SomaEnergetics Annual Online LIVE SomaShare

2023 Online Event: August 18-19, 2023

Conference Fee: $99 - (Certified Teachers: $48) Full access to online event and recordings after the event for a year! 

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SomaShare is a time for our Students, Coaches and Teachers to share how they use SomaEnergetics Tools, how they integrate them into other natural therapies and how they market their natural therapies business. We invite all those interested in Vibrational Energy to join us for the Annual On-line SomaShare.

Even if you cannot attend the entire event, you will have access to the recordings after the event to watch anything you miss!

A Message from David Hulse:  SomaEnergetics Developer and Soma Share Host:

What an exciting time to come together and take our place as light workers assisting humanity to the next level of higher consciousness through our work with sound and vibration. This event is a time to come together and share our experiences, reaffirm our commitment and renew our passion for the transforming power of SomaEnergetics.

This is must attend event for any serious practitioner or teacher! New insights will be gainedas we meet in our common goal of being better practitioners for our clients and more effective teachers to our students.

I encourage you to seriously consider participating in this online event. It is shaping up to be one of the best yet!. It will inspire you in your Vibrational Energy Practice.


2023 SomaShare: Integrating Soma for a Richer Sound Experience!

We are excited to share with you some of the creative ways our practitioners and teachers have developed to integrate the Soma tools and techniques for a richer client experience. Join us for our annual online event to explore how the you can use sound and vibration can enhance your life and grow your client offerings.

Topics presented by SomaEnergetics Developers, Master Teachers, Certified Coaches and more…

  1. Tim Leach – Executive Director, SomaEnergetics (25 Min)  Overview of the 2023 SomaShare
  2. Jan Konow, CVSMT (25 Min)  Integrating a Therapy Harp into the EVT
  3. Rosemary Levesque, LSH, CVSMT+P3 (50 Min)  Ascension 101
  4. Heidi Schunke, CVSMT (25 Min)  Inner Stillness: Edgar Cayce Impedance Appliance & Solfeggio
  5. Angela Moore, CVSMT (25 Min)  Crystalline Code and Pineal Gland Activations for Ascension
  6. Claire McKenna, CVSMT (25 Min) Using Energy Tuners in the Tree of Life
  7. Marcello Assandri (25 Min)  Healers of the World Unite
  8. Lee Ann Cornell, CVSMT (50 Min)  72 Names of God and Planetary Tuners
  9. David Hulse, CVSMT (50 Min)  Breaking Out of the Illusion Through Frequency!
  10. Nora Nalinci, CVSP (50 Min)  Acu-Vibrational Tuning Fork Energy Healing Technique (ATFT)
  11. Caren Truske, CVSMT+P3 (50 Min)  Potent Points for Dynamic Vision
  12. Diana Spiess, CVSMT+P3 (50 Min)  Balancing Energies Beyond the 3rd Dimension
  13. Steffany Suze, CSVC  (25 Min)  Integrating Supplemental Modalities with SomaEnergetics
  14. David Hulse & Tim Leach Retreat Wrap-up: A Call for Lightworkers


    SomaShare Details:

    When: LIVE: Friday, August 18 from 6 PM - 9 PM EDT AND Saturday, August 19 from 10 AM - 6 PM EDT (1 hour lunch around 1:00) 

    RECORDINGS: Available after event for 1 year included in cost of registration.

    How:Online using webcams (for presenters) or just the internet to watch as a participant!

    Why: A SomaShare is a time to gather and share different ways of using tuning forks and ways of incorporating them into other natural therapies.

    CEU's: This event will count for 10 CEU's toward your annual renewal requirement for NTCB and/or Spiritual Healer Licensing. It will also count for 100 hours (10 actual hours X 10 for event) toward your 300 hour internship required for the Sound Therapy Coach Certification!

    SomaShare Time: We will have SomaShare times for practitioners and teachers to share unique ways of using the forks and integrating them into various practices. Those that present will have the convention fee waived. David will be also be sharing and answering your questions.

    This is an amazing opportunity to explore with others the Power of SomaEnergetics!


    SomaShare Conference Fees:

    • Conference Fee: $99 per person($49 for Certified Teachers)
    • Includes access to recordings after the event for you to catch any presentations you missed or to re-watch those you may wish to see again.
    • Presenters attend for FREE 


    • Schedule of Events:

      Friday, August 18, 2023 – All times EDT

      6:00 PM – SS23-1: Tim Leach – Executive Director, SomaEnergetics (25 Min)Overview of the 2023 SomaShare

      ~ An overview of the webinar interface.

