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Scott J.
Verified Purchase

I love this product. I utilize it every day. I live on 3.75 acres and there are chickens, horses, cats and dogs. Also 6 other people in the two other houses. I make a point to walk the grounds and let the frequency expand out to all who can feel and hear it. I feel I am contributing to the overall success of the whole planet, not just my immediate surroundings.

Jason A.
Verified Purchase

Use the OM fork daily. Kind of my go to fork. Then I go to the Pineal fork as a tune up during the day. Really helps me to relax when I get uptight during the day. The OM fork helps me relax during online meetings :)

Viola C.
Verified Purchase

I have been using this fork as part of a self-care routine every night before going to sleep. I've used it to clear the energy around an old appendix scar, which led to physical changes in my right hip, and the softening of the tissue around the scar itself. In addition to the physical changes, I wake up feeling better - refreshed and alert. I also read positive affirmations aloud to myself during this self-care time.

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Planetary Tuners: Set of 11 Tuning Forks that Align with the Planets! - SomaEnergetics Sound Tools & Training

Planetary Tuners: Set of 11 Tuning Forks that Align with the Planets!

4 reviews
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Planetary Tuners - Full Set of 11 Tuning Forks in 2 pouches

Aligning to the energy of specific planets, the Planetary Tuners activate those qualities by creating a sympathetic resonance between the planets and yourself. By consciously directing the energy of each planet for healing and well-being, the Planetary Tuners brings new dimensions to your Astrology readings, enhance bodywork and acupuncture sessions, or use for personal meditation and growth.

This product is a set of Planetary tuners with 2 pouches.

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  • Benefits of using Planetary Tuners:

    • Direct the energy of each planet
    • Healing and well-being
    • Enhanced Astrology readings, bodywork and acupuncture sessions
    • Personal meditation and growth

    Also available online is the Sun/Moon Only combo

    Individual Planetary Tuners are available by Phone Order. Please call 704-469-7662

  • The Planetary Tuners work through creating a sympathetic resonance between the planets and yourself, thus amplifying the effects of each planet in your live. Each Planetary tuner is tuned to the frequency of a different planet and activates the different astrological qualities associated with that planet when played.

    Choose individual Planetary Tuners for your life now or buy a whole set. Each Planetary Tuner is labeled on the tuning fork with the name of the planet and the exact vibrations per second of the tuning fork and the full set comes in two felt pouches.

    Individual Planetary Tuners are available by Phone Order. Please call 704-469-7662

    Sun-Moon combo available here

  • 11 Planetary Tuners:

    Individual Planetary Tuners are available by Phone Order. Please call 704-469-7662

    1. SUN enhances our sense of strength and motivation, self-identity, vitality and radiance and promotes enthusiasm and determination.
    2. MOON promotes emotional tranquility, softness, inward reflection, sleep, and a flowing flexibility with life.
    3. EARTH enhances the deep security and safety of Mother Earth, the cosmic sound of OM, and an ability to be grounded and centered.
    4. VENUS enhances our ability to feel and have love and close relationships with others, our sense of creativity and artistry, receiving and sharing, and increases our love of pleasure, peace, harmony, and self appreciation. Brings prosperity and abundance.
    5. MERCURY enhances our abilities to cooperate through understanding and sharpens our communication skills through reason, and writing and speaking with confidence.
    6. MARS enhances our strength our desire, gets us motivated to act, and brings out our decision-making abilities and assertiveness. Mars gives us courage and strengthens our sexual nature.
    7. JUPITER enhances openness, trust, optimism, good fortune, and brings out a jovial spirit of laughter. Jupiter allows us to be open to experiencing grace and the adventure of life.
    8. SATURN enhances our ability to be disciplined and set limits and boundaries for ourselves, and others. Saturn helps us to become more structured and organized and take responsibility for completing important tasks in our life.
    9. URANUS enhances our ability to make life changes through inspiration and insight and freedom of expression without self imposed limitations.
    10. NEPTUNE enhances our spiritual experiences and brings out our ability to be compassionate and open to surrendering to our creativity.
    11. PLUTO enhances our ability to face our deepest secrets and bring light to the darkness in our lives. Through Pluto we can let go of the old and bring rebirth and new beginnings.

    ~ Planetary Tuners descriptions are complements of BioSonic Enterprises.

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Planetary Tuners

As always excellent quality & I love working with them. Service is definitely 5 star!

Deborah R.
United States United States
Planetary tuners

I am excited to now let u know the tuners were a xmas gift for my daughter..she is thrilled to start her journey of working with them..I believe she will b willing to hear from u and any info u have to share..her email is.. dani@danilessnau.com Thank u and happy holidays!!! Carleen

United States United States
returning customer

I think I have every fork and the quality and customer service is excellent along with the classes which are very well taught. Good job to all at Soma. Irene newton Falls ohio

Irene G.
United States
Planetary Tuners

These are a wonder in itself as the uses and applications I am guided keeps expanding. Spirit has so many uses for various planets to apply to my clients. I will be using them in the near future for crowd tuning where everyone in the room receives a tuning at the same time. I have not yet found the limits of these tools. So grateful for this.

Tony G.
Ottawa, Ontario. Canada
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