Passing the Torch!

Passing the Torch!

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CD: SOLFA II - Featuring the upper Solfeggio Frequencies

S.O.L.F.A. Sound Frequency Attunement CD II

"Extension for Ascension"

This is the second CD specially created with the S.O.L.F.A. Sound frequencies. By extending the numerical pattern discovered in the Bible, higher frequencies have been calculated and applied to the 8th through 12th chakras. These chakras encompass Divine Love, Soul Blueprint, Divine Creativity, Advanced Spiritual Skills, and Connection to the Central Son/Sun. As with the first S.O.L.F.A. CD the tracks are repeated with the actual sounding of the tuning forks incorporated into each song. The songs on this CD are melodious and enhance dimensional and emotional awareness.

Tracks: (3 & 5 are mp3 samples)
1. Nature of Love
2. DNA Remapping
3. Releasing Creativity
4. Spiritual Ph.D.
5. Son/Sun Connection
6-10. Repeat of 1-5 with tuning forks added