and sacred space for them to heal.

That is why I opened Ravens Call Healing Center, a full-service wellness and spiritual center, in Sedona, Arizona in 2017. She says since adding vibrational sound to her business, she has seen a huge impact in the lives of her clients. 

Lori Lanẻ is a Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher (CVSMT+P3) of  Soma Energetics and one of the only certified Master Teachers in the Southwest teaching the Phase 1, 2 and 3 of Vibrational Sound. She also offers Facial Rejuvenation and Planetary Tune-ups as part of her Vibrational Sound services.

Contact Information

For more information about Lori Lané, as well as the other modalities she offers at Ravens Call Healing Center, call 928-202-1179 or visit www.RavensCallinc.com

Lori Lan, CVST+P3

FLORIDA, Callahan ~ Heavenly Hour Therapeutic Massage ~ Holly Strong

Holly Strong CVSMT Jacksonville FLHolly Strong has been working with vibrational sound therapy for over thirteen years. When she was introduced to SomaEnergetics it took Holly less than four months to advance on their Certification Pathway from student practitioner to Level 1 Teacher, to Master Teacher+P3, skilled in teaching SomaEnergetics advanced course in DNA/RNA and SomaTuner 12 hour course.

Holly continues her education with studies that bridge the gap between energy and the physical world, helping her in clarifying questions she encounters in her workshops.

Holly's Intention

Holly Strong’s intent is to bring these phenomenal Solfeggio frequencies to everyone that walks through the door of Heavenly Hour Therapeutic Massage.

She offers her clients options to experience something other than just a massage…to empower each individual in their journey for optimum health of spiritual, physical, emotional and mental levels—to open the possibilities of releasing emotional and spiritual energy as it effects the physical.

Contact Information

To contact Holly, call 904-778-5746. Holly’s Website for Vibrational Sound Therapy information at www.healthbysound.com or visit her office located at 54307 Armstrong Rd, Callahan FL, 32011.

Holly Strong CVSMT+P3, LMT

Advanced SomaTuner Teacher Endorsement (2013)

Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher (2010)

Licensed Massage Therapist, MA 40911, MM 15630 (2004)

FLORIDA, Cocoa ~ Universal Energy Massage, LLC ~ Patricia Krause

Pat Krause CVSMT Cocoa FLPat Krausesspecialty is Vibrational Sound using tuning forks during massage. She incorporates essential oils and holistic energy healing modalities like Reiki, Biotherapy and Gemstone Therapy in her massage sessions.

She experiences miraculous results with her clients who could not achieve relief, renewal or relaxation through any other traditional treatments by any other Eastern or Western doctor, practitioner or therapist. Using vibrational sound, Pat gives hope to her clients so that they may feel normal again.

As a Master Teacher+P3, Patricia Krause shares her knowledge and amazing experiences utilizing Vibrational Sound sessions with her students in hopes to empower them to incorporate vibrational sound tools into their own holistic practice.

Contact Information

Call Pat @ 321-480-2785 or email Pat: patk@UniversalEnergyMassage.com 

Visit: www.UniversalEnergyMassage.com  —  Facebook: Universal Energy Massage

Patricia Krause, CVSMT+P3,


Retired Computer Software Engineer (BSCIS)

KENTUCKY, Lexington ~ Good 4 U Releasing ~ Carol Gailey

Carol Gailey, CVSMT Lexington KYCarol Gailey,began playing with tuning forks in 2010, and became a Certified Master Vibrational Sound Teacher+P3 offering tuning sessions and teaching others how to use the tuning forks. She firmly believes in the power of self-help and is happy to assist in selecting the best fork(s) for a client’s use.

Trained as a Health Coach, Carol enjoys opportunities to be a companion on the path of healing, encouraging the step by step movement toward goals. As a retired Ordained Minister—Presbyterian Church, USA—and also a Licensed Spiritual Healer, Carol creates a peaceful and safe space where clients may rest and trust they will be heard and respected.

Having worked with releasing emotional issues and trauma since the early 1990s, she consistently gets results that leave clients feeling better, more at ease, and energized.

Because current concerns may have past life connections, Carol adeptly identifies the needed information to clear these matters. She works with Inner Speak, a system that allows the unconscious to have a language to address the conscious self, so that what is hidden and ‘pushing our buttons’ can come to the surface and be released. She is competent to work with any needs for health and wholeness in body, mind, spirit and in relationships. 

