Tuning Fork Activators - For SomaEnergetics Tuners

There are 3 types of activators available from SomaEnergetics:

1) The Green Triangular Activator: This table top activator is great for freeing your hands to use two tuning forks at once. It works for both weighted and unweighted tuners.  Also available as part of the personal kit.

2) The Sounding Puck: A purple "hockey puck" (originally black) with the SomaEnergetics Logo.  Good for unweighted energy tuners.  Too hard for weighted forks.  This puck is included with Solfeggio Energy Tuners and DNA/RNA sets

3) The Body Tuner Mallet - Great for activating any fork with a weight.  Use by tapping the fork with the mallet.  This mallet is included in the Solfeggio Body Tuner kit.

Some people are very creative and have found you can sound tuning forks on a variety of items including a tennis ball in your pocket, a quartz crystal, or the bottom of a rubber sole shoe.  The activator chosen depends on the type of fork you are using and the sound you desire.