Passing the Torch!

Passing the Torch!

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SSS2 Course - Using Solfeggio to Match the Frequency of Your Desires!

Online Course with David Hulse and Tim Leach includes:

  • Immediate access to the SomaEnergetics Online Training Academy
    • Part 1: What does it mean to match the frequencies of your desires?
    • Part 2: SomaEnergetics and the Solfeggio Frequencies
    • Part 3: Techniques: Solfeggio Sound Bath & Matching The Frequencies of your Desires.
    • Part 4: Course wrap-up  Q & A
    • 80 minutes of Video with PDF Downloads: 23 Page Manual, Solfeggio Frequencies Chart

Join SomaEnergetics Founder David Hulse for this 4 minute overview of this SomaSonicSeries Course exploring the use of Solfeggio Frequencies to Raise Your Personal Vibration to Match The Desires of Your Heart!

Course Contents: What you will learn:

Raising Your Vibration to Match the Desires of Your Heart
      What does it mean to raise your vibration?
      How do you go about raising your vibration?
      How do you know if you are raising your vibration to match what you desire?
SomaEnergetics & The Solfeggio Frequencies
      The Solfeggio Frequencies
      The Secret Within the Solfeggio Syllables
      Reduction of the Frequencies to their Base Number 
      The Effect Of Intent On Sound
      The Auditory System and Tuning Forks
      Elements, Chakras and the Solfeggio
Technique 1: Solfeggio Sound Bath
      Use all the Solfeggio Frequencies to raise your vibration over all with a Solfeggio Sound Bath
Technique 2: Raising Your Vibration to the Desires of Your Heart 
      Use to address specific desires including Health, Abundance, RElationships, Career, Love, Self-worth and more.
      Desires, Forks, Intent and Affirmations Chart 
      Additional Suggestions for Matching Desires 
Desires Hierarchy Chart