Carol Gailey of Lexington, Kentucky, enriches the world through sharing her love and light in service, particularly by facilitating healing for people and the planet. Her Good 4 U Releasing provides a wholistic process to get to the core of difficulties, release them and allow healing to evolve.

Contact Information

To feel relaxed, relieved and revitalized, experience a session with Carol. To make an appointment email @ carol.gailey528@gmail.com, or call 859-359-6528

Website: www.good4ureleasing.net  —  Facebook: SoulGladCoaching, LLC

Carol Gailey, CVSMT+P3


MASSACHUSETTS, Amesbury ~ Sound & Sacred Healing Services ~ Christina Meriah Lucia

Christina Meriah Lucia began incorporating sound tuning into her intuitive healing practice in 2009. In 2016, she opened The Divine Paradigm Center and began offering classes in the SomaEnergetics techniques using the Solfeggio tuning forks.

Since using the sound vibration techniques, Christina says her intuitive abilities have intensified and her practice has expanded.

As a Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher+P3 and practitioner using the energy and Otto tuning forks, crystals and her intuitive abilities, Christina assists her clients to face life’s challenges so that they become opportunities for growth and expansion with a change in perspective. She helps them to connect with their inner wisdom to create the highest potential for their peace of mind, body rejuvenation and consciousness elevation.

Christina begins with fully clothed clients, and using the Otto tuners, scans their body to determine a specific regimen aimed at bringing chakras into alignment and clearing energy blocks; releasing blockages to create a better flow of energy for health and vitality. The tuning forks move with the client’s energy and work on all dimensions of time and space. Using the Solfeggio tuning forks, Christina assists clients to discover their inner resources for a healthy, prosperous and fulfilling authentic life.

She says, After experiencing a sound tuning, clients have commented that they are pain free, feel relaxed, peaceful, and have clarity.

Remote sessions are available.

Contact Information

Set up an appointment for a sound tuning or Sound Tuning with Reiki tuning
combination session at the Divine Paradigm Center. Remote Sound Tunings
and Reiki sessions are also available. Check the Divine paradigm Center
website for additional services.
Email christina@divineparadigmcenter.com  
Call or text 508-250-5157
Like Christina on Facebook at Sound Healing Practices or Divine Paradigm
Center Website: www.DivineParadigmCenter.com
The Divine Paradigm Center is located at 38 Lafayette Rd., Salisbury, MA

Christina Meriah Lucia, CVSMT+P3 (NTCB)

Spiritual Healing Coach, Intuitive, Reiki Practitioner,

Chaplain Emeritus, Visionary Artist

NEVADA, Reno ~ Solfeggio Sound ~ Hildegard Heidel Schunke

Heidi Schunke, CVSMT - Reno, NVPracticing the principles of the Solfeggio and working with the Solfeggio tones brings Heidi Schunke,a Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher, peace of mind in heart and body. It is her honor and privilege to offer these attributes to those around her as she perform her daily accounting work.

Providing the SomaEnergetics Energy Vitality Technique as a service, brings to her doorstep new friendships, opportunities, and the occasion for sharing interests.

Tuning clients embarking on new professional trajectories, provides clarity and self-confidence as they step out of their chrysalis into new life activities.

After being drawn to SomaEnergetics technique’s for addressing migraines and residual pain of broken bones and torn tendons, Heidi found more. She found solace and the courage to embrace and naturally resolve pain. The step back into financial statement preparation and accounting department management assignments quickly followed.

Heidi Schunke’s time is shared between offering the SomaEnergetics Energy Vitality Technique and her tax practice in Reno, NV.

Contact Information

You may book appointments or classes with Heidi by calling 707-366-9956 or email @ hsg_1@juno.com with Solfeggio as the reference, please.

Visit her Facebook page@ SolfeggioSound.com

Heidi Schunke, CVSMT, MA, CPA, CGMA

NEW JERSEY, Lyndhurst ~ Mystical World, LLC ~ C. Yvette McGuire

Yvette McGuire, CVSMT Lynhurst, NJYvette McGuire has been working with the Solfeggio tuning forks since 2006, and has been a Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher+P3 since 2010. She enjoys teaching mini classes for those who are curious about the tuning forks and especially enjoys teaching future practitioners.

