SomaEnergetics Tuning Forks are in high demand!


Back Orders and Shipping Updates

Greetings Fellow Light Workers,

David Hulse, SomaEnergetics Developer, recently participated in an online interview with JC in Australia. During the interview they made a call for Light Workers to assist in raising consciousness to the 5th Dimensional frequency.  The call was definitely answered by JC's enlightened audience!  Their enthusiasm quickly created a back-order of several of our most popular items. We appreciate your patience as we work through this back-log.  

SomaEnergetics is a family size business that has been serving our enlightened customers with 5th dimensional tools and training for over 2 decades.  Our quality tuning forks are custom made in the United States exclusively for SomaEnergetics. These precisely-tuned musical instruments take time to manufacturer. Especially the exclusive color Solfeggio Forks. 

We are doing everything in our power to earn the trust you placed in us with your order. We are as anxious to ship your order as you are to receive it! This is not the way we like to provide great service to our customers. Our normal ship time is 72 hours. We were just overwhelmed by your enthusiasm for enhancing your life through vibration and sound. Be assured, we continue to ship as inventory becomes available.

Thank you for your order, your patience and your understanding.

As David said in the interview, "It will be worth the wait!" Remember, the patience of the caterpillar (3D) is rewarded by becoming the butterfly (5D)!

David, Tim & Barb

PS - Please reply to this email or call 704-469-SOMA (7662) if you need personal service.


For more of David's Inspiring Messages designed to Raise Consciousness, visit HeartLight Spiritual Center YouTube Channel  


7/21/21 Update:

The final item in the starter kit - THE LOVE FORKS HAVE ARRIVED!  We made 360 Starter Kits today and will start shipping tomorrow!

 Here are the anticipated shipping dates for the most popular items:

Orders will not ship until all items in the order are in stock.

When all the items in your order are in stock, you will receive an email with tracking information.  Once we ship, remember International First Class is 3-5 weeks for delivery.

DNA Fork Sets: BACK ORDERED - End of July - Shipping 1st week of August

We are out of stock. The manufacturer is expecting to ship to us by the end of July.

Solfeggio Energy Tuners: BACK ORDERED Expecte to ship week of August 9 for existing orders prior to July 21.  New orders after July 21 will be in stock the middle of August.

The company that adds color to the forks is backed up 3 weeks. The normal wait, which we originally anticipated, was about a week. With the 3 week delay it adds another 2 weeks to what we originally expected. The Solfeggio Energy Tuners contain 6 different colors that will not be complete and shipped to us until the 2nd week of August. Most training kits include energy tuners. There are 80+ of you waiting for Energy Tuners - once we get them, we will have 300 sets! Sincere apologies for this additional delay of one of our most popular custom items.

Self Starter KitIN STOCK! Shipping starts July 22!

ALSO IN STOCK: LOVE 528 Kits, Pineal Gland Tuners, OM Tuners, Crystal Tuners, Angel Tuners, Solfeggio Body Tuners

NOTICE to International orders: By law we are required to put the full amount of the order (less discounts) on all customs forms. You have paid us for product and shipping only. You may be invoiced separately by your government for additional taxes and/or customs fees. If your item is returned for non-payment of fees, refunds will not be processed until the item is received by us and shipping paid is not refundable.