      ~ How do you get CEU’s

      ~ If you need to miss part or all of the LIVE event

      ~ 10 Min Break every hour at approx. :50

      ~ SomaShare Specials

      6:25 PM – SS23-2: Jan Konow, CVSMT (25 Min)Integrating a Therapy Harp into the EVT

      Learn to integrate a therapy harp into an EVT session while reducing stress and relaxing muscle tension.  

      Jan Konow, CVSMT, is a Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher and has been in the field of Sound Techniques for 11 years. As a CVSMT through the Natural Therapies Certification Board, she facilitates classes and workshops in Sound Techniques as well as offering Specialized Sound Technique sessions to her clients.

      7:00 PM – SS23-3: Rosemary Levesque, LSH, CVSMT+P3 (50 Min)Ascension 101

      DNA tuners from the Phase 3 training work together to bring binaural beats for healing and detoxification. Discover a new way to use these tuners and a detoxification protocol to bring about clearing the physical and spiritual self for ASCENSION.

      Rosemary Levesque studied Biological Sciences, Secondary Education and Art at the University of New Hampshire. She continued postgraduate work in biology, becoming a biology teacher in the United States and abroad. She’s come into her true calling as a psychic intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher, Shaman, Vibrational Sound Master Teacher, Licensed Spiritual Healer, and is an international best-selling author. Most recently she’s developed her own certification program of Integrative Healing through the Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Board.

      Her work over the years has connected her in a very intimate way with Spiritual Energy, animal communication, medicinal aromatherapy, and detoxification. She enjoys all aspects of spiritual energy healing to promote healing on levels with which there’s little explanation and understanding.   https://secondnaturehealing.com/     Rosemary@secondnaturehealing.com

      8:00 PM – SS23-4:Heidi Schunke, CVSMT (25 Min)A Study of Inner Stillness Promoted by the Edgar Cayce Radio-Active Impedance Appliance and the Tones of the Solfeggio

      Edgar Cayce's Radio-Active Appliance (also known as Radial Device) is an non-invasive, impedance device made of sandwiched steel-glass-carbon insulated by charcoal particles in a case partly submerged in ice water before being connected to the body.  The radial appliance was recommended for more than 900 readings using the body's own energies for impeding outer interference and promoting inner balance within the body mentally, physically, and spiritually. The results are similar to the inner peace promoted using the tones of the Solfeggio.

      Heidi Schunke believes finding and acting from inner stillness is a life choice available to all willing to seek it.  Inner quiet assures choices from her own highest versions of self by bringing heightened awareness and a wider range of choice into daily life lessons.

      8:25 PM – SS23-5: Angela Moore, CVSMT (25 Min)Crystalline Code and Pineal Gland Activations for Ascension

      I would be talking about a couple of methods the Archangels have given to me. The first one is the Crystalline Code Activation Protocol taught to me by Archangel Metatron.  The second one would be the Pineal Gland Integration into the Chakras, taught to me by Archangels Metatron and Michael. These techniques prepare the Chakras for integration of the 5D Crystalline codes, as well as creating an integral connection between 5D and the Chakras through the Pineal Gland.

      Angela Moore was called into service in the spring of 2009. After several years of self-study she began her formal training. She is a Certified Medium, Reiki Master-Teacher, and Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher with Phase 3 Endorsement. Angela enjoys working with her clients both in-person and online. She uses her background in Education, along with her spiritual experiences and divine connections, to research, write, and teach classes on Energy, Crystals, Chakras, Angels and Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Psychic Development, and Spirituality. Angela is the founder of Sound Spiritual Wellness LLC, and can be contacted through her website at www.soundspiritualwellness.com

      Saturday, August 19, 2023 10 AM – 6 PM All times EDT

      10 AM – SS23-6:Claire McKenna, CVSMT (25 Min)Using Energy Tuners in the Tree of Life

      The Tree of Life is used in Kabbalah and other mystical traditions.  During this presentation, you will get an introduction to Kabbalah and the 10 Sefirot (or energy intelligences) and how the Energy Tuning Forks can be used ensure the flow of Light (energy), so we can connect our physical bodies to the metaphysical world.