Yvette says, I truly feel that working with these vibrations is helping to bring us into the next step of our evolution and the best way to see that through, is by reaching out to future students and clients.

My mission as a healing facilitator is to help my clients release those issues that block their energy centers and to realize that spiritual healing comes from understanding and acceptance. This in turn will help them to be open to receive healing from the Divine so that they may heal their selves.” 

Yvette McGuire is the store manager and center coordinator for Mystical World, a small metaphysical bookstore and enlightenment center in New Jersey.

She holds a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science degree, is a Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher+P3, Licensed Spiritual Healer and Shamanist, as well as an ordained metaphysical minister and an associate member of the International Metaphysical Ministry. 

I have had the privilege to help many find their path and start their great adventure, while at the same time growing as I continue on my journey. It has been an honor to serve as a guiding light and I look forward to continuing to serve for many years to come.” 

Contact Information

You may call Yvette at her office, 201-896-3999 and invited to visit her Website @ www.mysticalworld.net

Yvette McGuire, CVSMT+P3, B. Msc, LSH

NORTH CAROLINA, Charlotte ~ SomaEnergetics, Inc ~ David Hulse

David Hulse, CVSMT Charlotte NCAt the turn of the century, accelerating interest and research into the lost frequencies of the Ancient Solfeggio served as the Spirit guided catalyst for SomaEnergetics—a technique whereby the Solfeggio Tuning Forks help facilitate the releasing of energy to flow more easily.

I am hearing from individuals around the country that these unique frequencies are making a difference in their lives. That is how I know something is realby the fruit that is bears," says David Hulse, CVSMT+P3, the developer of the SomaEnergetics tuning protocol. He believes that these sacred tones actually serve as a vibrational bridge to holistically re-integrate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual, as well as all of Humanity—collectively.

Workshop participants tell how issues in their life that seem separate and fragmented suddenly come together after spending the weekend with David, and invariably comment that they had no idea how powerful the experience was going to be. David’s ability to gather all the fragments of truth from multiple disciplines helps to bring his students experiences into focus.

David Hulse combines his fifty years as a motivational speaker with years of research in metaphysics, science, sound and spirituality to bring you a unique and empowering experience.

You are invited to register for an empowering and inspiring weekend with David and experience the power of SomaEnergetics!

Contact Information

To schedule a workshop or tuning session with David, please call 704-469-7662, and visit the SomaEnergetics Website @ www.somaenergetics.com

David Hulse, CVSMT+P3
Developer of SomaEnergetics, INC

OHIO, Maumee ~ Essence Mind Body Studio, LLC ~ Diana M. Spiess

Diana Spiess, CVSMT Maumee, OhioDiana Spiess, working in the Fitness and Wellness industry for twenty-nine years, began as a Fitness Instructor but has grown to practice and teach Eastern/Holistic Modalities as well as Western Modalities—including SomaEnergetics Sound Therapy. She says sound therapy is an amazing addition to all that she can offer her clients.

My clients have come to enjoy the balancing they get from sound therapyin group, or private sessionsand students that have taken my Soma Energetics training, describe their classes aslife changing.

Many people, even those that were skeptical at first, later told me how deeply relaxed they became after their session.

She says that often, even without any provocation, her clients spend days emailing her or calling, excited about how much awareness they are experiencing and elaborate on their life-changing perspectives.

Diana helps her clients to understand their journey: what their Being is communicating through and with frequency and reminds them that vibration is how they communicate…how they decide if something or someone is for them now, and how they feel as they move through their days and lives. 

We getgood or bad vibes and may behigh strung orlow keyed. But working with vibration, we tap in to energy that has not been awakened and then we can live in a way that allows for perceptions and awarenesses we may have never even imagined could be.

Diana Spiess believes whether her clients hope for better physical, mental or spiritual health, or to just be calm and relaxed, that sound therapy will help accomplish this.

It is unique and exciting. There is no telling what this amazing modality can open up for each of us.

Dianas Intention

My intention is to hold space for my clients as they open to whatever they are ready for at any time on their journey. 

As my forks, hands and other instruments work with their energy and assist their Being in finding balance, I choose to be fully present and open to the guidance of the Divine.    

