Brainwaves, Sacred Portals and Brain/Body Communication - SomaSonicSeries Course

The SomaSonicSeries - Brainwaves, Sacred Portals and Brain/Body Communication Course includes:

  • Immediate access to the SomaEnergetics Online Training Academy
    • 90 Min of Video with PDF Downloads: 26 Page Manual, Technique Slides
    • Part 1: Using Brain Tuners to Enhance Brainwave Transitions
    • Part 2: Creating Sacred Portals with Sun/Moon Tuners
    • Part 3: Brain/Body Communication Technique Introduction and Overview
    • Part 4: Brain/Body Communication Technique

Join SomaEnergetics Founder David Hulse for this Vibrational Enhancement Course exploring Brainwaves, Sacred Portals & Brain/Body Communication Techniques using Brain Tuners and Sun & Moon Tuners.

About the Online Course

Using Brain & Moon/Sun Tuners to Enhance Your Quality of Life and Create Optimum Communication Between Your Brain and Body!

Section 1: Welcome and Using Brain Tuners to Influence Brainwaves ~ The course begins with a welcome from David Hulse, Inspiring Founder of SomaEnergetics.  Then we dive into how brain tuners work, the concept of binaural beats, and and exploration of the 5 brainwave states.  The final 10 minutes is an exercise using brain tuners with lessons on how to sound the tuners and various ways of enhancing your life by being able to adjust your brainwave states.

Section 2 - Creating Sacred Portals with Sun and Moon Tuners ~ Section 2 begins with an exploration of creating sacred portals with the vesica pisces.  We then cover the benefits of the Sun and Moon Tuners followed by a powerful technique that assists your client in creating portals for manifestation!

Section 3 - Brain /Body Communication Technique IntroductionHeather Lorah shares her vast experience to introduce you to the Brain-Body Communication Technique, the various parts of the brain and the magic of the Mystical Marriage!

Section 4 - Brain-Body Communication Technique - In the finale to the course, you will learn the powerful Brain-Body Communication Technique that will allow you to check your client for proper polarity and test for proper brain-body communication.  You will learn how to correct polarity and re-establish communication if needed.

About the Brain/Body Communication Technique Using Brain Tuners and the Moon/Sun Tuning Forks:

This technique is used to help center the body, test for polarity, and check the communication between the brain and the body.  In the brain, the cerebrum gives messages to the cerebellum and the cerebellum delivers it to the body.  This technique tests, and then if necessary, reestablishes communication between the brain and the body.

This communication between brain and body, called “Cell Talk,” must take place for the body to heal and maintain health.  The “Captain” must be sailing the ship for healing to take place – otherwise the crew is in mutiny!  This communication can be disrupted through trauma, mal-nutrition, stress and environmental factors.

We begin by testing polarity – positive and negative energy channels – which must be in alignment to allow energy to flow properly and keep the lines of communication open.  Then we do a 5-part test to check whether communication is taking place and reestablish/strengthen communication if necessary.  Finally, we end the technique by coupling the right and left brain with brain tuners and reactivating the torsion spin connecting the client’s energy to the soul star with the Whole Brain Technique.