      Claire was born and raised in Ireland, moving to New Hampshire, USA with her husband and two children in 2007.  The relocation was a great opportunity to not just continue, but accelerate her journey on her spiritual path.  After more than eleven years in the North East, Claire decided to move south to enjoy the warmer weather, and settled in North Carolina.

      Claire is interested in all things spiritual, and has attended presentations by Doreen Virtue, Lee Carroll, Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dolores Cannon.  She has studied under Elizabeth Foley, and is a Level II Reiki practitioner.  Claire has played the piano since early childhood.  Following her love of music, she is a Certified Vibrational Sound Teacher.  To add to this eclectic mix, Claire has been studying the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah since 2013.  There's a lot of mystique around this subject, which is not always well understood.  Once the preserve of Jewish men over forty, Kabbalah has now become more available to the "ordinary" person.  However, Claire has found that the precepts are echoed and the information confirmed, from other sources.  It transcends religion, and provides valuable insights into the workings of the Universe.

      11:25 AM – SS23-7:Marcello Assandri (25 Min)Healers of the World Unite

      The Wellness Industry will be booming fivefold in the next 3 years from 24 billion to 124 billion! How Natural Therapists can reap the economic benefits of this exponential growth.

      Marcello’s mission is to grasp the essence of the ancient and modern healing arts and make it available for the benefit of the common people. Marcello has developed a healing protocol based on yin/yang energy balancing encompassing the three levels of TCM: Physical (Jing), Life Force (Qi), and Spirit (Shen) and combining them with the Six Solfeggio Frequencies of Master David Hulse, founder of SomaEnergetics.

      11:00 AM – SS23-8: Lee Ann Cornell, CVSMT (50- Min) 72 Names of God and Planetary Tuners

      A brief explanation of The 72 Names Of God and how to incorporate the planetary tuning forks into the scanning process to enhance the experience. 

      Lee Ann Cornell is a co-founder of The Pyramid of Enlightenment in Indianapolis IN. www.pyramid-of-enlightenment.com

      Noon – SS23-9: David Hulse, CVSMT (50 Min)Breaking Out of the Illusion Through Frequency!

      David will explore whether or not we live in a simulated world, and if so, how can we use frequency and vibration to create portals out of the simulation. 

      David is the founder and inspiration behind SomaEnergetics which is  celebrating 23 years of service to the International Sound Therapy Community!  www.SomaEnergetics.com

      Lunch 1:00- 2:00

      2:00 PM – SS23-10: Nora Nalinci, CVSP (50 Min)Acu-Vibrational Tuning Fork Energy Healing Technique (ATFT) for Holistic Healing

      The purpose of the presentation is to explore a new multidimensional technique that combines, expands and deepens the study and practice of personal change and trauma transforming approaches of vibrational sound techniques and energy psychology that recognize working holistically with the mind-body-energy-spirit system to accelerate and deepen healing for individuals physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

      This presentation has three primary objectives:

      1- To delve into the significance of understanding one's true self to create holistic healing.

      2- To introduce the basic tools and modalities used in ATFT.

      3- To present the five consecutive phases of the Acu-Vibrational Tuning Fork Energy Healing Technique to heal holistically.

      Nora N. Nalinci is a licensed spiritual healer, certified Soma Energetics vibrational sound practitioner, certified life coach, trauma and resilience trainer, author, and a loyal advocate of energy healing. After completing her bachelor's degree in sociology and an MBA in finance, she embarked on a career as a business coach and self-development instructor, which lasted for several years. However, through various life experiences and encounters, she was led to the transformative realm of energy healing, and her passion for this practice ignited within her. In her practice, she specializes in the Acu-Vibrational Tuning Fork Energy Healing Technique, which harnesses the power of solfeggio frequencies to facilitate holistic healing for individuals.

      3:00 PM – SS23-11: Caren Truske, CVSMT+P3 (50 Min)Potent Points for Dynamic Vision

      Vision plays an important role in your experience of yourself, the world, and your ability to read, learn, enjoy, interact and express yourself in the world. Experience Dynamic Vision Potent Points and Practices that; open the energetic throughways connecting head and heart, hand/arm and eyes, upper and lower body, expand your visual acuity, maintaining balance, perspective, awareness and sovereign engagement, elevate and optimize learning, living and daily performance. Bring your Mid-Om’s and Solfeggio Body Tuners and tune along.

