528 LOVE Tuning Fork KIT - A SomaEnergetics Exclusive!

LOVE 528 Tuning Fork Kit

The Love 528 Hz is the one tuning fork everyone should own.

Exclusively from SomaEnergetics:

The Love 528 Kit!

The New LOVE 528 Kit Includes:

  • The LOVE 528 Hz Tuning Forks anodized in lime green
  • Quartz Crystal (or Pink Crystal depending on availability) Heart in gold organza bag
  • Blue Velvet Pouch and O-Ring
  • Informative Brochure with techniques to explore the Power of 528!

The 528 Hz LOVE Tuning Fork features the third note of the 6 sacred solfeggio frequencies, and is the same frequency as the Gold MI 528 Hz Transformation & Miracles tuning fork found in the Solfeggio Energy Tuners, used to repair DNA. 

Give the Gift of Love!

The Benefits of theLove 528 Frequency:

  • Attracting Heart-to-Heart Vibration
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Clear Negative Energies
  • Stabilize Love Within Yourself
  • Heart and Higher Self Connection
  • Charge Food / Water / The World
  • Invoke Spiritual & Healing Powers
  • Promote Positive Cellular Health

This exclusive kit includes the Heart Quartz Crystal.

We chose the quartz crystal for its amazing properties:

It opens the mind and heart to higher guidance.

• It activates all levels of Consciousness

• Quartz amplifies energy or intent, which may accelerate the course of one’s desires, healing, personal growth and spiritual awareness.

• The Heart has long been recognized across cultures as being a symbol for love, joy and compassion.

Quartz has been called the “Universal Crystal”, the Supreme Gift of Mother Earth” and the “Master Healer Stone” because of its many uses, its ability to enhance healing energy and strengthen all body systems.

It’s a strong amplifier of energy, making it a crystal of choice by healing practitioners who have witnessed beneficial results during vibrational healing sessions. Its natural vibrations are very similar to the vibrations of humans.

It’s excellent for harmonizing and balancing one's environment and relationships because of its ability to balance energies.

The heart symbol is used in matters related to love, romance and the strengthening of relationships.

528 Hz is the Key to the Heart (The Frequency of Love)

If you're reading this, you're probably aware that our thoughts and intentions alter reality...

Focusing our thoughts and energy with intent does affect us as individuals. Focused intent (such as the law of attraction) affects us as individuals, society, and the universe around us. But let's face it... affecting our lives and environment takes focus. In today's chaotic environment there is often great difficulty obtaining that focus due to lack of time and energy.

So how can we accelerate the results of our focused intent, using the time and energy we do have?

The source of love, compassion, and understanding; the frequencies that truly change reality, reside in the heart. Therefore, doesn't it make sense that if we can amplify, accelerate and intensify the frequency (vibration) coming from our heart, that we can access and share the most powerful energy in the universe? Of course it does!

According to Dr. Len Horowitz, some leading genetic biochemists suggest frequency 528 is the miraculous repair frequency for damaged DNA. There is a special sound and color of love according to Dr. Horowitz, a Harvard-trained award-winning investigator. Broadcasting the right frequency can help open your heart, prompt peace, and hasten healing. "We now know the love signal, 528 Hertz, is among the six core creative frequencies of the universe because math doesn't lie, the geometry of physical reality universally reflects this music; these findings have been independently derived, peer reviewed, and empirically validated," Dr. Horowitz says.

Our high-quality tuning forks are a powerful tool in sounds therapy, emitting a clear tone.

How to Use a Tuning Fork for Healing

  1. Hold the tuning fork properly.

Your hand should only touch the stem of the tuning fork so you do not interfere with the vibration of the forks. 

  1. Sound or Activate the tuning fork.

You can hit one prong of the tuning fork against a quartz crystal or another kind of activator, such as a sounding puck, green triangular activator, or a body tuner mallet. 

The 528 LOVE tuning fork from SomaEnergetics comes with a heart-shaped quartz rock to use as an activator to further encourage the 528 Hz tuning fork’s healing properties. 

  1. Allow for proper vibration and use movement.

Hold the tuning fork only by the stem to ensure that the sound has plenty of room to move. You can move the fork around your body and around the room so that the sound resonates both inward and outward. 

You can also put the stem of the fork directly on a specific part of the body to focus its healing powers directly on that area. 

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