How to Use Tuning Forks to Activate the Healer Within You

For those folks who are on a spiritual path to tap into nature’s healing energies, it’s important to work with trusted advisors who have plenty of experience themselves. 

Knowing how to use a tuning fork for healing is a worthy goal. It’s part of the process of activating the healer within you.

We’ve been working with custom vibrational tools that humans have been using since ancient times. 

This effort is to do our part to help bring humanity to its full potential, just as a caterpillar is destined to transform into a beautiful butterfly. 

We use time-tested, empowering techniques to bring about a transformation process. The result is a newfound ability for people to clear energy blockages as well as open portals that bring us in contact with energy from the 5th dimension. 

It’s all part of the great awakening that people are experiencing all over the world. People are coming to realize that we are on the verge of connecting the dimensions between the old age and new age. At present, we are facing an initial crisis as humanity starts to raise its consciousness. The next stage is to become a universal human, with the new dimension of energy that’s making itself known on planet Earth.

Tuning Forks for Healing

If you’ve been searching for techniques to use a tuning fork for healing, you’ve come to the right place! 

People are often curious about why we use quartz crystals. These natural structures serve to open your heart and mind to receive guidance from a higher plane as they activate each level of consciousness. 

With a crystal tuning fork, you are amplifying your intent (or “energy”), which practitioners say could speed up the action of your spiritual awakening, personal growth and to realize your true desires in the world.

Variety of Tuning Forks For People on the Path to Invoke Healing and Spiritual Powers

There are many uses for different tuning forks we provide through Soma Energetics.

For example, a 528 Hz tuning fork is designed to help people attract heart-to-heart vibration. Students learn to use this device to banish any negative energies they may be experiencing, and to cut down anxiety. A 528 Hz tuning fork will stabilize love within your body. 

You can also use it to charge not just water and food but the world. We use it to invoke healing powers. The tuning fork’s vibrations enable it to promote cellular health in a positive manner.

Consider that the heart symbol has been used since time immemorial to signify romance, love and our hopes to build stronger, longer lasting relationships. That’s why we include a heart-shaped crystal for the 528 Hz frequency tuner.

Other Important Tuning Fork Configurations

1. Pineal Gland Tuning Fork

The pineal gland is known for its role in furthering people’s development in the spiritual plane. You use our pineal gland tuning fork to make a connection with the higher dimensions interfacing with our world. 

Some people call the pineal gland “The God Detector” while others are happy to refer to it simply as a gateway to what we know to be the Divine Source of all reality. Suffice it to say, the pineal gland tuning fork vibrates in resonance with your pineal gland. 

Researchers theorize that this activity energetically impacts the calcification of a pineal gland (caused by the presence of fluoride in municipal drinking water systems). This helps to strengthen our connection with the Divine.

2. Self-Care Tuning Fork

We have an excellent starter kit for those who want to get into self-care. It’s made and calibrated in the USA, allowing you a convenient way to take care of yourself as well as your family and friends. 

Our kit comes with everything you need to get started, including an activator wedge, OM tuner, crystal tuner and of course that all-important quartz crystal. Beginners will appreciate that it comes with an MP3 audiobook, A Fork in the Road along with a handy quick start guide.

3. Long Stem OM Tuner

Our premier tuning fork, the Long Stem OM tuner is made to help individuals gain greater mastery over their meditation sessions, by helping them achieve deeper relaxation. It is invaluable in promoting stress relief. 

If you have relatives or friends experiencing anxiety, you can use this tuning fork to help those near and dear to you to reduce feelings of uncertainty or stress. Not only do people employ this tuner to relax stiffened joints and tight muscles, but it can also even serve to stimulate acupressure points.

Remember that OM is the sound of creation. We use this tone as a starting point for sound-based healing sessions.

Designed to Help You Achieve Higher States of Mind

We’re proud to carry the best tuning forks for healing currently available in the market. 

The fact that we produce these instruments right here in the good old United States is another reason why so many people prefer to use Soma Energetics’ Solfeggio tuning forks

They take comfort in the idea that so many spiritually minded people are working to improve life in America, and to benefit the entire world.

People can participate in using healing vibrational frequencies to make the entire world a better place during this period of profound transformation.

Ready to Start Working With Tuning Forks?

There’s no question that tuning forks can help people along in their spiritual metamorphosis. Finding the right individuals to help you along the path will be enormously important.

Whether you are looking for a new pineal tuning fork or are simply in need of help getting started with healing vibrational frequencies we’re here for you.

If you have any questions about using tuning forks during your development as a spiritual healer, please connect with us at 704-469-SOMA (7662) or support@somaenergetics.com today. Let us help you energize your life!