Chakra Stones from India - Set of 7 for Use with Body Tuners

These hand carved crystal stones coincide with the seven primary chakras and can be used for balancing or clearing energy blockages. Each one is engraved with the Sanskrit symbol in gold for the corresponding chakra. This spectacular chakra set usually comes in an 12 inch, velveteen, folding storage pouch that closes securely with Velcro. The Stones are flat on one side and slightly curved on the side with the symbol. Each stone is approximately 1.25" - 1.5" round OR 1.25" X 1.75" Oval. 

This chakra stone set is a wonderful spiritual healing tool for yourself or an excellent gift for that hard-to-buy-for person.

In SomaEnergetics Techniques this quality stone set is used with Solfeggio Body Tuners in the Phase 2 Course.  The stones are also part of the following combo training packages: Practitioner Kit Plus and Practitioner Kit Deluxe

NOTE: The chakra stone set pictured is a representation. The sets can vary as we get them from India. The stones sometimes vary from circular to oval and the packaging varies from the 12 inch pouch mentioned above to a square felt pouch.  Either way, they are quality stones that work perfectly for our application with tuning forks.

  • Metaphysical Properties:

    • 7th Crown - Amethyst: conducive to imagination, meditation, and intuition.
    • 6th Third Eye - Blue Onyx: conducive for visioning and past life healing.
    • 5th Throat - Blue Chalcedony: conducive for verbal dexterity and mental flexibility.
    • 4th Heart - Green Aventurine: conducive to soothing the heart and healing.
    • 3rd Solar Plexus - Golden Aventurine: conducive for leadership, decisiveness, and compassion.
    • 2nd Sacral - Red Jasper: conducive to gentle stimulation of libido and grounding negativity.
    • 1st Base - Black Agate: Conducive to stabilizing energy for spiritual growth.
  • Use with Body Tuners for Relaxation:

    The stones can be used anytime you use a body tuner to "widen" the field of vibration. This is an amazing relaxation technique to use prior to the full session.

    Technique Steps:

    1. As the client is facing down on the table, place the stones on each chakra center with the symbol facing down.
    2. Starting at the coccyx, use the corresponding Body Tuner on each stone 3 time for 15 seconds each.
    3. Work you way up the system ending with the cranium.
    4. You can use the 7th stone with the OM tuner on the high heart when the client is face up.

    They can also be used to amplify the vibration anytime you use a weighted tuning fork on the body.