Contact Information

419-873-6463  —  www.dianaspiess.com

Diana M. Spiess, CVSMT+P3, B.S.

E-RYT500, CMES, NMC-HWC, C-IAYT, LSH, Reiki Master

OHIO, Newark ~ Sound Practices, LLC ~ Paul Vineyard

Paul Vineyard, CVSMT Newark, OHAs a Certified Vibration Sound Master Teacher+P3 and Sound Coach Paul Vineyard is dedicated to improving the quality of life for each of his clients through compassion, understanding, and empowering them to achieve homeostasis, through vibrational wellness.

Vibrational Wellness is the practice of knowing yourself as an energetic being, actively harnessing your energy and understanding how this energy affects you in every aspect of your life.

Using vibrational or various healing tools, Paul helps establish energetic balance and harmony by working with each client through consultation, techniques and education, to serve their highest good.

Paul says, It has been my personal belief and experience, that the energetic world is shifting rapidly. Technology and science have begun a great relationship with knowledge passed down for centuries. This merger is creating a new horizon for understanding how energy functions, how vibration and frequency are the hallmarks of energy, and how we, as humanity can serve each other by offering sound practices in healing and overall wellness.

I have dedicated my life to understanding, learning, practicing and teaching all I can about these amazing gifts. This includes teaching people to beenergy aware and capable of learning and managing their lives with dignity, grace and control over their own health and well being. 

Paul Vineyard believes that by identifying and letting go of that which does not serve us takes focused effort and sometimes clients need help from someone who can see the situation outside of the emotional box it’s carried in. Additionally, bringing in new energy to expand beyond ‘survival mode,’ energy to heal and manifest can be a challenge on our own. He urges that if you need help, to please reach out!

Contact Information

Address: 46 North 4th Street, Newark, OH 43055   

Phone: (740) 258-3265

email: Contact@soundpractices.net

Website: soundpractices.net

Paul Vineyard, CVSMT+P3

OHIO, Columbus ~ Wisdom Ways Living and Learning ~ Caren Truske

Caren Truske, CVSMT Columbus OHCaren Truske is a Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher+P3, practitioner and coach. She teaches SomaEnergetics Phase 1, Energy Vitality Technique (EVT), Phase2, Body Scanning Technique, and variations of the Soma Sonic Series along with other classes, workshops, courses and talks; offering tools, techniques and practices, which integrate, heal, align, transform, evolve, raise, balance and harmonize individual, group, team and family frequency and consciousness.

A former science teacher and college basketball coach, Caren is a Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor, Minister, YTT-200 Yoga Teacher, Kinesiologist, Brain-Based Learning and Developmental Reflex Movement Specialist. She combines her vast knowledge and experience empowering each learner and generating transformative workshops, classes and experiences, which promote and enhance learning while embodying and integrating technique and developing skill.

As a practitioner and coach, Caren facilitates and supports individual and group transformation, evolution, integration, expansion, alignment, health and wellness, incorporating sound, yoga, movement, crystals, CBD Nutrition, The 5 Elements, breath practices, spiritual practices and other ancient wisdoms.

Caren and Wisdom Ways Living and Learning can be found at fairs and expos around the country, at her home office in Columbus, Ohio, and in Cleveland, OH, where she regularly teaches various movement and sound versions of Soma Sonic Series. Gather a group and bring Wisdom Ways Living and Learning to you!

Her classes, courses, individual and group sessions are insightful, playful, informative, developmental, healing, evolutionary, integrative, transformative, introspective and downright fun!

Caren Truske loves to travel, teach and create empowering learning experiences. Possibilities include…

          1) Sound: SomaEnergetics Phase 1, Phase 2, Soma Sonic Series

          2) Movement and Sound variations of Soma Sonic Series

          3) Movement: Educational Kinesiology, Brain Gym®, Optimal Brain                                       Organization (OBO), Vision Circles Course

          4) CBD nutrition and education

          5) Let’s create a course specific to the needs and interests of your group!

