Passing the Torch!

Passing the Torch!

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SSS5 - Fibonacci Tuners Training Kit - Set of 8 Tuning Fork with Online Course

A Journey Through Alternate Realities ~ Using Fibonacci Tuners as a Gateway to the Golden Mean!

Training and Tools all in one package!

The SomaEnergetics Fibonacci Tuning Fork Training Kit includes a quality set of 8 Fibonacci Tuners and a 2-hour online training course that is part of the SomaEnergetics personal mini courses called the SomaSonicSeries.

In this course you will learn how the Fibonacci tuners can be used to open the gateway into alternative realities to empower ones self-healing and increase creativity. These special sound ratios are part of a continuum of sound that can spiral our consciousness in and out of different realities. 

Imagine children walking down the beach picking up sea shells and putting them to their ears. The sound inside the sea shell is the same as the sound created by these special ratio tuners based on the Fibonacci Series.  Children enter the sound of the sea shell much like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz being transported by a cyclone to the Land of Oz or Alice going down the rabbit hole to discover Wonderland.  They discover realities within realities.  Each alternative reality is a location within a spiral revolving around a central vortex of stillness which connects with the Universal Energy Field.

Join SomaEnergetics Founder David Hulse for this 6 minute overview of this SomaSonicSeries Course exploring the power of the Fibonacci Sequence in accessing alternate realities for a creative healing response!

  • About the Course
    A Journey Through Alternate Realities ~ Using Fibonacci Tuners as a Gateway to the Golden Mean!

    Part 1: What is the Fibonacci Sequence and how does it affect your life?

    David takes you through the history of the Fibonacci Sequence, how it is created and all the places the sequence can be found in nature.  Additional topics: Healing with Sound: Pythagoras and the Lyre, An Introduction to Sacred Ratios and The Fibonacci Tuners, About Fibonacci Tuners, The Auditory System and Tuning Forks, Binaural Beats and How They Affect Your Brain.

    Part 2: The Fibonacci and the Golden Mean

    Cartoon with a simple and short explanation of the Fibonacci and the Golden Mean.

    Part 3: In depth dive into each of the Fibonacci Intervals

    Next you will experience each of the intervals and learn about their meaning and the journey they take us on through the brain. As we spiral deeper, we land in the pineal gland, AKA the Eye of God!

    Part 4: Experience the Fibonacci journey from the Beginning through the Mystical Passageway to Eye of God.

    Experience the entire journey through the sequence: Beginning, Space, Balance, Dreams, Inner Voice, Mystical Passageway, The Gateway, and finally The Eye of God.  You will have the opportunity to take the journey twice.

    Part 5: A brief overview of the Golden Mean all around us.

    Many geniuses throughout time have used the golden mean to launch humanity forward in all areas of life.  You too can awakening your genius within!  David will explore the Divine Code and explore just a few examples of how the golden mean is all around us.  

  • Fibonacci and the Golden Mean

    What is the Golden Ratio?

    The Golden Ratio is a unique number, approximately 1.618033989. It is also known as the Divine Ratio, the Golden Mean, the Golden Number, and the Golden Section. Its unique mathematical properties have resulted in a very long and influential history.

    What is the Fibonacci Sequence of Numbers?

    The Fibonacci numbers are a unique sequence of integers, starting with 1, where each element is the sum of the two previous numbers. For example: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, etc.

    Relationship Between the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio

    The Fibonacci Sequence is an infinite sequence, which means it goes on for ever, and as it develops, the ratio of the consecutive terms converges (becomes closer) to the Golden Ratio, ~1.618. For example, to find the ratio of any two successive numbers, take the latter number and divide by the former. So, we will have: 1/1=1, 2/1=2, 3/2=1.5, 5/3=1.66, 8/5=1.6, 13/8=1.625, 21/13=1.615, 34/21=1.619

  • Fibonacci Techniques

    Spiral Technique:

    • Look at the Fibonacci interval chart and choose which interval you want to explore.

    • Hold your tuning forks by the stems with moderate pressure, not to tight and not to loose. Do not hold your tuning forks by the prongs because the prongs need to vibrate in order to create a sound.

    • Gently tap the flat side of the tuning fork on your knee cap. Do not hit your knee cap. All it takes is a gentle firm tap and your tuning fork will sound. It is best to tap the 1/1 Fibonacci Tuner on the knee and then the interval you want to explore on the other knee.

    • Bring the forks slowly to your ears, about three to six inches from your ear canal, and listen to the sounds.

    Seashell Technique

    • The second way to sound the Fibonacci tuning forks is to tap them together. This method is to be used off the body. It is not to be used directly in the ears.
    • Hold them by the stems and tap them together on their edges, not the flat side of the prongs. You do not have to use a lot of force to get the result and play with creating an easy sounding tap vs. a banging tap when too much force is used.
    • When you tap them together the tuning forks will make sounds we call overtones. Move the tuning forks around, slow and fast, in the air and listen to the different tones as they get louder and softer.
    • For practice, take the 2/3, 5/8, and 13/21 Fibonacci Tuners hold them in your left hand. Place the stems between your fingers. Allow them to stick out in different directions so that they do not touch. Hold the 1/1 tuning fork between your thumb and first finger in your right hand. Tap the three Fibonacci Tuners with the 1/1 tuning fork.
    • Move the tuning forks around slow and fast and listen to the different overtones. Move them around and move the 1/1 tuning fork in circles underneath the 2/3, 5/8, and 13/21 tuning forks. The movement of the 1/1 tuning fork will bring out different overtones.

    Our thanks to John Beaulieu of BioSonics for sharing this information and techniques.

  • Alternate Realities and the Fibonacci Tuners

    • When we listen to the Fibonacci Tuners, like children going inside a seashell, we naturally seek out alternate realities within the sound.

    • Each alternate reality is a location within a spiral revolving around a central vortex of stillness which connects with the Universal Energy Field.

    • In many instances it may be more effective to work in an alternate reality to effect healing then in normal reality.

    • This is no different than a psychotherapist using dreams or a reflexologist pressing points on the feet, hand, or ear to effect healing within the whole body.

    • In cases of trauma and addiction people often times disassociate into alternate realities.

    • The Fibonacci Tuners create a bridge between these realities which can promote a healing response.