Passing the Torch!

Passing the Torch!

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Solfeggio Xylophone - Custom Made for SomaEnergetics!

Beautiful ~ Melodic ~ Highest Quality

Limited supply back in stock...

Another high-quality Solfeggio product from SomaEnergetics.

Imagine having the melodic tones of the solfeggio available to resonate throughout your environment anytime a moment of calm is desired.

Use the relaxing tones to begin your meditation by feeling the resonance activate each chakra from root to 3rd eye.

Gently begin and end your natural therapy sessions with the familiar tones of the solfeggio. They can also be a relaxing and appreciated addition to the session!

The Solfeggio tones can also be used to lighten dense energy patterns and to repair damage to the body's energy fields.

The Solfeggio Xylophone, based on the six original Solfeggio frequencies, is another exclusive, high-quality Solfeggio product from SomaEnergetics.  We started SomaEnergetics in 2000 with powerful energy techniques utilizing Solfeggio Energy Tuners.  We added Solfeggio body Tuners in 2005, Solfeggio Chimes in 2014 and now in 2020 we introduce the Solfeggio Xylophone.  

The xylophone bars are tuned to the six solfeggio frequencies using the latest technology.

SHIPPING: If you can order above, then they are available and in stock. We will ship on our next shipping day. We usually ship 2 days a week: Monday or Tues and then Thurs or Friday depending on staff availability.

The xylophone will ship with Velcro straps (shown above) that secure the resonator bars to the sounding tubes.  We recommend you keep the straps for future shipping or storage.  The xylophone should be displayed flat.  Displaying the xylophone upright causes weight on the foam connectors that over time may lessen the life of the instrument.

To hear the relaxing tones and a customer experience with the xylophone, please watch the video in the product gallery above.