Contact Information

Book classes or a tuning session by calling 614-406-3612 or eMail Caren @ wisdomwayslearning@gmail.com

Her FB pages @ https://www.facebook.com/wisdomwayslearning/

Caren Truske, CVSMT+P3, MS

OREGON, Creswell ~ Back In Tune ~ Jan Konow

Jan Konow, CVSMT Creswell ORJan Konow is a Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher and has been in
the field of Sound Techniques since 2012. As a CVSMT+P3 through the
Natural Therapies Certification Board, she facilitates classes and workshops
in Sound Techniques as well as offering Essential Oil Drop and Specialized
Sound Technique sessions for her clients.

Jan uses the Ancient Solfeggio tuning forks with clients to release physical
and emotional energy blockages. This allows the body to return to optimal
levels for self healing, while balancing the body’s energy system. Energy Chakras are cleared and balanced in the etheric field, strengthening the immune system and balancing energy flow for normal, energetic functioning.

Jans Mission

As a healing facilitator, Jan’s mission is to educate and empower herself and
others to connect with the area within that can lead to healing of the body,
mind, emotions, and spirit. By using the Energy Vitality Technique with the
ancient Solfeggio frequencies, she helps others learn how to overcome
health challenges.

Contact Information

Call Jan at 541-221-2444 or email BackInTune@ymail.com. Visit her Website at www.BackInTune.com

Jan Konow, CVSMT+P3, LSH

OREGON, Portland ~ Second Nature Healing ~ Rosemary Levesque

Rosemary Levesque CVSMT Portland ORIt is Rosemary Levesque’s joy and honor to be a Vibrational Sound Master Teacher+P3 and Licensed Spiritual Healer. Her work over the years has connected her in a very intimate way with Spiritual Energy. She enjoys all aspects of spiritual energy healing to promote healing on levels with which we have little explanation or  understanding—especially vibrational sound healing. Without talent for musical instruments, Rosemary found her calling to work with sound vibration.

Rosemary discovered years ago her true calling was biology

I now see that biology was just an extension of my childhood escapadesplaying outdoors, holding snakes and frogspeering at pond water through the microscope.

But her science training didn’t prepare her for her mother’s cancer diagnosis.

I couldn't help my mother HEAL, and the medical system not only failed to produce the desired outcome, but caused great harm in the process. We both felt helpless and powerless.” 

After her mother passed away, Rosemary swallowed her trauma and gave up any trust in a healthy future. She believed the answer to cancer was early diagnosis—a sort of search and destroy mission.

If I followed a program of medical intervention I could beat what I was told would likely come. The statistics weren't in my favor.

Rosemary’s awakening led to a new way of looking at what school had taught her. She needed to step beyond scientific explanations to discover truth—that we are already whole, vibrant, sovereign beings filled with Divine Love and Wisdom…the wisdom to HEAL innately held in the body.

Little did I know that the study of the nature of life would lead me to mywork.’”

Rosemary Levesque studied Biological Sciences, Secondary Education and Art at the University of New Hampshire. She continued postgraduate work in biology, teaching in the United States and abroad. She’s come into her true calling as a Vibrational Sound Master Teacher+P3, psychic intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher and Shaman. She is the author of Heal TogetherNatural Health Solutions for Animals and Their Humans.

Contact Information

Office: 503-747-3307  —  Website: www.SecondNatureHealing.com

Rosemary Levesque, CVSMT+P3

Reiki Master/Shaman/LSH

PENNSYLVANIA, Thompson ~ Light Within ~ Stefanie Nelson

Stefanie Nelson CVSMT Thompson PAStefanie Nelson is a vibration sound practitioner and Certified Vibration Sound Master Teacher who works with tuning forks calibrated to the ancient frequencies of the Solfeggio. She incorporates sound therapy with other healing modalities that include:  Vibrational Gemstone Facials, Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Feng Shui.

The vibrational frequencies of the Solfeggio were used in the ancient Gregorian chants and were believed to bring spiritual blessings during religious masses. Using the tuning forks, the Solfeggio frequencies help to bring your body, nervous system, organs and muscle tone back into balance.


  1. Deep relaxation as soon as the frequencies travel through the ears
  2. Immediate stress/anxiety reduction
  3. Emotional relief/inner peace
  4. Enhanced immune system
  5. Higher connection with the Divine Higher self
  6. Images of beautiful colors
  7. Balanced chakras

The Solfeggio tuning forks open spiritual, physical, mental and emotional energy channels, which then allow the body to heal itself and create therapeutic change.

