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T5B: Tuners Trio Kit - 3 Professional Tool Sets

DNA/RNA and Body and Energy Tuning Forks are currently on back-order until Mid-Late July.  You can order now to get in line when they come in stock or come back then to order. Manufacturer is trying to keep up with the incredible demand of our customers for vibrational products.  Thanks for understanding.

Tuners Trio Kit - Color Solfeggio Body & Energy Tuner Sets and the DNA/RNA Tuning Fork Set

WOW! What an amazing value! Both of the SomaEnergetics Exclusive Color Solfeggio Tuning Fork Sets (Energy & Body) PLUS the DNA/RNA Tuning Fork Set..

Solfeggio Tuners Trio Kit includes:

(Click on each item for a more detailed explanation)

These sets are the professional tuning forks sets used in the Phase1, 2 and 3 courses.

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