Quantum Truths with JC Kay and David Hulse

JC Kay and David Hulse: Take 2!

Solfeggio Tones: are they the keys to unlock our ascension? Tuning Forks - Soma Energetics!


We a SomaEnergetics believe that everyone deserves access to quality vibrational tools and training to raise their vibration (consciousness) and contribute to an enlightened planet.

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CALLING ALL LIGHTWORKERS! Get the vibrational tools and training to enhance your quality of life and help family, friends and clients raise their vibration and ease their transition to 5D!

FREE Resources mentioned during the webinar: Solfeggio Personal Empowerment Tuning Technique to Raise Your Vibration , 6 Minute Solfeggio Sound Experience and 12 Symptoms of Our Collective Transformation from 3D to 5D!

David's Wednesday Class - June 22 topic: Navigating Your Journey from 3D to 5D - Live and Recordings: https://www.HeartLightCharlotte.org 

Below are just a few of the vibrational tools and training mentioned on the webinar.

Click here for the entire training collection.

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