Teachers Share Their Journey to SomaEnergetics

During a recent advanced teacher training, we asked a few teachers to share how they found SomaEnergetics, what prompted them to get involved and how SomaEnergetics fits into their Natural Therapies career path and client offerings.  We were amazed by their responses and wanted to share them with anyone considering SomaEnergetics as part of their Natural Therapies career path.

Updated 12/31/18

How did you first hear about and get involve with SomaEnergetics?

  • A few years ago, I became aware of tuning forks as modalities that would support my clients and practice. My search included Biosonics and Acutonics, but Biosonics had no training program and Acutonics was designed for acupuncturist or professionals with that knowledge base. SomaEnergetics seemed to fit the best and offered a curriculum/technique by which using the forks would be most effective. RL
  • A co-worker at the Hilton gave me a massage and used SomaEnergetics tuners and I just loved the way I felt after that massage. The experience changed my life. LF
  • Someone took the class/course – Phase 1 and I was on for their 10-practice people. CT
  • David and Tim came to my church and conducted a Fibonacci workshop. CM

What attracted you to the initial SomaEnergetics training?

  • With the DVD training, I was able to begin using the forks immediately. Travel was a big expense for me. However, the initial investment got me started with support materials that I could follow on my own time; integrating slowly to fit my busy life. Also, David encourages us to utilize and integrate the tools and techniques as we are guided to … not limited. RL
  • Frequency of healing. Part of my practice and a large part of my healing has been based on sound and vibration. Sound being through music, bowls, bells etc., and vibration from flower essences and crystals – tuning forks bring both into singular form. HL
  • I was originally attracted to the colors of the forks and bought a set for myself. Then I felt the need to be trained on how to use them and bought the home study course. This is when I realized that I needed to use them in my practice. LF
  • I was attracted by the Solfeggio frequency. I had learned some other ways to use tuning forks, but I didn’t feel like they were the way to use those forks. When I saw Solfeggio, I knew they were the ones I should use. KM
  • My experience being “tuned”. CT
  • How it left me feeling. DS
  • As a life long musician, these tools resonated with me, and the techniques called to me as a way to serve humanity in a healing capacity. PV
  • Results from my tuning. I just knew I had to do this. MG
  • David told me that he saw me going through the training for Phase 1. I had a tuning session with him. I had set an intention to receive more tunings using the tuning forks. CM

What issue, challenge or opportunity gap did SomaEnergetics solve for you?

  • SomaEnergetics gave me a tangible product/process to offer to clients to bridge their understanding of how subtle energies can work and have impact in the physical form – cause and effect of direct experience of physical well-being, thoughts and emotions of how they are stored vs. processed and released. HL
  • I like that the forks are unique – colors, longer stems and unique to integrating with a Reiki practice. My friend and mentor in Young Living uses vibrational Raindrop with tuning forks and body tuners, which created interest for me, but it wasn’t the type of training I wanted. RL
  • I felt like I finally got the tool to utilize my natural talent or to deliver what I brought with me in this life time. What is good about SomaEnergetics is that you work for the core issues (cause) and not just the end result (symptoms), which I always think is very important. KM 
  • I work in/with movement-based modalities. Vibrational sound tuning compliments my work as it’s a more “receptive” modality complimenting what else I offer. Secondly, sound is a profound modality for transformation, change, integration, healing and evolution. I believe a significant part of my work in the world is to support people in raising their individual and collective consciousness; evolving life on planet earth. CT
  • Allows me to train others. DS
  • SomaEnergetics gave me the solid foundation on which to build. As my primary modality, SomaEnergetics is my first choice in my practice. PV
  • My opportunity was a way to increase my intuitive abilities and compliment my work as an intuitive. CM

What about the SomaEnergetics Teacher Program inspired you to become a certified teacher?

  • To teach modalities and forms of healing that have had the greatest impact within myself and my own healing journey. I have experienced much trauma in my life and believe that if I found wholeness from something then someone else may as well. HL
  • I really wasn’t planning on being a teacher but this changed was when I came to a live Phase 3 class last year. I fell in love with the whole concept of SomaEnergetics and felt a deep need to share my experience with others and my clients. LF
  • I really want to develop my skill, knowledge and understanding of vibrational sound tuning and the power and wisdom of sound as a teacher. I am able to obtain these goals and support others in developing, evolving and actualizing their knowledge, skills etc. – thus a larger collective working with “sound” to evolve and support the planet. CT
  • How it helps others. DS
  • I’m a natural born teacher. I naturally share and teach whatever I know, therefore, for me it’s a natural progression. PV
  • Pay it forward. I love to teach. Tuning as many as possible. MG
  • I love using the tuning forks and wanted to share these amazing techniques with others. CM

Describe your Natural Therapies path and how SomaEnergetics fits in to the tapestry of modalities you offer your clients and students:

  • I’ve been offering Quantum Touch, Body Talk and Integrative Healing. All of them are non-invasive and utilize quantum field and spiritual perspective. My main purpose for my work is to shift the consciousness of the collective, so SomaEnergetics works perfectly with those other modalities. KM
  • After an injury, I required a cervical fusion. Allopathic medicine was not helpful in the aftermath of pain left in my body. Through Yoga and Ayurveda, I learned subtle body energy and the concept of seeing how thoughts and emotions directly impact physical health. Moving into energetic therapies brought my whole being forward and a fuller potential to my life. This is why I brought SomaEnergetics into my work and personal life. My direct experience is why I enjoy sharing it with clients and now students. We are all here to remember the potential that lives within us. HL
  • My practice is massage with other modalities, but sound changed my practice to a higher level of awareness to myself and clients. I began to see huge changes with my regular clients and their healing process. LF
  • Essential oils, reiki, shamanism, detox, intuitive reading/assessment, crystals … so of course, I use them all with the forks. RL
  • 1/3 of my practice – sound, movement and CBD nutrition. CT
  • It fits into all I do. DS
  • SomaEnergetics is my primary modality. I integrate other modalities into SE. I use essential oil protocols, (Symphony of Cells, Aroma Touch), reflexology, reiki – as needed. All assist facilitation based on what the tuning forks help to produce. PV
  • Concentrating on tuning. Using modalities individually and in tandem. MG
  • My sound healing practice is my primary modality and everything else falls under this. CM

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