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The Seven Centers of Spiritual Power - 7 MP3 Audio Set with David Hulse

The 7 downloadable MP3 Audio files will be made available upon checkout.  Check your email for the download links.  

Also known as the Chakra set.  You will be inspired by the unique weaving of information contained in this series exploring how to manage your power for better health and expanded spiritual awareness.

The Seven Centers of Spiritual and Physical Power – also called Chakras or Energy Centers – are a wonderful analogy for our growth as spiritual beings having a human experience. You will be inspired by the unique weaving of information contained in this series exploring how to manage your power for better health, and expanded spiritual awareness. Inspired by the excellent books Anatomy of Spirit, by Carolyn Myss, Ph.D., Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith, PhD, and others, David will lead you through the seven centers of power to help you ground and center your energy, open your heart to love, and develop your intuition. We know you will be transformed by the powerful merging of the metaphysical meanings of the Christian Sacraments, the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, and the Hindu Chakras. Knowledge is power and the knowledge presented in this series is a key to personal power.

Sample Audio:On Chakra 1 covering Tribal Power, David is exploring the energy rip-off that occurs when a person has the perception that they were born into the wrong "tribe".Listen to MP3 - 2:30 Min

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    Back to the Tuning Forks

    This seven CD Set on The Seven Centers of Spiritual and Physical Power is wonderful. I have listened to each one at least four times. Will be starting the fifth go-round again today. Great traveling entertainment and enlightenment. Very uplifting to feel this connection tweaked. Life is full of surprises and these teachings provided that Isness Aha Moment!!

    Danielle M.
    United States United States

    Chakra CD

    This is a very detailed and useful CD. It explains in easy terms about the chakras and why they are so important to know. I have listened to them several times and would recommend it for new practitioners.

    Tony G.
    Ottawa, Ontario. Canada


    The Chakra Audio Set is an excellent compilation of information on the chakra system. David Hulse draws from Christian and Jewish traditions and weaves power principles and color in this very informative seven disc set. There is so much information on each chakra it takes more than a one time sit or casual listen to ingest the information. Beginning students into the chakra system will find this CD audio set comprehensive. Additional information is out there, and this series is excellent for pointing you in the direction you choose for further knowledge without buying books and books with no direction. Highly recommended for both beginner and intermediate student in chakra knowledge.

    The T.