SomaEnergetics Annual Online LIVE SomaShare

Fee Level

ONLINE REGISTRATION - August 25-26, 2017

Conference Fee: $99 - (Certified Teachers: $49) Full access to online event and recordings after the event for a year! Presenters Attend FREE - Call 614-928-3102 with your idea.

SomaShare is a time for our Students, Coaches and Teachers to share how they use SomaEnergetics Tools, how they integrate them into other natural therapies and how they market their natural therapies business. We invite all those interested in Vibrational Energy to join us for the Annual On-line SomaShare.

Even if you cannot attend the entire event, you will have access to the recordings after the event to watch anything you miss!


A Message from David:

What an exciting time to come together and take our place as light workers assisting humanity to the next level of higher consciousness through our work with sound and vibration. This event is a time to come together and share our experiences, reaffirm our commitment and renew our passion for the transforming power of SomaEnergetics.

This is must attend event for any serious practitioner or teacher! New insights will be gained as we meet in our common goal of being better practitioners for our clients and more effective teachers to our students.

I encourage you to seriously consider participating in this online event. It is shaping up to be one of the best yet!. It will inspire you in your Vibrational Energy Practice.


2017 SomaShare Details:

When: Friday, August 25 from 6 PM - 9 PM EST AND Saturday, August 26 from 10 AM - 6 PM EST (1 hour lunch around 1:00)

How: Online using webcams(for presenters) or just the internet to watch as a participant!

Why: A SomaShare is a time to gather and share different ways of using tuning forks and ways of incorporating them into other natural therapies. It is also a time to learn about the plans for the future from David and the SomaEnergetics Staff and for you to share your ideas.

CEU's: This event will count for 10 CEU's toward your annual renewal requirement for NTCB and/or Spiritual Healer Licensing. It will also count for 100 hours (10 actual hours X 10 for event) toward your 300 hour internship required for the Sound Therapy Coach Certification!

SomaShare Time: We will have about 10-12 SomaShare times for practitioners and teachers to share unique ways of using the forks and integrating them into various practices. Those that present will have the convention fee waived. David will be also be sharing and answering your questions.

This is an amazing opportunity to explore with others the Power of SomaEnergetics!

SomaShare Conference Fees:

  • Conference Fee: $99 per person ($49 for Certified Teachers)
  • Includes access to recordings after the event for you to catch any presentations you missed or to re-watch those you may wish to see again.
  • Presenters attend for FREE - Call today to discuss your idea - 614-928-3102


    • Comments from attendees during and after previous events:

      • Wonderful online event! I loved it! All of the presenters were great! Looking forward to the next event!
      • Very grateful and thankful for a wonderful SomaShare! Inspiring information . . .beautiful connections!
      • Very helpful information on promotional materials. Thank you for your generosity.
      • Excellent 'tips' I'd never thought of...... THANKS!!!
      • Fantastic information.... Wow, where did the time go?? Great day!!
      • This has been an awesome weekend! Thanks to David, Tim and Randall and all the presenters!
      • Excellent 'connecting of the dots' for all of us!
      • Very nice visual presentation. Thanks! Helps motivate getting this done myself.
      • This event exemplified the amazing possibilities to further integrate mental absorption, spiritual attunement, etheric energy work with and through our 3rd dimension physical technology. The flow of presentations and conscientious communications between the presenters and facilitators as each transition or technological challenge occurred made it seem like I was right in the room with them. I enjoyed watching and experiencing the individuals as subjects were shared. This kept the experience more personable in light of the distance and machine crossover. I look forward to lots more! Tallyho & Bravo!
      • Overall a wonderful webinar!!! Lots of great information!! Looking forward to the next one. Thank you for all of your hard work in putting it together.
      • It has been great to see practitioners and teachers in their work environment. Thank you!

      You don't want to miss this amazing opportunity to explore how others are using vibrational energy in their practice!

