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Phase 1 Review DVD Set

Phase 1 Home Study Course - Retake/Review Version

Available to those that have completed the Phase 1 LIVE Workshop with a certified teacher, you can get the same 4 DVD's that are in the Home Study Course as a review set at 50% off!

The 4 DVD's include:

  • 6 Hoursof lecture and demonstrations with Original Developer, David Hulse, including the SomaEnergetics Energy Vitality Technique!

  • Over 1000 video clips, transitions, graphics, and slides including the "Flowing With All of Creation" and "Cymatics" videos shown during the live workshop.

This is a great way to review the information presented in the live workshop at your own pace including the Energy Vitality Technique.

As you check out, please indicate the following in the "Additional Notes" area:

1) Live Workshop Attended

2) Dates and Location of Workshop

3) Teacher

Orders will be processed only if we can verify you attended the LIVE course. For those that have not attended the live course, this is not a method by which you can purchase the Home Study Course training at a discount.  This review set contains the DVD's only. You can use the manual you received during the course with the DVD's  for the best review experience.

If you purchase this and you are not eligible - up to 20% could be deducted from your refund for the extra work of tracking down whether you took the course or not!  The full amount can be applied to purchase of the full course!