Raising Your Vibration is a Great Offence for the Stresses of Life!
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Scott J.
Verified Purchase

I love this product. I utilize it every day. I live on 3.75 acres and there are chickens, horses, cats and dogs. Also 6 other people in the two other houses. I make a point to walk the grounds and let the frequency expand out to all who can feel and hear it. I feel I am contributing to the overall success of the whole planet, not just my immediate surroundings.

Jason A.
Verified Purchase

Use the OM fork daily. Kind of my go to fork. Then I go to the Pineal fork as a tune up during the day. Really helps me to relax when I get uptight during the day. The OM fork helps me relax during online meetings :)

Viola C.
Verified Purchase

I have been using this fork as part of a self-care routine every night before going to sleep. I've used it to clear the energy around an old appendix scar, which led to physical changes in my right hip, and the softening of the tissue around the scar itself. In addition to the physical changes, I wake up feeling better - refreshed and alert. I also read positive affirmations aloud to myself during this self-care time.

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Phase 2 USB Self Study CE Training Course

4 reviews

Phase 2 Self Study Course ~ 4.5 hours of Training with 57 page manual!

The next step on your SomaEnergetics Training journey is the Phase 2 course - highlights are listed below.  This course is a Premium Advance Training Item.  It is available only if you have completed Phase 1 LIVE or purchased the Phase 1 Self-study Course.

The Phase 2 Course is available LIVE in a 12 hour workshop through any of our Certified Master Teachers.  If there is not a class offered near you that works with your schedule, you can complete Phase 2 via this Self-Study Course.  Completing the course live or self-study counts toward certification.

You can purchase this course through your Phase 1 Teacher or through SomaEnergetics.

Continue Your Vibrational Sound Training through this Self-Study Course utilizing the Power of SomaEnergetics and the Solfeggio Frequencies!

This ground breaking course includes and Introduction to Body Tuners and using them with Acupressure Points, Opening the Eye of Enlightenment and the Heart Chakra as well as the SomaEnergetics Energy Scanning Technique!

Full Self Study Course includes:

  • 4+ Hours of lecture, Powerpoint & Demonstrations on USB Thumb Drive including the SomaEnergetics Energy Scanning Technique
  • Over 1000 video clips, transitions, graphics, and slides
  • Follow along with the Phase 2 Training Manual - 57 pages
  • On-line Exam Instructions
  • Completion Requirements

This ground breaking CE Course (12 Hours) offers the following five techniques:

Introducing using SomaEnergetics Solfeggio Body Tuners:

  1. Chakra Stone Relaxation Technique - Start each session by taking away the stress of the day!
  2. Use on Acupressure Points to enhance energy flow through meridian pathways
Combining Energy and Body Tuners in the following techniques:
  1. Opening the Eye of Enlightenment to see through illusion
  2. Opening the Heart Chakra - Assist in coming more from the heart
  3. SomaEnergetics Energy Scanning Technique:
    • Detects disturbances in the etheric field
    • Clears & releases what the client ready to release
    • Replaces cleared disturbances with Positive Affirmations
  • These five techniques can be integrated into the Phase 1 Energy Vitality Technique.

SAVE with a Combo Pack:

  • Course Prerequisites and Suggestions:
    • Course Prerequisite: Phase 1 Course either live or via Self-study.
    • Suggestions:
      • The best students are those that complete the Self Study Course and then take the Live Course (for 50% off). The ability to go back and review the material is a great benefit. If you have already taken Phase 2 in person, the review course is a great support product for your continued training.
      • Through this comprehensive course, you will begin to increase your level of consciousness, become more flexible and creative and open yourself up to new areas of communication and expression.
    • You will need the Solfeggio Body Tuners to complete this course. See the discount training combo packs for specials. You will also need a set of Chakra Stones. You may have your own or we invite you to take a look at our set here.
  • Course Completion:

    In order to receive your Certificate of Training and enjoy the benefits of being a SomaEnergetics Intern and on your way toward certification, you will need to:

    • pass a 60 question online test

    • perform the Phase 2 Techniques 10 times and record the results

    Once you return the written test and 10 Tuning Session Results Form, we will mail you a Certificate of Training. Having completed Phase 2 via Home Study Course, you are then eligible to:

    • Be listed on our website as an available SomaEnergetics Practitioner Intern

    • Have access to the Practitioner Area of the Website

    • Qualified to attend a live Phase 2 Course at a 50% discount or continue your Sound Therapy Training with Phase 2.

    • Additional Steps for Certification: If you wish to work toward certification as a Vibrational Sound Practitioner with the Natural Therapies Certification Board (Certification Blueprint available on line at www.SomaEnergetics.com) you must demonstrate your proficiency with the Phase 1 Energy Vitality Technique (E.V.T.).  This is usually done during the live Phase 2 course.  (If you “re-take” the Phase 2 course live, you can do it then).  However, since you are taking the course via self-study, you will need to do one of the following to fulfill this requirement: (This is only necessary if you are working toward certification AND completed Phase 1 via Self-study)

      • Send in a digital file of you performing the E.V.T.
      • Make arrangements to have a certified master teacher to “Check” you on the E.V.T. (See website for list)
      • Make arrangements to “Skype” with a staff member at the home office to “check” you on the E.V.T.

           Note: There may be an additional charge for the time spent to check your technique

  • The USB Thumb Drive in the Phase 2 Self-Study Course Includes:
    • YouTube: Overview of SomaEnergetics Principles
      YouTube: Overview of Phase 2 Workshop
      Section 5 - THE WISDOM OF THE BODY

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Phase 2 home study course

Excellent training. Quick delivery, great material, study at your own pace.

Netherlands Netherlands
Phase 2

Excellent!!! Quick delivery!! Great material !!! Love the tuning forks! Super high quality ❤️

Adrienne G.
United States United States
Top Quality Training!

Top quality training in use of tuning forks and specifically solfeggio. Only thing I'd add is how to use system on one's self. I was a dowser before tuning fork healer, so I've been able yo apply what I know about energy detetion with pendulums and develop a way to use Dave's techniques on myself--or most of them

United States

Not able to attend classes, I opted for the home study DVD course and loved it. Learn at your own speed, time and you always have the DVD for future reference ... great Perk! Some home study courses leave a lot to be desired, but not this Phase 2 course. Information packed. Simply taught. Excellent demonstrations. You have to study and apply yourself, but this Phase 2 course is adapted for any one serious in learning the Vibration�_�Sound technique to pick up the protocol and graduate knowing the modality. The key is DOING IT. Certification is optional. Whether you want the information for yourself, to work on family or friends or set up a practice, this home study course is not a disappointment. You get your monies worth.

The T.

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