Cause and Effect: Etheric and Physical: Energy Tuners and Body Tuners

The western model of medicine is based mostly upon treating symptoms. That concept has crept into complimentary and integrative modalities when practitioners look at what's wrong with a person and try to come up with a solution. It could be right supplement, the right homeopathic, the right whatever it is to assist the client in addressing the symptom. What if we began by looking at cause? What we understand of our research, and we have pretty good research to back it up, is the majority of diseases and illnesses that enter the physical body begin in the ethereal template as much as nine months to a year before it ever became physical. Now that changes everything to me; to realize that a mis-patterning is in the etheric body months before it becomes physical, leads me more into what I believe we need, and that is preventive work. Now that's a harder one to sell, because people don't seem to think anything is real until they can feel it, see it, touch it, taste it with the five senses, and it’s at this point that they want to do something about it.

I remember when I was younger I was really particular about my car. Before they were so computerized, we had to take our cars in and get them tuned. It was important to get a tune up even if there was nothing wrong with your car. It’s like changing your oil every 3000 to 5000 miles; you don’t wait until something goes wrong, you do this to keep your car in good running condition. I don't think we understand that with our own body and with our own issues.  Sometimes we just need preventive work done in the sense of keeping us tuned; keeping us at our optimum level.

SomaEnergetics practitioners can often intuitively find mis-patterning’s in the etheric body (cause) by using our Color Energy Tuners. If we can clear this distortion in the etheric field, we can possibly clear that pattern (if you are ready to let go of the issue) so that it doesn't show up in the physical body (effect). Now if it shows up in the physical body and you come to me with a pain or an issue in the right shoulder or the left knee, we can first assist physical energy flow using body tuners on acupressure points allowing the body to offer some relief.  But then we go a step further and by using body mapping we can then follow that back and understand why it's in that part of the body.

With body mapping we have the ability to see if it’s coming from a more female or male issue in your life, or is it coming from how you think: the body-mind connection. Let me give you an example; someone comes in with sinus issues or eye issues or ear issues, that’s in a part of your body where you do a lot of mental thinking. So the question becomes how are you thinking in the world? How do you think about yourself? Now someone comes in and they've got elbow issues and shoulder issues, and hand issues, this is the part of the body that can do things. So what am I doing with my life? What am I not doing with my life? Somebody comes and they have knee issues, or leg or feet issues, anything below the waist; that is our direction, that is what takes us and moves us through time and space. So we might explore in some cases, where is life taking us? Is it on the right knee, controlled by left brain? If so, then it's a male issue. So in other words, we try to give enough information to click into some cause. Now, I’m just giving you general concepts.  Body mapping is much more detailed.

Another area we might explore to have a better understanding of cause is what was going on in life six to nine months ago? They might answer, I was moving, I was changing a job, I had a death in my family, I went through a breakup, I went through divorce. I think all of these are possible emotional causes of distortion in the etheric field that have the potential to become effect in the physical.  Some schools of thought posit that 80% of what is wrong with us is due to stress related life events.

SomaEnergetics is very big on stress reduction. There is something about listening to these magical wonderful sounds of the solfeggio that allows the brain to relax, because the brain doesn't get it. Now, if I played music for you, music that would remind you of the 50’s and the 60’s or music that would remind you the 80’s, or music that remind you of when you fell in love, or when you broke up, you would be in your emotional body. When you're in your emotional body you are knocked out consciously. However, if I play a tuning fork in its raw vibration, there is no emotional attachment and it leaves you in present time. 

So cause could be a prior life event that's unresolved.  Effect is what has made its way into the etheric template from which new cells are made. So as cells die and remake themselves they come out of the etheric body. So if you have unresolved issues your body will end up manifesting itself from that unresolved energy or frequency. So that's why we have lesser bodies of form than created bodies of spirit. They don't match and I believe that through vibration we can raise the frequency of our physical human body to the level of our spiritual body and that's when the great at-one-ment takes place, the great marriage takes place between the two and we’re no longer just human, we’re no longer just spiritual or divine, but we are humanly divine and divinely human.