5th Dimension: Spiraling into Vertical Time with Solfeggio Frequencies!

In the mid 1990’s someone introduced me to a documentary by Barbara Marx Hubbard in which she was talking about breakdown and breakthrough: old systems are breaking down due to what is breaking through. This breakthrough is caused by the new energy coming into the planet at this time that has been labeled fifth dimensional energy.

So, the more I thought about and meditated on this idea I was presented with a choice, a question: Do you want to continue to walk your path toward trying to fix what's breaking down or do you want to follow the path of trying to assist what’s breaking through?Now, I didn't know exactly what how to make that choice from my brain from my mental self, but out of the intelligence somewhere within my being, (some call it cellular intelligence) I made a decision that I think I had made prior to coming here. There’s nothing like making a decision you have already made as part of your contract before you came, it is so sure and clear that everything you need to follow through on that decision comes easily to you because it's already been prepared for you. I had this deep knowing in me that I wanted to work with was breaking through.

Now studying a little bit of Einstein, I decide to go with his model that we live in a third dimensional space. When we say 3-D or third dimensional we are referring to everything that you can see in the world of matter has a height, width and breath to it. There are three dimensions to it. Einstein added another dimension called time, which is a relative; part of his relativity. To explain this let me use this example; I say to you let's have lunch tomorrow, downtown at Fifth and Main on the third floor, there's a really good restaurant. Now with this information you can find me because you can find Fifth and Main, which is two bits of information and you can find the third floor (third bit of information). Now, what you don’t know is when. So, you need a fourth bit of information and that's time, so let’s say 12:30 pm. Einstein called it a third/fourth - time/space continuum. So on that model – I’m not saying that is the only model, but the model I choose to follow – then the next new energy or dimension that is coming in would be fifth, so it’s just a number for communication.  It is the next dimension of energy that is coming in.

Now I'd like to say, because I think it's interesting, that third/fourth dimension is very linear; B always follows A, C follows B, two is always after one and so on. But fifth dimension is so interesting the way it was shown to me. Fifth dimension is not 1,2,3,4,5 then we go 6,7,8,9. Fifth dimension seemed to curve. When I started working with energy and working with tuning forks, I noticed that everything wanted to curve, and when I let it curve, it spiraled. When I let energy move the fork and the fork not move the energy, it would spiral. So I teach that fifth dimension actually is the curve.

So, think about the linear dimensions of 1,2,3,4 and then 5 curves because it's trying to catch the torsion spiraling energy of the universe which doesn't go linear but puts us in vertical. This means the fifth dimension is a curve that spirals us up into the vertical dimensions of 6,7,8,9,10,11. This is what we are on the verge of proving in quantum theory: multi-versus or multi-dimensions all existing at the same time!

I believe that we have entered into vertical present time, where everything is existing at the same time. This is exciting to me and I think these solfeggio tuning forks are that curve because they take us off the linear. If we keep using tuning forks based on the tuning and the use of the pitch of the 440 A, (which we do in this culture) it’s called the 12 tone temperament; C to C to C, it goes on and on and on in the linear but if we override that like Pythagorean did then we find out that if we use a little dissonance with it, the dissonance catches the spin. We were raised with the 12 tone temperament of Julie Andrews and the Sound of Music; Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La Ti, Do. We enjoy this music, but it doesn't have a curve in it.

The Solfeggio, to me, are the sounds and the vibrations of the curve, fifth dimension that move us to become a multidimensional human being and have access to everything that was, could be, and is now in this present time!