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SomaEnergetics ~ Solfeggio Tuning Forks ~ Sound Therapy Training ~ Vibrational Sound Certification

Welcome to SomaEnergetics!  We teach enlightened individuals, Massage and Natural Therapists how to incorporate vibrational tools to energetically charge the natural healing capabilities of the body.  We have custom, quality vibrational tools made in the US for personal enhancement, professional training and certification. 

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Welcome to SomaEnergetics!

Have you been wanting to start a Natural Therapies practice or amplify the power of Vibration and Sound into your practice? Do you want to be part of a movement of "Awakeners" working with fifth dimensional energy, serving humanity?

Did you know you can become a certified practitioner in Vibrational Therapy for less than $1100.  That includes the Vibrational Tools (Color Energy and Body Tuners), two DVD Training courses (Tuners Duo with Training Kit), the required Natural Therapies Correspondence Course and the Natural Therapies Certification Board Certification Fee! 

For less than a $1100, YOU get two sets of vibrational training tools plus SomaEnergetics certified in-depth training!

Here is a handy comparison chart of all our combo training kits!

Thousands of practitioners the past 18 years trained studying our in-depth program.  Don't take our word for it.  Read from hundreds of 5-star reviews posted on our site:

  • P1 Course & Practitioner Pack

  • I absolutely love this home study course. The knowledge is so deep that I am loving being able to take my time at my own pace to learn and absorb it all.  I work with my tuning forks every day now, and as I said, am enjoying watching the videos and remembering how incredible the energy and knowledge that David Hulse has brought to us. I cannot say enough about the home study course. It is fabulous and I highly recommend it!!!!!  Donna

  • Very informative home study course

  • This Phase I combo was my first introduction to using frequency and sound healing. I was so impressed with the information and method of teaching in the DVD set, that I decided to go all the way and get certified. It was that good! Nancy


  • Great idea to combine these two tuning fork sets. SE offers some of the best tuning forks for quality of tone and the chakra colored coordination is helpful when first learning the protocols. I have experimented with several other tuning forks on the market. TIP: At all costs AVOID tuning forks manufactured outside the US. Their quality is sorely lacking. Highly Recommend this Duo Set for serious practitioners/students.  Gail

For personal service, please call 704-469-SOMA (7662) or email

Until then, Remember to Stay Tuned!

David, Tim & Deborah

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