      Caren Truske MS.Ed, is an Integrative Transformational Kinesiologist, Developmental Reflex and Brain-Based Learning Specialist, Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher, Coach, Practitioner, Author, and Speaker. The owner and founder of Aligned Living and creator of Potent Points and Practices, Caren’s classes, courses and client sessions are insightful, healing, evolutionary, integrative, expansive, transformative and downright fun! www.carentruske.com, caren@carentruske.com

      4:00 PM – SS23-12: Diana Spiess, CVSMT+P3 (50 Min)Balancing Energies Beyond the 3rd Dimension

      Diana will utilize the Soma forks that emphasize and balance the energies beyond the 3rd dimension (the chakras and meridians) and assist in amplifying the being well beyond the skin.  Thinking in terms of the atmosphere of Mother Earth, our bodies also have an atmosphere…the aura.  And, just like our planet, the space around it holds our Earth in balance with all in the solar system and beyond.  The Earth Star fork, planets, sun, moon, and more will be used in her session along with other tools. 

      Diana Spiess has over 32 years of practice, training practitioners, study, and credentials in health and wellness modalities of many kinds.  Her practices and education/certification courses utilize numerous modalities and teach her students how to make correlations and see a large picture for her clients and their learning.  

      5:00 PM – SS23-13:Steffany Suze, CSVC  (25 Min)Integrating Supplemental Modalities with Soma Energetics Tools and Techniques.

      Let’s take some time to unwind and talk about some supplemental modalities that support your Soma Energetics practice. During my presentation I will provide an overview of the modalities I utilize, how the frequencies of these modalities align with the Solfeggio scale and how they can empower clients. Primarily utilizing the Energy Vitality Technique, I blend in supplemental modalities of meditation, atmospheric aromatherapy, additional bilateral stimulation, breathwork, and supplemental sounds such as Tibetan singing bowls and more.

      During my presentation I will share the blueprint and flow of how I integrate these modalities. I will also talk about my clients’ response to my integrated process. If we create a holistic, relaxing environment for our clients, they will feel more relaxed, aligned with our process, and more empowered when they leave our offices.

      Steffany began her journey with SomaEnergetics in 2017. She is a certified sound practitioner-coach, licensed spiritual healer & meditation guide. “I am passionate about working with sound, empowering clients and providing beneficial resources. Each session is individually curated and paired with beautiful modalities.  I have a deep love of science, music, art and the intersection of where science and soul unite!" You may also visit echofrequencystudio.com for additional information.

      5:25 PM – SS23-14: David Hulse & Tim Leach –Retreat Wrap-up: A Call for Lightworkers

      6 PM – SomaShare 2023 is a wrap!

    • Comments from attendees during and after previous events:

      • Wonderful online event! I loved it! All of the presenters were great! Looking forward to the next event!
      • Very grateful and thankful for a wonderful SomaShare! Inspiring information . . .beautiful connections!
      • Very helpful information on promotional materials. Thank you for your generosity.
      • Excellent 'tips' I'd never thought of...... THANKS!!!
      • Fantastic information.... Wow, where did the time go?? Great day!!
      • This has been an awesome weekend! Thanks to David, Tim and Randall and all the presenters!
      • Excellent 'connecting of the dots' for all of us!
      • Very nice visual presentation. Thanks! Helps motivate getting this done myself.
      • This event exemplified the amazing possibilities to further integrate mental absorption, spiritual attunement, etheric energy work with and through our 3rd dimension physical technology. The flow of presentations and conscientious communications between the presenters and facilitators as each transition or technological challenge occurred made it seem like I was right in the room with them. I enjoyed watching and experiencing the individuals as subjects were shared. This kept the experience more personable in light of the distance and machine crossover. I look forward to lots more! Tallyho & Bravo!
      • Overall a wonderful webinar!!! Lots of great information!! Looking forward to the next one. Thank you for all of your hard work in putting it together.
      • It has been great to see practitioners and teachers in their work environment. Thank you!

      You don't want to miss this amazing opportunity to explore how others are using vibrational energy in their practice!

      Results from Survey of previous Participants:

      • 93% said they would most likely or definitely attend another SomaShare
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      • 97% indicated the online interface was easy to use
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      • 91% felt the recordings are a great or excellent value
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