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Scott J.
Verified Purchase

I love this product. I utilize it every day. I live on 3.75 acres and there are chickens, horses, cats and dogs. Also 6 other people in the two other houses. I make a point to walk the grounds and let the frequency expand out to all who can feel and hear it. I feel I am contributing to the overall success of the whole planet, not just my immediate surroundings.

Jason A.
Verified Purchase

Use the OM fork daily. Kind of my go to fork. Then I go to the Pineal fork as a tune up during the day. Really helps me to relax when I get uptight during the day. The OM fork helps me relax during online meetings :)

Viola C.
Verified Purchase

I have been using this fork as part of a self-care routine every night before going to sleep. I've used it to clear the energy around an old appendix scar, which led to physical changes in my right hip, and the softening of the tissue around the scar itself. In addition to the physical changes, I wake up feeling better - refreshed and alert. I also read positive affirmations aloud to myself during this self-care time.

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SomaEnergetics SomaSwivels - Turn A Tuning Fork into a Pendulum!

24 reviews

SomaSwivels - Pack of 6 or Individual Swivel for use with any SomaEnergetics unweighted tuning forks.

Make any non-weighted tuning fork swivel like a pendulum! For those that have the SomaEnergetics Solfeggio Energy Tuners you have "O-rings" to assist you in allowing energy to move the fork. SomaSwivels take this idea to a whole new level with much more freedom for energy to move the fork! Available as a set of 6 or as individual attachment.

They easily install and uninstall on and off any SomaEnergetics non-weighted tuning fork. Comes with instructions. Always confirm SomaSwivel is attached properly before use. See videos for demonstrations.

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SomaSwivels Instructions

  • Soma Swivels should easily slip over the ends of your tuning forks.
  • If you have difficulty, you can use a solution of warm water and a small bit of dish soap to help them slide in and keep them in place.
  • Once installed and dry they are ready for use.
  • They should remove easily by holding the caps on the shaft portion of the forks and pulling them gently off while slightly turning.
  • You can leave them on ... they will easily reinstall if they need to come off.
  • CAUTION: You are the judge! Always before a session, inspect to see if the fork attachments are on properly and will not slide off!
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They are awesome!!! I love using them!! Adds so much ease and versatility to use of the tuning forks!!!

Adrienne G.
United States United States

I really like how they work. I use them with the solfeggio forks at the chakras.

Lisa S.
United States United States
Effortless Sound Healing

SomaSwivels on my tuning forks make sound healing effortless. So easy to allow a fork to swing or circle over chakras, meridians or for energy field clearing for myself, others or with a surrogate. Wonderful tool for space clearing too! Makes an extended sound healing session easier on my hands and fingers. Ingenious!

United States United States
Great Addition

I purchased the Somaswivels and I absolutely love them! It brings a nice flow to each session.

Justine I.
United States United States
Must Have swivels!

The swivels are a must have! Makes the your whole session so much easier and more effective!

Joan W.
United States United States
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