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Elena Danaan & David Hulse: Raising Your Vibration to 5D!

Welcome to the Elena Danaan & David Hulse Interview Page:

3rd Interview: November 22: Etheric Healing: Re-writing YOUR Ancestral Code!

We were taught that DNA was set in stone.  Then Bruce Lipton blew up that concept with epigenetics – the idea that at least 50% of DNA is determined by environment, thoughts and lifestyle.

With specially calibrated frequencies developed in cooperation with scientists at UCLA, we will show you how to use DNA/RNA tuning forks in the etheric field – where the physical receives instructions to replicate – to remind your DNA of its original divinely created codes: Divine Nature Activated (DNA)! Can this change appointments written in your ancestral code to ones that fulfill your Divine Purpose? 

Thanks for joining Elena Danaan as she explores this pioneering knowledge and visionary techniques with David Hulse, Founder of SomaEnergetics.

We a SomaEnergetics believe that everyone deserves access to quality vibrational tools and training to raise their vibration (consciousness) and contribute to an enlightened planet.

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Below are just a few of the vibrational tools and training mentioned on the webinar.

In the 2nd interview with Elena, David touched on a Personal Empowerment Technique using the Solfeggio Energy Tuners.  Here is the full technique on our YouTube Channel.

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Below are just a few of the vibrational tools and training mentioned on the webinars.

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