      Results from Survey of previous Participants:

      • 93% said they would most likely or definitely attend another SomShare
      • 87% said they would most likely or definitely recommend the event to a friend
      • 97% indicated the online watchitoo interface was easy to use
      • 86% felt the event was a great or excellent value
      • 91% felt the recordings are a great or excellent value
    • Schedule of Events:

      • Friday, August 25 from 6 PM - 9 PM EST
      • Introduction and Welcome
      • Presentation by David
      • 2 SomaShares
      • Saturday, August 26 from 10 AM - 6 PM EST
      • SomaShares (10 More Presenters: 25 - 50 Min Each)
      • 1 hour Lunch Break from 1-2 (EST) and breaks every hour or so.
      • Specials for those attending the SomaShare
      • Final Q & A with David & Tim

      Detailed SomaShare Schedule

      SomaShares scheduled at this time (Times are approximate and EST, Topics and Presenters are subject to change)

      • All times EST (Subtract 3 hours for PST) Presenter slots subject to change! 
      • 10 Min Break every hour from :50 to the top of the hour…
      • Friday, August 25

      • 6 PM – (25 Min) Welcome from Tim Leach, SomaShare Host 
                 Overview of the SomaShare

        • How the SomaShare works
        • How do you get CEU’s
        • If you need to miss part or all of the LIVE event
        • What to do if your screen freezes
        • How to use the Chat Feature
      • 6:15 PM – (35 Min) David Hulse, President, SomaEnergetics
             – TBA

        • TBA
      • 7:00 PM – (50 Min) – Randall Loop, LMT, MLC, LSH

        – TBA

        • TBA
        • 8:00 PM – (50 Min) – TBA

          – TBA

          • TBA

          9:00 PM – End of Day 1
          Saturday, August 26

        • 10 AM - (50 Min) – TBA

          – TBA

          • TBA
        • 11 AM - (50 Min) – TBA

          – TBA

          • TBA
        • Noon - (25 Min) TBA

          – TBA

          • TBA
        • 12:25 PM - (25 Min) TBA

          – TBA

          • TBA
        • 1 PM – Lunch

        • 2:00 PM - (50 Min) – TBA

          – TBA

          • TBA
          • 3:00 PM - (25 Min) TBA

            – TBA

            • TBA
          • 3:25 PM - (25 Min) TBA

            – TBA

            • TBA
          • 4:00 PM - (25 Min) TBA

            – TBA

            • TBA
          • 4:25 PM - (25 Min) TBA

            – TBA

            • TBA
          • 5:00 PM –  (15 Min) – Special Offers for those that attend the SomaShare

            • Tim will go over this years special offers for those that attend the event live - This will be your opportunity to get that special set of forks you desire at a great discount! Then we will take 5 minutes for everyone to join us for the conference call - open discussion.
          • 5:20 PM - (30 Min) - Open Discussion – Lead by Tim/David

            • Anything you want to share that was not a full presentation.  General questions for David or Tim.  Please contact us outside the SomaShare for specific individual issues. We will do this via FREE CONFERENCE CALL so everyone can participate and connect with sound (Voice).
          • 6:00 PM – SomaShare 2017 Ends

        • Important Notes:

          Online events are subject to the quality of your internet service. There are no refunds unless the event is cancelled. Please follow the steps below to make sure you have the most updated software (Adobe Flash) and a strong enough internet signal prior to paying the registration fee. No refunds will be given if your internet signal is not strong enough to support the broadcast or you are unable to install and configure adobe flash. A broadband wired connections is strongly suggested.

          Presenters will have a time to test their connection and webcam ($30-$60 at any office supply store) prior to the weekend.

          Suggested Webcams and Headsets:

          Microsoft HD 1040 Webcam: 

          Headset and Mic:

          If you are just watching and want to ask questions, you will be able to do so via a chat feature, and you do not need a headset and mic.

          Instructions/Guidelines for viewing the SomaShare and testing your software: 

          The webcast requires that you have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.  

          To see if your ready to go do the following steps to test:

          1) Click here - (this is the link for our spiritual meetings. A different link will be used for the SomaShare)

          2) You will get a screen like the one on the right. Sign in with your email and Name (State) and after processing for a minute, you will get a screen with just the background (Without the sign-in box).

          3) If you do NOT get a screen like that, it will ask you to install or update the Adobe Flash Player.

          4) If you have a problem with that link, click here:

          4) Follow the prompts to automatically install the needed program.

          5) The screen should change to look like the one to the right (Without the signin box) -->

          6) Again - This is the TEST area only. A different link and password will be used for the live event that you will receive via email or pdf download when you register using the links above.


          Testing your connection:

          1) If you just want to watch - you can test any time by following the directions above. You do not need a webcam or mic to just watch. You need a computer with speakers, adobe flash installed, and a braodband connection to the internet. You will be interacting via the chat window with the presenter.

          2) Presenters that want to test webcam, Mic and Headsets, can do so by contacting Tim to set up a time.

          Phone: 614-928-3102

          Click here for all testing. There will be a separate link provided the week of the conference for the actual event.

          Thanks for participating and joining the conversation!

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