Passing the Torch!

Passing the Torch!

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CD: 528 Hz Miracle Music - Piano Originals by Carla Reed


A Note from Carla: Do you believe in Miracles?  Do you need a Miracle?  Over the past weeks as I've played andrecorded this music, I have thought about & prayed for so many people desperate for changesin their lives.  It will take a miracle, they say; whether those miracles are for physical, emotional,and mental healing, or financial relief, or the restoration of relationships.

In 2014, I had my grand piano professionally retuned and recently, fine-tuned to A- 444 Hz,instead of the standard 440 Hz, which allows me to play in the Key of C in 528 Hz. It will be thevery first note you hear on the album as it sets the 528 Hz tone for miracles. 

In the most famous Solfeggio scale many of us know as Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do,   Mi is 'aname I call myself' as in The Sound of Music. However, in the original Solfeggio, the Mi comesfrom a Latin term, Mi-ra gestorum, which means Miracle. Webster's Dictionary describes aMiracle as an extraordinary occurrence that surpasses all known human powers of naturalforces and is ascribed to a Divine or Supernatural cause, especially to God, and the Latin word,Gestorum is the gesture, expression, or movement toward that cause.

What has been rediscovered from centuries ago, called the Ancient Solfeggio, featured MI asthe Miracle tone set to 528 Hz.  This is most remarkable as science and geneticists are verifyingthe effectiveness of 528 Hz in the healing of DNA, thus it is now being played, recorded, andutilized as a healing frequency for facilitating healing Miracles.

Some speculate that creation was possibly sung into being by our Creator. We certainly knowthat sound creates and affects matter, including our physical and mental health. This wasdramatically illustrated by Masaro Emoto's studies of sound in water.  

The beautiful label is from a picture I took over 10 years ago in Canada. Is it a sunrise or asunset?  Yes! It is both, for everywhere on earth where the sun is setting for someone, it is risingfor another.  I see it as the end of a problem and the beginning of a miracle that bursts forth outof the darkness. 

My prayer for you is that Miracle Music will provide a gentle, calming peace to restore yourhealth and hope. There are 12 songs, totaling 64 minutes.  I urge you to listen during prayer,meditation, while you sleep, or simply let it play in your home or office as you go about your day.It can go anywhere, anytime, to anyone. Let Miracles Happen for You!

CD Created by Certified SomaEnergetics Master Teacher, Carla Reed

64 Minutes of original Grand Piano Music: MP3 Sample Track: