SomaEnergetics Story: Milestones and Memorable Moments

A Look Back at SomaEnergetics History:
Milestones and Memorable Moments

The Birth of SomaEnergetics...

Toward the end of the last century David was fascinated with DNA which led him to an article that claimed that biochemist were use the frequency 528 to repair DNA.  Further research revealed that the 528 is part of an ancient set of six tones called solfeggio.  
As he wondered, can the six tones be played on the piano - after all 528 is CLOSE to the C on the piano - the first download came.  Higher-self indicated that the frequencies had to be precise to be effective.   As he continued searching, some one offered to have a set of tuning forks made precisely to the frequencies.  When he held them in his hand, he knew his life was going to change.  He stood at A Fork in the Road!
As he began speaking about the Solfeggio, he noticed an interest as people perked up and began moving in their chair.  At one event in Ohio, a lady from NY was in attendance.  This was unusual for her to travel that far.  She indicated that Spirit told her to come and that David was to use the tuning forks on her...
David thought, "I don't know how to use tuning forks," but with the nudge of Spirit, he invited her to join him between meetings and they will "PLAY"  with the forks.  That word - play - opened up higher guidance as to how to use the forks to test for dominate DNA on the Mother's or Fathers side and how to balance it.  It was the very first "technique" with the solfeggio forks.
As more techniques came, SomaEnergetics was birthed in 2000.

The Early Years…

As David continued to share the message of vibration, sound and solfeggio during his spiritual events, people wanted to know more and experience the forks.  Eventually we did a small introduction class with a 7-page handout on using the Solfeggio tuners.  We taught what would become the Scanning Technique that is now in Phase 2.  The Energy Vitality Technique in the current Phase 1 would come together later.  As those in attendance continued to resonate with the information and expressed a desire for more, the downloads continued. 

The interesting aspect of the downloads is that he would be shown a way to use the forks by Spirit and THEN the principle behind what he was doing would be revealed to him that backed up what was revealed by Spirit/Higher Self.  Eventually the techniques coalesced into the first full course known at that time as Level 1 with the first official class being held in Springfield, IL in October of 2001.

Since the Scanning technique was already developed, Level 2 course soon followed with the first class in Indianapolis, IN in August 2002.  At this time the Solfeggio forks were non-color and the body tunes had not yet been developed.

For decades David had groups around the country that invited him to come and speak several times a year.  There was some resistance from a few of these Spiritual groups as he introduced tuning forks.  David, always able to shift perceptions, had them hold their hands in the air in praise and reminded them: “Look, you are a tuning fork!”

The Building of SomaEnergetics

SomaEnergetics was built state by state, expo by expo, one personal connection at a time.  We would share the unique message and power of SomaEnergetics at an expo and then return to the area for the series of workshops over the following months.  In the early years, we were traveling most weekends running the series in several cities at once.

At some expos we would be greeted with looks of puzzlement as they walked by the booth and saw sample tuning sessions going on.  But once David spoke, the booth would be swamped, and we would begin filling up the upcoming workshop. The staff used to tease David that their goal was to sell more tuning forks than he went around to other booths and spent! 

However, the first expo was a learning experience. The Universal Life Expo (ULE) was a well-known event in Columbus OH for many years.  With thousands of visitors and lots of speakers and long hours it was an exhausting event.  The first time David attended he was not aware of their rule that you can’t pack up the booth until the expo officially ends.  As closing time drew near, David packed up and left a little early.  He was informed of the rule and that he would not be invited back.  It took several years and intercession by others in the community to get back into the expo. The ULE became an important part of building the Soma family and brand in the Midwest and David, an only child, learned an important lesson about playing well with others!

As the years progressed, the attitude toward sound therapy changed and those puzzled looks turned into excitement when they saw our booth.  Over 23 years, the SomaEnergetics family has been a part of the raising of consciousness around the world that there are more effective and integrative ways to live an awakened life!  

The Evolution of SomaEnergetics Courses, Training and Certification

SomaEnergetics was built on the idea of training others to become practitioners to share these powerful techniques.  The courses have evolved over the years into a full series of training approved by national certification boards that can be used toward CE credits and certification in Vibrational Sound Therapy.

Level 1 and 2 were developed early as live courses only.  We learn as we grow!  An early misstep was in 2002 at a Level 1 workshop in NE Ohio. David had a class of 8 to teach and had supplied for 12 in case a few others decided to join at the last minute.  The night before he generated a lot of interest during a talk at the local Unity Church.    The next day 21 people showed up at the workshop which was taking place in a 3-story condo!  David had no help, not enough supplies and tables for the practicum spread throughout the 3 floors.  Once we made amends with the participants, we then required advance registration for all workshops!

The Teacher program began in 2003 with the first class in Indianapolis, IN. One of the attendees in the second class in Columbus, OH was Anna, a retired nun, who was able to offer us the gift of pronouncing the Solfeggio meanings in Latin.  Two decades later she is still teaching, holding a class last week in her ninth decade of living in this incarnation! Besides David, she is the longest active teacher in the SomaEnergetics Program. Go Anna! We appreciate your sharing the power of SomaEnergetics all these years.

