Passing the Torch!

Passing the Torch!

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T2B - Solfeggio Body Tuners For Energy Pathways

Another Transformational Tool Exclusively from SomaEnergetics!

Experience the Power of the Solfeggio on Physical Energy Pathways! Use on Acupressure Points, Muscle Tension Release, Meridian Pathways, and for Relaxation. 

The Solfeggio Body Tuner Set Includes:

* Six Custom-made Solfeggio Body Tuners
* Custom-made Practitioner Display
* Acupressure’s Potent Points Book
* Quick Start Guide
* Activator Mallet

We lowered the frequencies so you can feel them on the body, made the forks the same color as the original set, and put weights on the end so you can utilize the power of the Solfeggio Frequencies at the cellular level! These are designed so that you can use them on yourself or others with no workshop required.  (Although we have one if you want some training!)

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  • What Massage Therapists/Body Workers and their Clients are saying about Solfeggio Body & Energy Tuners™

        · Clients experience easier release of muscle tension when the tuners are used prior to massage.
        · When the tuners are used after bodywork clients walk away with a greater sense of well-being.
        · The massage therapist does not need to work as hard to achieve the desired results.
        · The bodywork holds longer after sessions with the tuners than without them.
        · Using tuners saves wear and tear on the massage therapists’ hands, forearm arms and upper body.
        · Some are using both the Soma Vibration Tuners and Soma Energy Tuners™ in combination with body techniques. 
    You can also grab both Energy and Body Tuner Sets as part of a combo pack and save.
  • David,

    The new body tuners are incredible. We use them every day. I keep wondering why everybody isn't on to this amazing healing tool! They should be in everyone's medicine cabinet. I have already saved tons of money this year in doctor bills. I usually get a sinus infection after every cold which means I have to go on an antibiotic. If I begin to show signs of a cold, I use the body tuners in the morning and at night. The cold tries to come but in two days it goes away completely. I have not been on an antibiotic once this year. Thank you for doing all that you do!

         Love and light, Julie Houck, Indiana

    I am an acupuncturist.  I have been using the tuners on certain clients in my practice.  I have not done extensive research yet and am still "experimenting" a little bit with the tuners.  I wanted to share a remarkable experience.  The first time I used one of these was on a knee treatment (knee pain is a very common complaint).  I inserted the needles - perhaps eight to ten - and decided (or perhaps intuited) to use a weighted fork.  I placed the vibrating fork on the patient's patella, and an expression of "wonderment" came over her.  She explained that the tuner "connected all the points vibrationally," which gave the effect of the "entire pattern melding, coming together."  She felt more flow, movement, synergy and "aliveness."  The energy of that treatment was truly palpable.  She required only two more treatments to feel 100% fine, and we were both, frankly, awed by the experience.

         L.L. from NY

  • They are made of the highest quality alloy-alum for excellent overtone production. Don’t be mislead by cheaper fork sets that use lesser quality materials. (See our Tuning Fork Quality Statement)

    Cheaper forks will not be accurate for as long, and the overtones they produce do not go as high and are not as rich sounding as these forks. We believe the top quality forks that we offer from a USA Manufacturer with decades of experience, is causing the tremendous results people are experiencing around the world!

    Color forks add to the intensity of the tuning session and make it easier to identify which fork you are working with!
  • To bring the vibration of the solfeggio frequencies into tuning forks whose vibrations were strong enough to be felt on the physical body, it was necessary to “lower” the original frequencies 2 "octaves" and add weights. Even so, you may rest assured, because the original Solfeggio Frequencies can be heard in the overtones two octaves up! Also, the frequencies of these BodyTuners also reduce to a 3, 6, and 9. Therefore, we consider the Body Tuners to be "Solfeggio Inspired."

    Body Tuners are introduced in the Phase II Course and explored in much more depth in the Body Tuner Intro and Advanced Courses.

    We consider this set of tuning forks Solfeggio Body Tuners - because they have weights added and have been lowered so they are dense enough to be felt on the physical body. Working on the physical energy systems - acupressure points, meridians, etc - the information from the etheric has already been passed to the physical and is now an "effect." Our other set of exclusive forks are considered Solfeggio Energy Tuners because they work in the etheric field addressing each chakra or energy center. By working in the etheric field - before the information (or misinformation) is passed to the physical, we are working with "cause" and the work can be considered preventive. These are some of the basic Principles of SomaEnergetics. The amazing part about these 2 sets of tuning forks is that you can work with cause before it becomes effect - or you can work with effect and trace it back to cause. The two sets work together and compliment each other beautifully!

    You can also grab both Energy and Body Tuner Sets as part of a combo pack and save.
    Use the Body Tuners with the Chakra Stones for even greater effect!