Stefanie Nelson teaches sound vibrational workshops and practices Sound Vibrational Therapy in north eastern Pennsylvania. Stefanie also holds additional certifications in many other healing modalities and is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Licensed Spiritual Healer, Ordained Minister in The Order Of Melchizedek and a member of the Natural Therapies Certification Board.

Contact Information

You may call Stefanie for appointments @ 570-727-3460 or email @ stefanie@nep.net

Visit her Facebook page @ www.facebook.com/stefanienelson444/

Stefanie Nelson, CVSMT, CRM

TEXAS, Atlanta ~ I Am, The Tuning Lady ~ mg Robbins

Gail Robbins, CVSMT Atlanta, TXGail Robbinswas tuned at Jimmy Coleman’s Crystal Mine in Arkansas. No doubts that added to the intensity of her session.

She wept.

Ive never known what, but something deep inside me was released that day.

When, Charlotte told her, You are a Spiritual Being having a Human experience, Gail felt every molecule in her body tremble.

I woke up. I knew I had to do thisI have to tune people. That day in 2012, Gail’s passion was born.

Solfeggio tuning isn’t magical, or mystical. It’s scientific. Einstein said, Everything is energy. So if everything that exists vibrates, then on some level of hertz, it sounds.

Holding the tuning fork at our clients ear and crossing over the corpus callosum, that broad band of nerve fibers that reach from your brain into every cell in your body, your nervous system is infused with a blast of sound and vibration that permeates and activates every cell in your body.

This makes sense understanding that water is the most abundant molecule in our body with two-thirds being intracellular fluid. She says, Thats why Solfeggio tuning works. Because sound energy changes water moleculesour intracellular fluidby re-harmonizing deviated cells to regain their harmonic vibration.

KATHY J. FORTI, PH.D writes,Research shows that these ancient tones have the capacity to assist regeneration and transformation and activate DNA.

Gail says clients participate by setting an intention before each session. And science is validating what once was considered pure fantasy: Sending yourself an intention is sending information to your body to correct itself. Thought is an actual physical energy.—Lynne McTaggart, author of The Field. McTaggart also says, Belief itself is the bodies strongest medicine.

DIETMAR CIMBAL, DVM, BIOPHYSICS RESEARCHER says, When you have intent and act on it, you go into frequency with the though and it happens, and since the body cannot distinguish between action and thought, that translates into self healing.

Contact Information    

email: - 20iattl18@gmail.com  - 704-231-7564

mg Robbins, CVSMT+P3

Independent Writer/Editor

JAPAN, Ashiya ~ Pukalani ~ Keiko “Amana” Matsuyama

Keiko Matsuyama, CVSMT Ashiya, JapanKeiko Matsuyama is a Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher and practitioner who works with over one hundred and fifty kinds of tuning forks including the ancient frequencies of sacred Solfeggio. She met Solfeggio tuning forks in 2006, and became a practitioner right away. Since then, Solfeggio forks have been her most reliable partner.

She incorporates tuning session’s into other healing modalities such as Quantum-Touch®, BodyTalk and Integrated Healing, Source Point Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, as well as crystal therapy, aroma therapy, flower essences and facial acupoint treatment, etc.

With the combination of the bio-feedback system she mastered through BodyTalk and Integrated Healing, her sound sessions are fully customized for each client and each occasion. Through her practice, Keiko lets clients listen to their body, listen to their soul, helping them realize what they really are and live their authentic sovereign self.

Keiko is good with supporting clients with issues which are not taken care of very well in other medical modalities or therapies. Not only helping clients solve psychological/physical or situational issues with addressing deep-seated root causes, but she is also empowering and enlightening them, giving light codes with the galactic nature of herself.

Some root causes often handled in her sessions are: relationships, especially family and ancestral; self-limiting beliefs, imprints, environmental stresses, universal energy balancing, inner-child, etheric cords, implants and devices, redundant vows and contracts, brain integration, soul integration, DNA/RNA, etc.

Keiko Matsuyama is currently based in Ashiya Japan, between Kobe and Osaka, and offers sessions in person as well as distant sessions worldwide. English and Japanese languages are available.

Contact Information

Website: https://pukalani.xyz

KeikoAmana Matsuyama, CVSMT

Quantum-Touch® Practitioner, Integrated Healing Practitioner

Member of Int’l Body Talk Association

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