Level 1 – the Energy Vitality Technique – was first offered as a DVD Self-Study Course in 2006.  In 2010, we added another layer of professionalism by partnering with the Natural Therapies Certification Board for Independent board certification and added the option of Spiritual Healer Licensing.  That same year, the Level 1 and 2 courses were redesigned to become Phase 1 and 2 and teachers were offered the opportunity to be a part of the new certification program.

In 2011, Phase 3 – DNA/RNA technique was offered for the first time in Honesdale, PA.  In 2012, Phase 2 – The Energy Scanning Technique was created as a DVD Self-study Course.  Phase 3 followed in 2018.  We evolved with technology - changing from DVD to USB Thumb drives and finally today, the courses are all online.  Who knows what is next, a download to an implanted chip that then projects in your line of site just by thinking about it?  Welcome to the matrix!  But remember the great thing about using vibration in the form of tuning forks is that you do not have to plug them in to the grid.  They can be used anywhere, anytime without any tracking or electronic recording being created!

Above - The early years...  2003 Workshop.  We learned that larger trainings work well when you can plan ahead for product, manuals, tables and space!
Below - 2017 Phase 3 and Teacher 3  training in OH. 2017 was the first year we combined Teacher and Student workshops for a more hands-on experience.  

SomaEnergetics on the Move…

SomaEnergetics began in Indianapolis, IN where we were running a wedding chapel and David’s ministry out of a 2-story commercial building that used to be a chiropractor’s office. As we discussed names for the new venture, I remember contemplating the name SomaEnergetics and prophetically thinking, “I better like this, it is going to be a part of your life for years to come!”

As we began sharing the power of Solfeggio frequencies, we found ourselves traveling to OH once or twice a month, so we decided to move to Columbus OH in 2004 which was the home of the Universal Life Expo.  During those 4 years in Ohio, SomaEnergetics became the main focus of our energies as the first DVD course was developed and the message of a new way to approach “healing” was spreading across the country.

After a brief detour to Arkansas, where David had lived in Little Rock in the late 70’s, we moved to Dayton, OH in 2008 to a 4000 sq ft house that we turned into a “Bed and Gert Your Own Breakfast!”  We had space for workshops and for attendees to stay.  The certification program was developed workshops were sold-out. Even though Ohio seemed to be a great location for SomaEnergetics to thrive, the crystals and mineral baths of Hot Springs, AR were calling.

Moving to Hot Springs in 2010 turned out to be great for us personally, but a bit of a challenge for SomaEnergetics. We had a little cottage overlooking the lake and office space in the old high school where Bill Clinton was Drum Major of the Marching Band!  The energy in Hot Springs enhanced our creativity with us completing the Phase 2 DVD course and the launching of Phase 3.  We loved our social life, great restaurants, mineral baths, and the crystal mines in Hot Springs, and we wanted to share it with our Soma Family.  We were surprised when it became a challenge to get students to come to Arkansas. They have no idea what they missed.

While there we attended a Delores Cannon expo where someone came by the booth to share with us about Ashville NC and how it was considered by some as Sedona east. As we explored moving to Ashville, we had an event scheduled at Unity of Charlotte.  After David spoke at the Sunday Service and the afternoon workshop was sold out, the current minister asked David to consider moving to Charlotte to become part of Unity. 

Our first move to Charlotte, NC was in 2012 and we would be blessed by our involvement with this wonderful Unity community for the next 5 years.  The SomaSonicSeries and Body Tuner Class was developed, and the Shopify website was launched during our time at Unity.  As the Senior Minister decided to retire, we felt that staying in Charlotte would split the church, so we returned to Columbus OH in 2017.

As mentioned, Ohio has always been a great location for SomaEnergetics.  It is located within driving distance of the upper east coast and the Midwest.  Workshops and events are well attended in OH.  We rented office space with access to a large meeting room that birthed the teacher-student workshop combination that greatly enhanced the teacher intern and student experience.

But Charlotte was not done with us yet.  David was invited to speak and share Soma at a Spiritual Center on the Northside. The Sunday service was packed and eventually we ended up moving back to Charlotte in the Spring of 2018.  David would become the Spiritual Guide of that center that is currently HeartLight.  www.HeartLightCharlotte.org

Since we have been in Charlotte, the Phase 3 DVD has been completed and in-person workshops continued even during the pandemic.  We just surpassed 5 years in Charlotte this time around and expect to be here for the foreseeable future.

Many of you have been a part of the Soma Family through these transitions and we want to thank for going on this adventure with us. SomaEnergetics has thrived through all of it – in some locations more than others – but we are still here sharing a message of empowerment and hope through the use of sound and vibration!

Above - David teaching and tuning in the Hot Springs office space around 2011.
Below - HeartLight Spiritual Center - Charlotte NC - 2021 - current

SomaEnergetics has been a pioneer in Sound Therapy for over two decades. Thanks for joining us on this journey.  We look forward to seeing what the future brings. 

Until then, Remember to Stay Tuned!

David Hulse, Charlotte NC
October, 2023