Stress causes up to 80% of Disease: Vibrational Sound Can Help!

We live in a stressful time and a stressful world. Now, all stress is not bad stress. Stress is another way of telling us something; it’s a way of giving us information about something in our lives. If we are in a stressful situation we need to look at that  I don't think we need to take some pill that fools our mind so we don't feel stressful. Feel your feelings, learn to allow them to interpret themselves into information and guidance for you. What is it you need to adjust? What do you need to tune your life to? This allows us to be conscious of a life in alignment with ourselves.

The stress that we’re feeling on a global level is the stress of old systems that are breaking down. This is not bad, easy or fun; no more than any mother will tell you, having a child is a fun thing at the time that it's happening. When the baby is ready to come, the body feels stress; at least that’s what I have been told. :-) Stress indicates the birth pains are beginning, but once the birth pains are over it’s like the Bible Scripture: “Joy comes in the morning.”

So, we are feeling the stress of old systems breaking down, and I'm talking about our financial system, our medical system and our educational system. Our educational system especially is in terrible array; it's very sad what we’re doing with children that are called "special" today. I think they are truly special in the sense that they probably have different DNA, they’re probably kids that are coming from a different realm and frequency, who just don't get this linear third dimensional educational system. So those kids are really the ones that could help the educational system to adjust itself to fit a different model of teaching methods.

We have it in religion too. Some religions are growing, but it's spirituality that's really growing. People are moving more away from organized religion, but they want to hold on to their spirituality. They want to believe in something bigger than themselves, so that is a big movement that is going on today. So of course we can feel the stress of that, that's the good stress, that's the stress of change and transformation that is going on in our world, but it's also happening to the individual.

So when I say global, I'm talking about you, the individual. So you're feeling it. You're feeling it in your home, you’re feeling in your job, you're feeling it in relationships and you’re feeling it in your body, because your body is trying to change to fit how to match the frequency of this new energy coming in. There is an old saying that you can't put new wine into old wine sacks, so this new energy has to have a different container. This is why I have included the body as an energy system in SomaEnergetics. In fact, the word Soma actually comes from the Greek, meaning body, and I wanted to include the body; rather than the body having an energy system, I wanted it to be an energy system. I think that allowing the body to be an energy system is just as important as allowing ice to be water. It makes no sense to me to say ice has water, because ice is water, and the body doesn't have energy, the body is energy. It's a very low, slow trapped energy system in a third dimension of time and space, and at the same time it is energy.

So, we are feeling stress. We’re feeling stress because our sleeping habits for many of us are changing. We don’t sleep like we used to, we don’t sleep as many hours as we used to. Our eating habits are trying to change; meaning, anything that is causing discomfort that we've eaten all of our life is trying to adjust us, and tell us that things are changing, and maybe we need to eat differently. I know we fight that a lot because old patterns are hard to break. But we need to look at all these kind of things that has to do with what's causing stress in our life.

I have some research from a doctor who studied stress in New York who states that just 15 minutes of disrupting the brain from stress can cause a therapeutic effect. Just 15 minutes of the brain in a relaxed state. Now, we can create this relaxed state through meditation, but a lot of people don't do well with meditation because they can't quiet the mind.

With a tuning fork session, we can create a relaxed state, because as you lay on the table and listen to the tuning forks, it means nothing to the brain in the sense of mental thoughts or emotion. The brain then relaxes and therefore something happens. Something natural, not supernatural, but something natural happens. The body shifts, the body changes itself, some emotional mental thing happens. Then what is ready to happen, can happen in that space of silence; that inactivity of mental analyzation. I love the Einstein saying “imagine now, analyze later”. I think that we over analyze everything, and in doing so, we activate the brain and its defense mechanisms; making it hard to get to the innate part of us that has the intelligence that knows how to bring forth and manifest the desires of our heart.

Until Next Time, Stay Tuned!