Passing the Torch!

Passing the Torch!

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CD: Piano Keys for Healing - Tuned to the 528 Hz!

Piano Keys for Healing CD by Carla Reed

THIS IS IT ~ The piano keys are a picture from my own beautiful grand piano, beginning at the left with the 528hz tuned key. So what you see are the “Piano Keys for Healing,” that I was playing on as I recorded this music. 

The beautiful green colors on the label represent the colors of the sound of 528hz, which is the color of new life like a tender green sprout. This new tuning creates a beautiful 'clear as bell sound', lifting the sound of the songs to a greater level for healing and listening enjoyment.  The frequencies,  444hz and 528hz may be new to some of you. They are restored frequencies from early music history, before tuning practices were altered. 

This spring, I took a big step to retune my piano to these tuning pitches which add a subtle, but distinctive change, bringing a crisp and clarion sound. I loved it right away, and I'm sure you will, too.  There are nine lovely melodies, to bring a soothing and healing touch to weary souls and bodies.

CD Created by Certified SomaEnergetics Master Teacher, Carla Reed

9 Tracks - 70 Minutes: MP3 Sample Track: