Passing the Torch!

Passing the Torch!

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Solfeggio Wind Chimes - Custom Made Exclusively for SomaEnergetics!

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Beautiful ~ Melodic ~ High Quality

Chimes are often used to lighten dense energy patterns and to repair damage to the body's energy fields.  Chimes are also used by practitioners to denote the beginning and the end of a healing session.

Our massage therapist has a set of chimes hanging in his room with an oscillating fan occasionally making them gently chime during the session.  It is an relaxing and appreciated addition to the session!

We have been searching for years for a high-quality manufacturer to create a set of chimes based on the six original Solfeggio frequencies.  We finally found the Stradivarius of Wind Chimes® right here in the US!  Music of the Spheres®, Inc. has created a beautiful, melodic, high-quality set of chimes that will bring you enjoyment for years!  (Actually they are guaranteed for 7 years!)

They measure 50" from crown knot to wind catcher and they weigh 10 lbs!  Listen to the richness of the tones by playing the video in the image carousel!  The quality is unmatched - the search is finally over!  

SHIPPING:  If you order other SomaEnergetics products with your chimes, the chimes will ship separately.  At this price point, you will be offered either FREE SHIPPING in the US or an attractive FLAT RATE OPTION for International Customers.


30 day unconditional return policy

Durability guaranteed:  7 year outdoors

Hanging Your Chimes

Since there are many ways that you may want to enjoy your chimes, both inside and out, here are a few options you can consider:

9" Iron Decorative Wall Bracket:

Supports 45 pounds
Sample picture in images carousal above

12/21; Less than $10 at Home Depot


24" Tree Hook:

1/4" steel wire
Fits branch limbs up to 6"

 Something similar to this:

HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION from Music of the Spheres®.

Tough synthetic cordage is highly resistant to abrasion, ultra-violet degradation, rot and mildew. Central tube suspension with smoothly polished tube ends prevent cord abrasion typical of other, less labor-intensive suspension techniques.

Heavy gauge polished stainless steel rings provide sturdy support and enduring beauty. Tempered aluminum alloy tubing is custom manufactured to exacting specifications and will never rust. The corrosion-protective finish preserves chime's appearance and increases durability in hostile environments (acid rain, salt air).

Tubes are tuned to the six solfeggio frequencies using the latest technology.

Solid polyethylene clappers provide superior tonal quality and outdoor durability.

The windcatcher, of the same finish and material as the tubes, is the ideal size, weight, and shape for optimal chime performance in 8 - 10 mph wind velocity.

The windcatcher hook assembly provides simple but effective method of varying the chime's activity level.